Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Finally I had something to do. Mum and I went to this dinner, invited by my mom's friend at Shang-ri la Hotel at 7. There were many people, about 40-50 of us. The dinner buffet was great, the food was delicious, well, some of them. I liked the broccoli, the gyoza and this crunchy fried food. I didn't have the chance to try the dessert!!! All because I was too fool! Damn it. The chocolate covered fruits looked really, really tasty.

~ I find it weird to be with the people today. Well, I'm not that close to them anymore. Last time, I used to go to their house and have several nights of stayover. My childhood friend was always easy to talk to. But not today. As we grew up, our distance had gone further. He's not someone mature, not that I'm not, but we seems to be from different worlds. So, basically I sat there, silently for 2-3 hours. Anyway, I'm always shy in front of them. Haha... I'm not sure whether I wore the wrong clothes today, or my face mutated, but I spotted some of my mom's friends looking at me like a stranger. Perhaps, they are asking who the hell is this guy. I'm an unimportant person though.

Well, looking back at how I spent my 17 years on earth, i feel a bit tired by now. Hopefully college will start soon. I'm dying of boredom again.

Friday, December 24, 2004


Holidays have always been like that. The same routine every year. Sleep, eat, watch tv, go shopping, hang out with friends. As for today, I went to KLCC with my sister.

~ Was set to buy some clothes, but got nothing. Bought a new album, a compilation album by 5566. As I was at the payment counter, the one in front of me was actually getting Jac's debut album, the original one of course! Haha... well, Jac's a great singer, she'll make us proud in the World Idol. Still, I hope Fantasia will win.

X'Mas is approaching fast. My wish this year? Well, I hope for a more eventful life starting from next year. I would truly want to achieve my dreams. Featured on an advertisement, seen in magazines and able to perform in the public, big crowd or small crowd will do. But Santa had never make my dreams come true. Not that I could remember any. There might be one or two... but those are not dreams.

~ I wonder how everyone is doing. I meant my schoolmates. Most probably they are enjoying their lives right now, at this moment, this very second. And me? Blogging here. Last year, things were better. Lots of plans for the holidays, busy thoughout the whole holidays. But this time around, I live in boundaries. By the way, to make things clear, I'm not suffering from depression, not a serious one.. haha. No offence to those who's reading this.

1st of January would be a big day for my sister. Her wedding dinner's on that night. I'm so excited for her, of course, she feels the same. 1st of January too, would be the launch of my new site, and this site would be ABANDONED. 1st of January too, is the official start of a new year, indicating the beginning of new world, calendar, luck, fortune, etc. And 7 days after that, I'm officially a student of Taylor's Business School...


Only slept for 6 hours today. That's short of 2-3 hours compared to the usual time. Why? I watched Return of the King again, but this time, the extended version. The movie is about 4 hours. Yea, that long. Watching it again, I realised what an amazing movie it is. Enjoyable, fun and entertaining. I couldn't spot which part was extended though. Haha, don't blame me, I couldn't remember much about the shortened version when I watched it 2 years ago. Hope The Hobbit would be released soon.

~ Oh yea, there was a bad news for me. Apple Language Centre, where I learn my Japanese, will be shifting to Plaza Berjaya next month. There would be a few weeks break. Damn, another few weeks wasted then. And it will actually demoralise me. I hate going far, far places at night. But come to think of it, it would mean that I can go for a lil' shopping every Tuesday.

Christina Aguilera has been confirmed to be the host for the MTV Asia Awards 2005 which would be held in Bangkok. Damn, when will it take place in Malaysia, I thought. Anyways, though I'm an Asian, i have to say that the award show is a bit lame, dull and boring. With expected winners, there is nothing much to watch. And some performances are just less entertaining. Hopefully the artists that are due to perform this time would do better.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Another day...

Everything went on perfectly fine today. Day was boring and the late evening was better.

~ There was a surprise during my Japanese lesson today. 2 new students, Lim and So, both in their 30s, joined us today. The class was enjoyable (tanoshi) and interesting (omoshiroi). Unlike the quiet me, I talked quite a lot with the teacher today. The problem with sitting at the front row is you get targeted everytime, not mentioning the times when I'm not ready and made a fool of myself. But I found some weak points about myself. I tend to use body language when answering questions, haha. Kin, Zero and Eric would be learning Japanese soon too. I'm so excited for then, as well as for myself. Can't wait to practise jap with them one day.

I started reading story books again. I have about 10 books that I bought long time ago and have yet to read them. I'm a slow reader, reading only roughly 60 pages per day. Most of the books are over 500 pages. Damn! It would definitely take me a very long time to finish them, especially Harry Pothead and the phoenix? Couldn't remember the title.

~ By the way, the extended version for Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King is now released in DVD and VCD. You all can grab your copy in any video retailers around such as SPEEDY. Also, Jac, our first Malaysian Idol, released her debut album too. If you're patriotic, get the original copy. Or else, just download the whole album online, to save up some cash. The album is sold at... 30+ in Tower Records. Not sure about other places.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Happiest Moments in 2004!

