Thursday, May 27, 2004

A boring day...

Many of my clasmates weren't here. 95% of them ponteng, as usual.But their reason for playing truancy was to finish their moral project which should be handed up this friday! As the attendance of students wasn't good, many of the teachers didn't teach today. For the first time, we find it boring for not having any proper classes conducted. The only subject that I have to study was Additional Maths. The results for that paper pulled down my average results a lot. I only managed to score 58 marks for the whole paper. But spotting my mistakes in the paper gave me a lot of inspiration to improve my careless mistakes and to study harder for that subject next time.

~ Overall, I think I did badly for the exams this time. Maybe it was due to my participation in extra curriculur activities. But I just shouldn't put all the blame on it. My time management was lousy this time. Still, I managed to struggle through the whole process of examination. 2 more trials then the real SPM is in the store for me. It will be very pressuring. Live will be a living hell by that time.

Prom Night is just 2 nights away. I have a feeling that it will be a successful event, hopefully. It is until 10.30, as I said, a little bit too late for me. Inez and gang will be performing. Let's cheer for them. I think their act will be one of the most entertaining performances of the night, next to the live band by Kheng Loon and gang. Hm... I still haven't figure out what clothes shall I wear to the event. Colours of harmony... what a theme!

~ The Day After Tomorrow opens tomorrow in all the cinemas. I want to watch that bloody movie! It is one of the most anticipated movie of 2004! But, I'm really scared of the effect of the movie in my life. I might really think that one day, the world will end like that eventually. But hopefully, that only happens after I actually die. Haha. Harry Potter 3 will be coming out too. The movie reminds me of the book that I have not finish. Lolz. Momo will be scolding me for that. Can you imagine that I fell asleep after reading a few pages of that book?!

The new American Idol will be crowned tomorrow! I can hardly wait with patience anymore. Of course, I'm on Fantasia Barrino's side. But if Diana wins, I will still be glad as she has the talent, and the voice. Fantasia will still be a star in my heart, and she will still get a record label and release her own album. She reminds of Macy Gray that I used to like when I was in Form One...

Everyone's a winner in American Idol. Best of luck to Fantasia and Diana!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Sleepy but still have to update my blog...

Today is one of the best day I've ever had so far in May 2004. Although the day started off badly when I was sleepy in the bus, it moved on with surprises.

~ Many of the teachers were involved with the meeting today. It was important I guess because they actually missed their classes for it. And from there, the prefects come in, taking the place of the teachers temporarily. Luckily, Mr. Wong gave me a chance and I was sent to 1D. It wasn't bad overall after comparing that class with 1G. Got to know a few more Form One students again. Hm... let me think... Faiz, Tengku something Zainal, and 7 more students whom I didn't ask for their name. Chee Yeong was in that class for a while, then he went out to kau lui I think.

The class was damn noisy. The students are very playful, giving me a hard time controlling them. Tengku was a bit hyper. He's just like Julia. Halfway through, Michelle asked me to look after her class as well. Her class was totally different from 1D. Not just the name, the students in 1E look more 'hardworking' then the students in 1D. Some of them were drawing, 1 was studying, and 3 prefects were looking after the class. Sigh, looks like the senior prefects are useless... hm... As in 1D, all they did was chatting and playing a fool on me. It was a great experience afterall. I would love to have a chance to do that again one day but the odds of that happening again is very very low.

~ Using my fingers, I can actually count the days left to holidays. 3 more days! And at the same time, I will only have to do my prefect duty for 3 more days. It's kinda sad to me to step down after the holidays. I find it fun to become a prefect especially when your duty place is in the 4th floor or the staircase in the canteen. Looking back, I had been a prefect for 8-9 months. Sigh... good times end fast!

Today my family and I went to Oishi in Mid Valley City to celebrate my future brother-in-law's 31st birthday. The food there was quite okay. I liked the tempura and dessert. Going to Mid Valley is giving me a headache. I was there last Thursday, Saturday and today! Haha... went to bread talk and bread story to stock up the bread in my house. And this time around, my mom made the payment. How nice of her for doing so...

~ Finally, my mom knows that I'm joining Malaysian Idol. Even my sister just only knew about it today. She was like so shocked. She had always thought that I'm a coward and I will easily freak out. Yes, she's right. I don't really know how am I going to face all the pressure and the 3 judges. I'm not good at communicating with strangers. Shit!

It's getting late. In fact, it's already too late. I have to sleep... ZzZZzzzzZ!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Yeah yeah!

