Friday, December 24, 2004


Holidays have always been like that. The same routine every year. Sleep, eat, watch tv, go shopping, hang out with friends. As for today, I went to KLCC with my sister.

~ Was set to buy some clothes, but got nothing. Bought a new album, a compilation album by 5566. As I was at the payment counter, the one in front of me was actually getting Jac's debut album, the original one of course! Haha... well, Jac's a great singer, she'll make us proud in the World Idol. Still, I hope Fantasia will win.

X'Mas is approaching fast. My wish this year? Well, I hope for a more eventful life starting from next year. I would truly want to achieve my dreams. Featured on an advertisement, seen in magazines and able to perform in the public, big crowd or small crowd will do. But Santa had never make my dreams come true. Not that I could remember any. There might be one or two... but those are not dreams.

~ I wonder how everyone is doing. I meant my schoolmates. Most probably they are enjoying their lives right now, at this moment, this very second. And me? Blogging here. Last year, things were better. Lots of plans for the holidays, busy thoughout the whole holidays. But this time around, I live in boundaries. By the way, to make things clear, I'm not suffering from depression, not a serious one.. haha. No offence to those who's reading this.

1st of January would be a big day for my sister. Her wedding dinner's on that night. I'm so excited for her, of course, she feels the same. 1st of January too, would be the launch of my new site, and this site would be ABANDONED. 1st of January too, is the official start of a new year, indicating the beginning of new world, calendar, luck, fortune, etc. And 7 days after that, I'm officially a student of Taylor's Business School...

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