01) SPM finally finished - Studied for 12 years just for that. Hopefully I'll obtain good results in the examination. Quite a few subjects were quite tough. That includes History, Commerce and Malay. I'm not so confident in Science and English too. I'm a bit worried for my English essay. I should have chosed another topic, rather than writing on Clothes. As for Science, I did fairly good in the objective paper, but not really impressive in the subjective paper.

02) Taking part in Interact activities - Well, I consider myself fortunate for being invited to participate in the Joint I.U. Day although SSG wans't one of the schools joining. Interact club has done a lot for me, boosting my confidence, and fulfilling my dreams. I sang. I danced. I hosted. I modeled. Although it's just within school level, i'm still very content about it. So much sweet memories.

03) Not chosen for National Service - Lucky for me, I guess. Or shall I say, unlucky for not being chosen. Either way, I'm happy about it. Good luck to those who are going, it will definitely stregthen y'all up. How cool.

04) Met new friends in school - It's kinda like an accomplishment. Audrey, Darren, Sho, Ivy, etc. Most of them are juniors, but it is really entertaining to hang out with them. Time passed so quickly that I regret for not meeting them earlier.

05) Appearing on TV for less than 1 second - Haha, thanks to Malaysian Idol. I was spotted playing games and dancing with my fellow friends that I met during the audition. Though I'm not chosen, at least I got a consolation prize.

06) Mom approves me to learn Japanese - She always stress on the importance of Mandarin, so I thought she'll not allow me to learn Japanese. Well, I wont he battle against her. Another thing she always nag about is about my guitar lesson. She kept encouraging me to stop learning it. Unfortunately, she failed.

07) Obtaining a driving license - Haha, I hate to drive but I have to drive. Unlike Jon and Kah Ming, I suck at driving. The tutor probably knew about it. So, instead of 10 hours, he taught me for 13 hours, just to make sure that I pass the tests. Unfortunately, I failed once, and succeeded the 2nd time. Thank god. The tests were just pressuring and frightening. I hate the hill climbing part.

08) Sister's engaged - Woo-hoo. Finally... Not that she's old, but her marriage is something new that is about to happen in my life. Life would be different after she's married (in January). I'll have a brother-in-law. Most probably more angpow money next year. Haha, even before they got married, I already got rm500 from my future brother-in-law. And it seems that I have to ask angpow from him before opening the car door during their marriage. The custom rocks.

09) Challenging Julia in singing songs by Ashlee - It's just hilarious. We laughed a lot during our competition. I won most of the time, but Julia's not weak. She can master some of the songs, and I master the rest.

10) Offered scholarship by Taylor's College - At least something to be proud of for the rest of my life. Congratulations to Amanda and Tzuch for receiving scholarships too. Hope I'll meet you guys soon in Taylor's. I've enrolled myself under the Taylor's Business Foundation, joining Julia and Ee Vonn.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Moment that Haunts in 2004!

1) Prom was a failure - It was basically my fault. I should have just canceled the game and replaced it with another band performance. By the way, my mood wasn't that good since people refused to go in. Well, I should have maintained my happiness and thought of ways to heat up the atmosphere. Sorry to y'all who attended the lousy prom, please accept my apology. I owe you all too much.

2) Rejected at Malaysian Idol - Actually, I don't think I go that far in the competition at all with people like Dina and Jac. But still, I do believe I have enough talent to be judged by the real judges, instead of the lousy preliminary judges. I'll try again next year, if I have the time.

3) Leaving SSG, my 2nd home - Everyone has to go through that. Departure wasn't that saddening as I thought it would be. I had always thought that I would cry on the last day of my secondary school life. Apparently, I got a lil' bit stronger. Many memories, good and bad are now kept in SSG, leaving them there so that I can move on to the next level of my life. No more pampering, less friends, and a whole new environment.

4) Getting 98 for Mathematics, SPM trial 2 - It was a complete defeat by Christy. I was very disappointed when I knew that she scored higher than me. Maths has been the subject that I put most effort in. My expectations had been getting the best score in the whole form. But that time around, I screwed up the paper and my history with some careless mistakes. I could have done better. Damn. Sorry to Ms. Lim for not achieving what she wanted me to achieve.

5) Rejected by SY - Well, nothing much about this actually. It was just a mere crush on her. I jsut don't get why people act weird after a confessions. Confessing might just end a friendship, what the heck. Luckily, things got better and I think we're still friends now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

24 days to go...

I've finally registered at Taylors Business School. The people there are great, friendly, and with sense of humour. I can hardly wait for college to start. Life should be more interesting than ever.

~ Watched 3 movies since Friday in MidValley. First, The Forgotten. Not bad a movie, but it's a bit boring. I yawned 3 times in the cinema, so that would pull my ratings for that movie down to 5.5/10. Next, I watched Bunshinsaba, a Korean horror flick. Well, the storyline is nice, although it was something religious. I give it a 6/10. And one final movie that I watched was Shutter, a Thai horror movie. That movie is awesome. Unfortunately, they should prolong it. It was a bit too short, and they should exaggerate on certain parts, such as how the friends died. With much ups and less downs, it deserves 9/10 from me. Haha...