Avril's "Under My Skin" and The Calling's "II" are released today! I can't wait to add those cds into my collection!

~ For the first time, people respect me as a prefect. Some I guess. Being appointed to guard the 3rd staircase in the canteen turns out to be an interesting duty. Unfortunately, I think I pissed one student off today. How sorry am I... but they were still polite. Looks like the discipline of the students in SSG did improve this year.

I noticed that people hardly listen to me. Maybe I just interrupt their conversations quite often. Or maybe my voice is just too soft? But still, that is fine to me as I get that a lot. I'm used to it.

~ Form One students are friendly. I've been to 1E and they were so cooperative as they helped me with my survey. Got to know a few students in Form One through my house and the prefectorial board. Sometimes, I just feel that it is more comfortable to hang out with them. I'm just childish I guess.

Talent Night has been renamed to Prom Night. Yes, PROM NIGHT. I wonder why they call it a Prom Night. Heard that there'll be dances, songs, games, lucky draw and prom king & queen contest. The theme is Colours of Harmony I think and we have to dress according to the theme. So, does that mean that we have to wear something colourful or harmonious. By the way, it is happening in the SSG school hall this Friday from 7.00p.m. to 10.30p.m. It's a bit too late...

"You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through" - Rosalynn Carter

Monday, May 24, 2004

5 more days to go...

School holiday is coming. I haven't plan my holidayz yet. I bet it will be the same routine again. Eat, sleep, watch tv, play ps2, go online... Things had not change for me.

~ Went to Sungei Wang today to collect pictures and to pass the digicam to Shook Yee. It was very crowded in front of the entrance of Sungei Wang. The crowd was made up mostly by girls who are desperate to see Toro. Met Hui Yee in the Hang Tuah Star LRT Station. She was there to see Toro too. Then, I went to my mom's shop. There, I met Christopher. Phew! Everytime I go to town, I will meet someone. I wonder why...

Hm... 17 days more until my Malaysian Idol pre-audition. Finally, I have narrowed down the songs I plan to sing:

1) Nobody Knows It But Me by Derek McDonald
2) This I Swear by Nick Lachey
3) If I Let You Go by Westlife
4) My Love by Westlife
5) Stigmatized by The Calling
6) The Way by Clay Aiken
7) Drift Away by Uncle Kracker
8) I Do by 98 Degrees
9) One More Try by A1
10) Belaian Jiwa
11) For You by 5566
12) Boyfriend by 5566

I guess that's all. Feel free to leave some advice for me. I really don't know what to sing. My mind is still not focused.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Quite a tiring day...

Went to Mid Valley Mega Mall today. Finally, I watched Van Helsing. The movie wasn't that bad at all. Some said that it was kiddy, but what can one expect from a fantasy show? Kate Beckinsale is cool. I can never imagine her doing something else other than killing and fighting. But there were some scenes which didn't make it through our Malaysia censorboard. So, it affected the movie a lil' bit. Before the movie started, they showed the trailer for The Day After Tomorrow again. It opens on the 27th of May. I can hardly wait any longer. I expect it to be one of the movies of 2004!

~ I saw Sze Ye today in Mid Valley. Suddenly met her around MPH and she told me something. She brought her friend along. Can't remember the friend's name. Wah... reached home at 10.15 today. I broke my own record. I think my record last time was 9 something only. But I just realise that 9 out of 10 times I go out with Jerry and gang, we'll eat Japanese food all the time...

Saturday, May 22, 2004

What a day!

Jon was tired! Jennifer was down(again)! Looks like everyone is giving up their lives these days... it's bad. Life's precious. Why waste it like that? Having negative thoughts, corrupting your mind.

~ Things are getting complicated to me nowadays too. Results are proving that I didn't give it my best this time around. The burden of finishing the Interact Annual Report is giving me a lot of stress. Luckily, the deadline for the submission is postponed to 15th of June. Hopefully, we can compete with other schools in at least 1 of the awards.

Sau Mei and Rachael and I went to Montaine Fitness and Health Centre in Menara Weld today. The people there are so friendly except for maybe 1 le... All three of us tried the foot reflexology. It was painful for me. I tried the body relaxation massage too. It was quite relaxing... Rachael is even planning to go for a work-out session this Friday....

~ Just got back my english paper results. I scored the same marks with Kelly and May Yenn. How nice. Amber as usual got the highest in my class with 91 marks. Congrats!

"What we anticipate seldom occurs: but what we least expect generally happens" - Benjamin Disraeli

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Teacher's Day a.k.a. Founder's Day!

