Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1st Day of Exam-War

Gosh, it's only the first day and I'm pretty much srewed up with my Econometrics paper. It's not the first time I have insufficient time to complete all the questions, it happens for most of the Statistics and some of the Accounting subjects. Anyways, not like I knew how to answer them. It was a really tough paper. Hopefully, I will pass the hurdle requirement of 40% in order to advance to the next Unit. Well, all I need to focus now is on Company Reporting, the subject which I'm most worried of due to my lack of concentration during the semester. The hurdle is 50% for this unit, which means I really have to work hard on it. I shall see how's my destiny tomorrow. *wishing for the best*

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bon Bon's Bakery.

It's almost time for a post on desserts. This time around, Jennifer and I went to a a quite secluded area of PJ. Located in SS22, Bon Bon's Bakery and Cafe could easily be found next to Atria. Although we were there at about 4 o'clock on a rainy, customers kept pouring. We ordered 4 cakes, and oh my, some of them are really yummy. The price is fairly reasonable for its quality and taste. On top of that, the owner is pretty friendly too, which leaves a good impression on me.

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It took us a while to get to the place at first... but there it is!

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Nix ordered a cup of coffee called Machiato, which turned out to be really bitter for her.

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Left: Chocolate Strawberry cake, which taste just nice. Jen said that it was ordinary.
Right: Tiramisu with brandy, which I didn't like because of the alcohol. Nevertheless, I would have liked it if I'm used to consuming alcohol.

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Left: Raspberry Chocolate Cheese, which is really awesome! A must-try!
Right: Peanut Butter Coffee, which didn't taste that well on the first bite, but kept getting better. In the end, my 2nd fav cake for the day.

Well, by then we were full and were unable to try out the other cakes. Next time, perhaps. Anyway, I also tried some cakes specially made for Vegans, which exclude eggs in their recipes. The shop can be found near UE3, somewhere near the Monday night market in that area. Just look for the only vegetarian restaurant near 7 Eleven. Well occupied during dinner, the place serves good meat-free meals which are fairly priced. The cakes are around RM6 per piece.

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The Almond cake was just a so-so. There was a slight nasty taste which I didn't like.

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Then, this piece of Blueberry cake made the night. Although the cheese was substituted by some layered cakes with cream, the combination is nonetheless quite heavenly. Yippee!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shabu-Shabu @ Sri Petaling

Exam is so damn close and I have not really started on my revision yet. I can't manage to fail my final papers, I just can't. Company reporting is the subject that I'm worried of the most since I haven't paid enough attention during lectures and tutorials. As for company law, it should be okay since I have about 11 free days before the open-book exam. Next week will be one hell of a week since I have to sit for 3 papers all together. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. So far, my assignments grades are fairly well and true enough, I think I have actually chosen the right major for myself.

Anyway, quite a while ago, I went out with Amber and Jennifer to try a Japanese-oriented steamboat restaurant in Sri Petaling. It's located in the night market area, between the Golden Bread restaurant and Alison coffee shop. It's a buffet steamboat, with 3 different soup bases where you can only choose one. The herbal is quite nice at first, but turns nasty after a while. Anyway, the choice of food is normal (meatballs, noodles, etc.). Price is moderate, expect to spend about 20 to 25 per head. Oh, there 6 flavors of ice-cream to choose from. Overall, I won't mind going there for a second or third time.

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Look at the food I picked.

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These are side orders. Extra charges apply.

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Yum yum. The ham actually tastes good!

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Look. Who's that?!

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Haha, biattttch....

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Um, nothing wrong with the model, but there is something wrong with the photographer.

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That's mine!

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That should be Amber's. Everyone has their own cooking pot.

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Jen jen jen.

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Some dino-eggs, anyone?

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When the ice-cream is mixed, there come's 'paddle pop'.

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Two Q gals together.

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The dynamic duo?

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We're pretty full after eating for almost two hours!

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A group picture before we left the premise.

