Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008


It's almost 3 weeks since I've taken an unexplained leave from blogging. So what have the monkey been doing? Has he been busy with assignments? Or has he been busy with dancing? Or, has he been busy with his friends? Perhaps, he's just busy with everything.

Yes, I've been rather busy with the amount of work attached to university. Can't really screw up my final semester at Monash for I have bigger plans ahead of me upon the completion of the undergraduate program. I've pretty much done very badly for two of my assignments so far, scoring just 50 and over 50 percent respectively. Undoubtedly, it's my worst record to-date. This would mean that I can't possibly screw up my final papers. Speaking of which, examination is around the corner. The first paper takes off on the 24th this month, and I've not started much on my revision. So far, two chapters only, to be frank. A lot to pick up from here.

FYI, I am or was having my holidays, which ends tonight. Five out o the nine days, I was out hanging out or partying. The rest, spent them doing house chores or dancing. Oh, and eating, too. Finally, my weight has gone back up to 64 kilograms. Don't be surprise! I might look wispy, but I am that heavy.

And yes, I have also been dancing quite a lot. The Monash Ball went pretty well for the performer, despite the controversial conspiracies revolving the event which I shouldn't elaborate further. The response to our performances was the greatest of the night. However, as much as I have enjoyed preforming, I regret having to miss out on sharing the moments with my friends since I stayed at the dressing room till a very late hour. So I've decided that I will be a guest the next time I'm at a ball.

Other than that, I attended two line dancing parties. One which was organised by my beloved teacher, Ms. Lily along with 4 other established line dance teachers. It was held in the T.T.D.I. Community Hall. It was the day where I had a shock of my life when I injured my hand and stained my white shirt with lots of blood. Surely, it was pretty serious as the patch of blood was huge. Luckily, I brought some extra shirts to change. On another occasion, the other line dance party was to celebrate Uncle Peter's birthday, which was held in the OUG Club instead. Although it's only my second time celebrating with him, I can foretell that this will continue for years to come.

When there is yang, there is also yin. About a month ado, Fifi, Julia's dog, met fatality as it was found to be suffering from cancer. Then, just days ago, a friend called me to tell me that another friend of mine just lost someone she treasures most. It was really heart shattering to hear such news, and also really sudden. Having to know these, it reminds me that we should always spend our time as if tomorrow never comes. Express all your emotions, doubts, love, lusts and hate before it is too late. well, maybe minus the hatred there.

Before I forget, the Dive of Cantopop, Sammi Cheng was in Genting on the 26th and 27th for her Show Mi Again concert 2008. I attended the concert on the 2nd night, sitting on the 8th row from the stage. it was overwhelming to see her this close, although I've been like really close to her once during an autograph session. Anyway, the concert was fantastic, and she looked ethereal in all the 5 very trendy costumes. Overall, it was worth forking out half a thousand to watch her concert!

I can't believe that I spent almost half an hour writing this. I do know that only a handful, or maybe none will actually read this. How'd I wished that I'm like a Gossip Boy or something, but I don't do gossips, right? Monday is approaching very quickly, and the upcoming things that I have to look forward to is another line dance party on this Sunday and the RA work which I'm supposed to complete by this weekend.

What's that? I smell BUSY Pie coming up...