Monday, February 27, 2006

14 hours in Redbox Karaoke!

I had been pretty occupied for the past few weeks, so I didn't have time to update this space that I used to go to every now and then before this. But heck, I'm finally back to pen down everything that had happened to me these days.

First up, Valentine's Day. Was invited to Julia's house for a dinner. Felt weird there actually, since it was Valentine's Day, and I should be celebrating with a lover instead. Anyway, great food was served, although I had trouble with the fish bone by accident. After the dinner, it was time for photo session before I left the place for Pandan Indah. Stayed there until 2 something, before heading home again to rest. It was the first time I was in Taman Saga eating mamak that night. The nightview of the whole city was mesmerizing. It's definitely another hotspot for couples to go to.

Since then, nothing much that I can possibly mention here had been happening. So let me just jump to the orientation week for my uni.

The orientation done by Monash University was way better than Taylor's Business School. Why do I say that? Even though the first day was packed with boring speeches that bored me down, 2nd day was able to balance things off with fun and interesting ice breaking games. Frankly, Monash isn't such a bad place afterall. However, there is lack of choices for food and entertainment. Also, lack of a condusive environment for study purposes. The place is also kinda warm compared to TBS, which is over ac-ed at times. At the end of the day, I'm just gonna stay in this campus for another year only, before stepping on the new campus next year. Everything will be new, that's what I'm looking forward too.

Award presentation ceremony that I attended was short and nice. It barely lasted for 2 hours. And I love the prize that was awarded, since they weren't vouchers at all. Kelly was jumped over the moon when she knew what was in the envelope...

Just last week, I was in Redbox for a total 14 hours! On Thursday, Kel, Ju and I was there from 1-8. Well we sang from 1-5, abo was joined by the heng daiz after that. On Friday, my family threw a small advance party for me in Redbox again, from 8-12. Then on Saturday, went to Redbox Sunway to join this farewell party for Anthony who's leaving us soon for Italy on the 18th of March. All the best and good luck! I bet he's gonna do great over there.

After that particular Redbox session, I had to rush home because there's a wedding dinner in Kuala Kubu that I have to go to with my family. Wow, Kuala Kubu is such a far place. Just to travel to and back from there, I took us above 2 hours. The food wasn't great though, some of them... I odn't want to really comment. Well, it was actually my cousin sister's wedding dinner. But, throughout the whole time, we didn't even say hi to each other and I didn't even congratulate her or so. Actually, I don't even know her... Well, I'll just take this opportunity to wish her um... best of luck.

Alright, Uni-Life will officially start tomorrow. Outta here.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Life's a bore.

Orientation for university is approaching, but I still don't quite feel like starting my uni life that quickly. It's only a week left until orientation, and 2 weeks more till the official start of living hell.
Talking about university, there was a course advice session on Wednesday that I had to attend. Was a bit late due to some unforeseen circumstances, but in the end everything went aight. Got to meet back my members of the infamous F4 gang, Steph and two of my best pals, Kel and Jul. As we entered the hall, we noticed that quite a large number of the students present were from Taylors, let it be TCSJ or TBS. Hm, quite a surprise because I was expecting a total new environment in Monash later. After the whole session that lasted for less than half an hour, we went to Sunway for lunch before setting our feet probably for the last time in TBS. Then, headed back to Monash to get my car, before dropping off Kelly in Sunway again. Cool day it was.

Hm, what else had been happening huh. Since the last time updated, I had quite some time to watch a few movies. Saw 3 movies of different genres, while each of them deserve to be appreciated thoroughly, only 2 of em' actually caught my attention for more than 90 percent during the runtime. Firstly, The Descent. Although after reading the reviews and recommendations from my peeps, I wasn't impressed by the movie at all. The only word to describe the movie on a whole would be boring. Boring, boring and boring. Maybe because the ambience at home wasn't right for the movie, so I couldn't really enjoy it. Anyhow, I was too distracted since I was chatting while watching that particular movie. But that shouldn't be the factor that pulled the my ratings for the movie down, which happen to measure to only **.
Boredom soon was killed by a great masterpiece called the 'Cinderella Man'. Even though the starting was a bit draggy, the fights were amazing. The movie was shot beautifully, thumbs up for the director. Besides, the main actor, Russell did a great job in my opinion. Renee on the other hand didn't surprise me with her usual acting in this movie since I expected somethign different from her since I last seen her in 'Chicago'. Nonetheless, the storyline was simple and heart capturing. Bravo. A stellar **** for this type of movie.

Lastly, I bet minority would know about the next movie I watched. It is called 'Are We There Yet'. Fresh faces in the movie would have lessen the potential audience while the title wouldn't have grasped much attention from the public. I certainly think that this movie is a crossover between The Pacifier and The Perfect Man, with new and twisted elements being blended in together as well. The ironic scene of the movie was predictable, and would disappoint audience with 'great' minds. Wholly, I view it as a heart warming family picture that would make a business in the home market, but maybe not the big screens. Overall, it falls into the *** category in my movie database.

