Friday, April 25, 2008

ANTM 10 Episode 10 Quickie

The girls arrive in Rome, where they tour the city before going to their new home. Not long after, Fatima comes down with a fever and Anya helps her by bringing her dinner while Dominique gossips about her.

Claudio Brassini gives the girls a fashion tour on Segways. Then they go to their challenge, where Gai Mattiolo judges their walks and how they look in his clothing. Anya wins the challenge and her prize is a long, white, red carpet dress, designed by Gai Mattiolo.

The girls film a CoverGirl commercial in Italian. Fatima, Katarzyna and Whitney are the only ones able to get their lines out fully. Jay calls out Whitney for acting too fake, Katarzyna for being too flat, while naming Fatima the best of the day. Anya's lines are unintelligible, Dominique overacts and doesn't get many words right, while Lauren gives up, saying that she is not a CoverGirl.

At judging, only Tyra likes Whitney's commercial; the other judges thought it was too pretentious. Katarzyna is given credit for showing more personality, Anya and Dominique's commercials are laughed at, but Anya's flirtatiousness and Dominique's energy are praised. Lauren is criticized for showing no desire.

Lauren and Whitney are in the bottom two, Whitney for her fake personality, and Lauren for her lack of confidence and tenacity. Whitney is told to "get real", and Lauren is eliminated. [source]

Call-Out Order





In danger: Whitney.

Eliminated: Lauren.

Friday, April 18, 2008

ANTM 10 Episode 9 Quickie

The girls learn about interview skills from Paulina Porizkova. Lauren cuts the tip of her thumb while chopping onions and needs stitches.

This week's challenge required the girls to work a "green" carpet at a 7 Up party and handle themselves well at the party. Anya is praised for her ability to connect with others, and wins another nude photo shoot for 7 Up and $10,000 as payment.

Tyra Mail hints to the girls that they are going abroad, and the girls pack their belongings. They are taken to an airplane-themed photo shoot where Jay tells them that they will be portraying a group of jet-setters boarding the airplane, using their suitcases as props. Fatima runs into trouble regarding her travel document and misses the photo shoot because of an appointment she had made to fix the issue at the consulate.

After the shoot, the girls are surprised that judging will take place immediately - at the tarmac hangar. Most of the girls are praised while Whitney is criticized for being too pageantry and Stacy Ann for not knowing her angles.

In the end, Fatima lands in the bottom two with Stacy Ann. Fatima is called out for missing the photoshoot, and Stacy Ann just can't deliver. Fatima is ultimately saved by her past performance. This makes Fatima only the second girl in ANTM history to miss a photo shoot and not get eliminated, after Shannon Stewart of Cycle 1. Fatima is also the first girl ever in ANTM history to miss a photo shoot and was kept over someone who had taken a shoot.

After elimination, Tyra announces that the remaining six girls will go to Rome, Italy for the rest of the competition. [source]

Call-Out Order


#1: Anya.
#2: Lauren.
#3: Dominique. For the first time, I acualyl liked her picture :)
#4: Katarzyna.
#5: Whitney. Climb back up, girl!
In danger: Fatima. She wasn't cut?!
Eliminated: Stacy-Ann. Um, I feel bad for her, but even if she had lasted, she wouldn't win the competition.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just another bad day.

If the fear of being stuck in the jam under heavy rain is not enough, my day (yesterday) gone worse when I found out that my CPU and modem had been struck by lightning, although they were idle and off at the time I wasn't at home. This is the second time that my motherboard had malfunctioned, and the first for it's a new computer bought this year. As for the modem, I have lodged a report, and is still waiting for an appointment with the technician. If, on any other days, these had happened, I wouldn't care much. However, I wouldn't desire for it when I have 3 assignments piled up and am in need of the Internet connection to gather information for them. Anyway... here I am battling through the war ground, haha. As Destiny's Child motivates us with their worldwide hit "Survivor", the song endlessly plays in my heart throughout this period of time.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Asia Pacific Dance X'plosion 2008