It was entertaining enough to me. All the teachers teamed up at the opening to sing a few songs. The Blacks and The Whites (Inez, Kelly, Kevin+Julia, Rachael, Sammi, Eric) sang a medley of I'll Be There (Jackson Five) and Jeng Tian (Jay Chou). Ms. Khoo collaborated with the new teacher singing Dilemma 2003. A group of Form 1 and Form 3 students played some instruments (recorder and piano) led by Yee Xin Le(F3S). 5 malay girls danced through the song Can't Take My Eyes Of You right after it was sang by 2 teachers who are Cik Halimantun and one more teacher. Then, students from Form 5Sc1 sang the song Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo by Ritchie Ren. Kah Hor played the guitar. As usual, Pn. Zakiah did her thing where she sang a malay song.

~ The class party was okay. Encik Samzari wasn't there. Don't know why. We did it for him and he wasn't there. Could have called someone to look for him. The teacher's day celebration became a mess when everyone started throwing cakes at each other. For example, Form 4Sc1.. the prefects were playing with cakes. They dirtied their shirt, with fancy colours. Our class was a mess too. Kheng Loon wiped some cream on Rachael's hair. Wow!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Another day...

Exams over. Lessons are conducted as usual, but we were allowed to do our own work for most of the periods, or in other words, we are given the permission to talk to our friends, making noise.

~ Today is the last day to practise for the Teacher's Day Celebration tomorrow. I guess it will rather be a tiring day tomorrow. There will be games, performances and class party! For the first time, we go to school to enjoy, and not stufy all day long!

Practices were good. We had a great time practising. And we even made our own version of Avril's latest single 'Don't Tell Me'. And now, our version starts like this:

You are my friend, in SSG, and I love to kick your ass
Some big, some small, some fat, some thin, I love to kick them all
I kicked your ass, you kicked my ass, and we're both kicking ass
It was joyful, yet was painful, but we kept on playing that...

~ It's not done yet. Lolz... Andrew's party is taking place tomorrow! I haven't even get him a present. Hm... any ideas of what I should get for him? I'm out of ideas for the 564th time in my life.

Something is wrong to me after exam. I feel lost. No more loads of work. Life's becoming boring. Haha, but I actually have lots of work to finish. Annual report, moral project, Joint IU Day... well, something is still missing. I wonder what could that be...

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Simple day...

It rained today! Finally!!!

~ Exam is over for me now. I'm so glad that it is. I had my last 2 papers today for Additional Mathematics. They gave me hard times. The questions were tough. So, as usual, I didn't manage to do all. :)

I just realised that if one falls down on the floor, no help will be offered and one will have to stand up straight again all by himself. It describes the attitude of most of the people in this world right now. They are stingy and only think about themselves. But of course, it is a good thing too. People learn to be independent and not relying on others all the time.

~ Teacher's Day celebration is so close. I can't wait to see all the performances on that day. And on the same day, Andrew will be celebrating his birthday too! What a day then. I haven't get a present for him. Sei lor!

This Thursday there will be a F3 card member sales preview in Mid Valley Mega Mall from 3-10! Members get to enjoy an additional 20% discount on top of the sale discounts ranging from 30%-50% and a 10% discount on regular items. There will be specially arranged activities such as Hair Makeover, Tattoo Art Painting and Nail Art Painting too! Hm... I'd better save up some money now. Anyone wants to follow?

~ Just recently I realized that I'm a bit annoying to some people. Haha...

*If everything is under control, then you are moving slow*

Btw, here is a picture of my idol, Beyonce. She recently launched her own fashion label I think. Congrats!

Sunday, May 16, 2004


It was a fine day!

~The practice in school was funny. Kelly, Julia, Eric and Rachael were there and not forgetting Encik Iskhandar too. We have chosen the songs>>> I'll be There and Jeng Tian(Jay Chou).

Went to Times Square again. Got a haircut. Now the solon like so high tech ledi. Or mebbe I'm just outdated or something. They provide internet surfing for the customers. So you can actually log on into internet and browse through it while you have your hair done by the barbers. And bought some stuff. Saw Nian Shao in Sungei Wang. In English, the local canto band is called um... Island something ar... I can't remember. The Calling's brand new album called 'II' will be released internationally on the 24th of May! 9 more days to go!

As for my update on Malaysian Idol, I heard that the contestants should prepare 1-2 songs and in different language if possible. Sounds tough. Shit.