Pop songs listeners out there, I strongly recommend Gwen Stefani's new album for you all. The songs in Love.Angel.Music.Baby, Gwen's debut album are simply weird, and catchy. With the first single What You Waiting For heating up the airwaves, you can expect more from her in that album. She stressed on Harajuku, a place in Japan in her album, using that place as the inspirations to her lyrics. She dedicated most of the songs to the girls in Harajuku, praising them of their wicked style in fashion.

~ Oh, by the way, the prom was a flop. If people were about to rate it, I guess it will get an average ratings of 1/10. It was just bad. The host was inexperienced, and unable to handle tough situations. Have to blame myself on that... Nobody danced at all because the music wasn't suitable. Have to blame myself for that again. People complained about the game. My fault again... And the drinks weren't cold enough... yea yea... I should have ordered something else. It's over now, and I can't change anything. Life moves on. Hehe... anyway, congratulations to Ervin Chua, our prom king and Shook Yee, our prom queen.

This is a bit too early, but Happy Birthday, Nixie! And this is a bit too late for the first batch to national service, good luck to y'all!

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Yeah! Spm's finally over!

It has ended. A new life would soon start. Less friends from now on. After 12 years of studying in Sekolah Sri Garden, I had to say goodbye to the school, my second home. Well, so much sweet memories over the last 12 years in the school.

~ I could still remember the good old times when i was in Kindergarten. The porridge sold at the school canteen at that time was delicious, unlike the ones now. I could still remember the times when I played the toys after I was done with my work in Kindergarten. Oh yea, the best of all, I got number 1 in the whole Kindergarten.

Then comes primary school life... I started playing a lot and my studies dropped. I could still remember the classes I was in, 1A, 2D, 3C, 4A, 5B, 6A. My friends told me that Kelly cried when we were in 1A just because she couldn't 'jaga' the class as the class monitor. I can't remember that. Haha... In the 2D, Mr. Chandra spiced up our lives. Phang was given nicknames. Oh yea, and the Hang Li Po Drama. That was the 3rd, and last play I've ever participated in. Then in 3C, I made friends with Su Via and Ee Vonn. Together with Phang and I, we had a great time comparing boobs to fruits. That was funny. Then comes 4A. I can't remember much.... In 5B, Farah bullied me. I got a nickname called Lychee Sakai. Haha... Cik Indrani scolded Farah and Michelle for that. Whereas the great memories in 6A were the UPSR results and the Kuala Selangor trip. It was during the trip where I first used a mascara on my hair!

~ Secondary school life was the best of all. In 1G, Mr. Loi took the spotlight. he was bullied badly by people like Tzu Zhung, Aaron annd Jeremy. And those people who bullied him were to apologize in front of the hall during Teacher's Day. It was embarrassing, yet humorous. And then I could remember fighting with Kheng Loon during the first day of school. I was also elected as the class monitor, all in a sudden. Then I moved on to 2S. The highlights of the year were... The Maths Magic competition. I got 7th placing overall. Improvement in academics. I got same marks with Yin Yang during the final exam. Yin Yang's bottle incident. Shiau Kee's glue incident. Phang threw a glue at somebody. Unfortunately, the fan blocked it and it hit Shiau Kee's head. Tasik Kenyir trip. Leeches are eerie! The natural water is tasty. The sceneries and the bugs. She cried. Guess it was PAINFUL. 3S, stressful year and I had to sit for PMR. Sweet memories were during the trip to Rompin. I found out that I'm good at BishiBashi. The trip was just good, one of the best that I'd been to. PMR results came out in December and I got a rather satisfying result.

Upper secondary life was way too cool. My status improved quite a lot. I holded some posts. And I became a prefect. Made lots of new friends. Highlights over the passed 2 years... cat fight between Ee Vonn and Kia Ju. It was shocking and entertaining enough. Then, haha... Mr. Lim was attacked by stroke. Then, helping out during the Joint Installation, although I'm not supposed to be involved. Oh, then having a stay over at Ee Vonn's house. Everything went out the way we didn't expect. But we had a great time playing the dancing mat and watching movie! Talking about sleepovers, we also stayed at Julia's house during Jess' birthday. The barbecue session was great, and we spent good time playing PlayStation(BishiBashi again). Um... Malaysian Idol started this year too. I didn't make it. I'm disappointed, but I'll try again next year. Guess that's not a sweet experience at all. Haha, and over the past, my love life sucked. Lolz...

~ Prom Night is just 4 days away. Preparations for it are just in 5% progress. I'm in deep shit. Anything goes wrong that night, I would be the one blamed. And I'm worried over my clothes too. I have not get them. But I'm going out later again, thank god.

Updates on Prom... performance by the Black Flag. Performance by Kelly. A game for couples that would test their compatibility. Then, lucky draw. We have a contest for best dress. Prom King n Queen is a must have. And Kelly and I would be the hosts.