Oh yea, talking about university earlier on reminds me of my timetable that has been drafted out by the uni. Basically, I'm not satisfied with it at all. For Christ's sake I would have to attend uni EVERYDAY according to that timetable. Right now, I'm waiting for the allocation to open to students again for changes to be made later on. I'm fine with the schedule from Monday to Wednesday, but on Thursday, there's only 1 class that I have to attend which will last for 2 hours only. Relevant to that, there's only 1 lecture on Friday, but worse still, it's only an hour which is from 8 to 9 in the morning. Damn. I'm not over it yet, as I'm still furious.
There was a small fuss over Grammys on the 8th, and I should take this chance to send my congrats to the following artists who were named winners in their nominated categories this year!!!1) Shakira - Best Latin Alternative/Rock Album2) Kelly Clarkson - Best Pop Album, Best Female Pop Artist3) Beyonce - Best RnB Duet (can't really remember the category for that)
Alright, that's all from me now. Outta here!

Monday, February 6, 2006

CNY 2007

It was a rather busy week that kept me away from making an entry in my blog. Some days were miraculously boring, while the rest were exhilarating at first, before turning exhaustive by the end of the day.

The first few days of CNY were nothing much. Stayed at home all the time, waiting for my relatives and my parents' friends to pay us a visit, or in cantonese, it's simply known as 'pai lin', a tradition that has been passed down to the younger generations for long. While most of the time I will just stay quiet in the living room, fully concentrating on the conversations that was going on, sometimes I will think about the future where I would be doing the same, which is visiting my friends during this festive season in 5, 10 or 20 years time, where we would have been long separated since graduation. It would definitely be the time when we're able to relive the moments of our youth, or the golden times we had in college/uni or so.

On Thursday, I was able to reunite with my friends that I've known since primary. She was the first friend of mine to have a ride on my car. Haha... Had a plesant time with both of them in Mid Valley. We went to the cinema to watch a chinese flick called 'My Kung Fu Sweetheart'. Although the show was 'dumb', I will still give it a ***. Anyway, Cecilia is pretty. With a good characteristics, I think she would make a pretty fantastic girlfriend. After the picture, we spent time shopping around. I got some magz, while they shopped for clothes. It was fun, but it fell short, as Eve had to leave already since her boyfriend was there.

Friday, the 6th day of CNY wasn't exactly boring afterall. Joined Julia and Jess in Joyie's house. Wow, 3 J's. The time in Joyie's house passed very quickly, as we did quite a few things, such as watching her dog having sex with the plushies, and trying on the message chair. After hanging out in her house for a while, we went for late lunch (it was about 3 o'clock at that time) in a curry house near her place (and mine too of course). Then, we headed back to my house instead. Had quite a fun time with 'em around. Overall, I'm just grateful that the day turned out that way, as I wouldn't want to be bored to death just like any other days.

Saturday had to be the most tiring day of all. After playing mahjong the night before (for the first time I won about a hundred and ten), had to wake up early to visit my grandma's house in the afternoon. After 2 hours in my grandma's house, we had to go to my uncle's house which is located a few kilometres away. 10-20 minutes drive is required to reach there I guess. Anyway, in my uncle's house, there was nothing much for us to do, so by then we decided to go to Leisure Mall instead for an hour or so just to fill up the empty slots of our schedule before going to my Aunt's restaurant for dinner.

Right after the dinner, I had to go to Julia's house for her open house. It was my first time driving to her house, and I had doubts about the right ways to her house, but luckily, I made the right turnings successfully. I had a great time at her house, although due to my fatigue that day, I yawned a few times when the atmosphere got all boring. Nevertheless, Julia kept things going, and I just have to thank her for having me there as I was given the chance to know a different side of her. And Tammy and Joyie, both of them are just cool people, very open minded and crazy most of the time.

Now that CNY's coming to an end, all the fun will be gone soon. And of course the plessure of receiving the red pockets will be gone too.

Now for some movie updates, I've seen The Transporter 2 and 40 Year Old Virgin. I wouldn't categorise both movies under the bad section, but both weren't impressive at all. The Transporter 2 was only nice because of the jam packed actions, whereas I give my thumbs-up for 40 year Old Virgin for it's unique concept and idea. However, I liked The Transporter 2 a little bit more as the latter film turned out to be boring occasionally. Overall, I would give ***1/4 to TT2 and *** to 40YOV.

There are a few things that struck my mind these days. I just realised that I can't communicate well with each and every one, unless we share the same characteristics or interests. I just envy those who can bring themselves around well, ya know... those social elites. So strangers, boredom is definitely written on my face. No matter how many times I tried to be friendly to someone that I just met, I would normally fail miserably. My jokes or humor wouldn't work at all. I gess its time for me to get a book or two from MPH on that issue. :)