Most probably I'll be taking part in the event stated above. If I'm joining, I will be competing in the newcomer level under the open category. There will be 3 dances - 2 Hell and Back, Part-Time Lover and Pump It. I've only done the second one before, and have searched through Youtube for the first and the third. They are all pretty funky, and yes, line dance could be funky, and not as country and slow-moving as one might think. The competition will take place in July if I'm not mistaken, so 3 months left for practices and refinement of movements. And while I'm getting all hyped and excited about it, I have not registered my name yet. Swt. Everyone would say, in it to win it. I do wanna be ranked amongst the top competitors, but as it's an international competition, competition is going to be really tough. There are just too many dancing machines in this world. Nevertheless, it would be a great exposure for me so I'm in it to have fun instead. Curious about the dances? Watch them now!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

ANTM 10 Episode 8 Quickie

This was the cycle's recap episode. It reviewed the first seven episodes and showed some never-before-seen footage, including Stacy Ann singing to the judges during casting, Claire's breastmilk-pumping antics, Marvita parading around the house naked as well as annoying the other girls by playing badly on a guitar, the New York firefighters' mock runway show, Anya photographing the other girls, a playful wrestling fight between some girls and a fun night out at "Libation", a New York pub, where Stacy Ann takes a bottle of "complimentary" vodka back home. [source]

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

35 Days

PhotobucketThat's the number of days I've been gone from blogging. Haven't been having much of the mood and things to blog about. Life's been ordinary once Uni-life has resumed. I'm more occupied now than during my holidays, which is rather expected. However, I'm still consistently attending my Line Dance classes on Mondays and Saturdays, although I'm always late on Monday. Also, I just attended a workshop for that which was held in the TTDI Community Hall. It was for those who are keen to learn some new dances in one day, and also for those who are joining the dancing competition to be held in July. having said that, I myself is considering to participate in the Newcomer category.

Anything new with me lately? Basically nothing. Life's such a routine for now. Attending classes and Facebook-ing are my major activities. America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 has started since February, and whilst I'm catching up with the new episodes every week, I'm not doing any recaps for now, unlike what I've done before. I'll see when will I dig the time out of my heavy schedule for it.

Anyway, I will be recovering many, many of my old entries in my other blogs in which I will post them here as archives. Nevertheless, I will be censoring many of those which deemed to be unimportant. reading back, I realised that how much I've changed over the years, from my very first blog entry to the most recent one.

Once and for all, welcome to my blog and happy reading!

Friday, April 4, 2008

ANTM 10 Episode 7 Quickie

Tension brews when Lauren accidentally dumps away Fatima's unfinished coffee. While Fatima remains calm, Lauren starts swearing at Fatima.

The girls arrive at the Elite building for their go-sees challenge, and are split into two groups of four. The models walk for three designers, where they all receive rather positive reviews but the designers criticize Lauren's walk. There is concern that Whitney and Dominique's dislike of each other would impede their team's progress, but their team nevertheless wins the challenge, with Stacy Ann receiving the most bookings in the winning team. The entire team wins a shoot for the June issue of Seventeen magazine.

At the photo shoot, the girls have to pose over a mylar sheet in water from the off-Broadway show Fuerzabruta. Claire hurts her neck after falling straight down on the sheet, causing her to struggle with her shoot. Despite the advantage of her awkward look in her past photos, Lauren receives negative critique from Jay during the photo shoot. Katarzyna also receives her new haircut, which she takes great delight in despite tearing up a bit at first.

At panel, Fatima, Anya, Katarzyna and Whitney receive universal praise. Stacy Ann is congratulated for her challenge win but her film is criticized. Lauren's awkward personality and weak presence in the judging room lands her in the bottom two together with Claire, who is criticized for her lack of versatility. Despite a stellar portfolio, Claire is sent packing. [source]

Call-Out Order

Fatima. An Eqyption sculpture?

Anya. A nymph alive.





In danger: Lauren.

Eliminated: Claire.