Lastly, I would love to share with y'all a beautiful piece of music which i used for line dancing today. It's from a veteran Japanese singer named Mariya Takeuchi. The song is called the doors to life when translated from Japanese. Tell me what you think of the music!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rock This Party with Lily Chin

Hehe, some time ago, my line dance teacher, Lily Chin threw a party at Hee Loi Ton Puchong. It lasted for about 6 hours, with a 10-course-meal served as lunch while we had our fun dancing to the songs that we knew. In a glimpse, I've been taking up line dancing for over a year now, and I'm still loving it. During the party, I bumped into my secondary school English teacher, Miss Tan. Was kinda surprised to see her there after all these years, and had a little conversation, catching up with her life and all. However, didn't snap a picture with her although could have done so. Anyway, the party was nonetheless successful and my teacher was relieved and proud of it. Her children were there to organize it with her too. I have to express my gratitude for her as a really talented, friendly and beautiful teacher. I'm glad that I have her as my teacher. =) Oh, after the party, she treated me to a steamboat dinner. It was really kind of her. (Click to enlarge the pictures)

With Melissa, one of the younger line dancers in the bunch.

Cylok, the girl in one dances really well! Months ago, she was one of the winners in a line dancing competition.

My teacher is the the second one from right. The pretty girl next to her is her daughter while handsome lad (a breakdancer) squatting down is her son.

The final group picture.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Green Day at Monash!

It was Go Green Day in Monash today. Those who wore green received a bookmark made from recycled paper as a little token of appreciation from Leo's Club in conjunction with Mother Earth Day. In addition, the 20 best dressed will also receive Starbucks voucher. Well, it was mesmerizing to see majorities in green today. Just for my statistics class of 12 persons, only 3 of them wore some other colors. I'd never knew that following the dress theme color could be this cool. However, I think I've cross over the border line a little as I was dressed in green from shoulders to toes. A living tree, became my one-day nick today. Anyway, I'm glad that I had fun =)

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Green green with Julia and Kevin!

Old news!

I'm very frustrated with the cancellation of Beyonce's gig which was planned on Nov 1st, but didn't we see it coming? It's pretty obvious that conservative minorities had pushed the limits a little too far.

[Source] Concert Cancelled: Beyonce has nixed her concert in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur's 9000-seat Putra Stadium. Her scheduled Nov. 1 concert has been canceled following protests by local Muslim groups and her reported refusal to abide by the country's strict dress code for performers, reports Billboard Biz. A number of Muslim groups, including the 10,000-strong National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students, had taken their pleas for cancellation to the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage-which in 2005 introduced a compulsory dress code and other rules for performers. Local promoter Pineapple Concerts released a statement Sept. 28 announcing the cancellation, but would not disclose the reason. A ministry official said Pineapple had not applied for a license to hold the concert. Industry sources speculate, however, Pineapple did not apply for a license until it was sure Beyonce would agree to follow the dress code and that the artist refused to do so. The dress code says there must be no hugging or kissing audience members or fellow artists, no jumping or shouting, no throwing objects onstage or at the audience and no foul language. Clothes cannot have obscene or drug-related images or messages, and female performers must show no skin from the tops of their chests to their knees.

All in all, Beyonce's Experience Tour will still hit all other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and India where legislations are less strict. Initially, Beyonce didn't even thought of throwing a concert in Indo, but without the requirement of dress code, the swap occurred. How'd I wished that we, Malaysians would have the same thoughts and perceptions towards Beyonce.

[Source] JAKARTA (Reuters) - R&B star Beyonce Knowles will not be required to follow a strict dress code when performing next month in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, the organisers of her concert said on Friday.

Beyonce, known for her skimpy stage outfits, cancelled her debut concert in Malaysia in protest against the nation's ultra-strict dress code, an industry source said this week.

She has chosen instead to perform in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, on November 1.

"I expect Indonesians to see this in a positive light. She is a great singer and her stage act is entertaining. Why should we say no to the way she dresses?" said Nia Zulkarnaen, a spokeswoman for the concert promoter.

She said there had been no request from the authorities or from any Muslim group requiring Beyonce to cover up.

"Praise be to God, there has been no such demand. They realise it's positive entertainment for the youth," she said.

Tickets for the show cost between 2.5 million rupiah (134 pounds) and 750,000 rupiah.

Some Indonesian singers wear skimpy clothes in their videos and on stage.More than 85 percent of Indonesia's 226 million population are Muslim and most are moderate.