Friday, October 13, 2006

13th, Friday.

It's Friday the 13th. Believed to be one of the baddest days after the 6th of the month, nothing evil happened today at all. Even though everyone should be busy preparing for exam right now, my bitches and I still found some excess time to spend on movie. Yeap. We saw World Trade Center today. With over expectations, the movie turned out to be rather boring. Had a tough time giving my full concentration, and also at maintaining my consicousness. Halfway through the movie, control was lost and I fell asleep for quite a while. Nevertheless, the movie truly shows the pain brought about by the 911 attack. On top of that, it's the promise of hope and survival to the nation. Well, hard to rate such a movie. But I think 2.5 out of 5 is already more than enough.

Talking about movies, I also saw Silk, a chinese sci-fi horror movie produced in Taiwan with both Taiwanese and Japanese stars. Karena Lam, Chen Bo Lin, Big S are some of them. This film comes across in between of Recycle and Dorm, depicting the bond between ghosts and human and how human exploits and take advantage of them in order to achieve certain dreams that's unreachable at this state of the world. The movie is quite short, with a tight plot that leaves not much gaps in between. A movie of ***1/2 to me. Anyway, the boy in the movie is pretty cute for his age.

A murder story. Just a few days ago, my sister saw him in my room but she did not do anything. She was scared of him as I am too. Then, he disappeared. I met him again yesterday. There was a rush of hatred, anger and will to kill. He's just so annoying. He's dirty. He's scary. Although we slept 'together' for a few nights, there was no passion between. It's over. I had to kill him. I couldn't stand a sight of him anymore. Die. Die. He suffered a few minutes of agony before passing out. The poison wasn't strong enough to kill him instantly. Damn. This morning, he's finally completely dead in my bathroom. Yes, the cockroach is dead at last.

Other than that, nothing much had been happening to me. Oh, no more assignments for the rest of the semester. Yeah! That's one thing worth celebrating this weekend.

News recap over the weekdays extracted from Star Online.

1) Youth index shows no need for moral panic [source]
2) Siblings, cousin drown in canal [source]
3) Strong support for plan to pay fines first [source]
4) Married woman claims lover killed her daughter [source]
5) Suspect nabbed while trying to start bike [source]
6) Top SPM student missing [source]
7) French train crash![source]
8) "El Nin-Yo?!"[source]
9) Woman tops list of China's richest for first time [source]
10) Angelina Jolie slams West for barring refugees [source]
11) Poor citizen murdered by police car! [source]
12) Seven injured as bus turns turtle [source]
13) Fatal end for restaurant supervisor [source]
14) Subang Jaya car tragedy [source]
15) ‘Pious’ man nabbed over rape of underaged girl [source]
16) Take photos of traffic offenders, send them to JPJ [source]
17) Girl's death - cops detain a suspect [source]
18) Letting go so terribly hard for this couple [source]
19) Poor child! [source]
20) Yet another road accident... [source]

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Sugar content.

Have you guys ever wondered the amount of sugar added into some of the products that is consumed frequently by the public? I got this from a chinese newspaper brought home by my mom weeks ago. The result is shocking and health-threatening. Although the accuracy of the test is questionable, yet the percentages published will more or less assist us in our future consumerism and production.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Oh no, such high level of sugar in 2 of my favorite products. Maybe I can choose not to eat cereals anymore, but I certainly can't survive without ketchup.

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Milo! I guess it's not that bad after water is added.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
But if condensed milk is added once again, the level of sugar soars in just a cup of Milo.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fav Chipsmore n' Cadbury!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Soft drinks contains around 10 percent of sugar nett. Not too bad.

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Gosh... Ri-Ribena...

DeepaRaya is coming.

Damn it. My streamyx was down for a couple of days since Thursday. Had a rather hard time surviving those boring moments at home, so I found myself outside most of the time just to kill time, and of course to spend some quality time with my boos. This is not the first service interruption this year. As far as I can recall, this should be the fourth or fifth time. It's irritating. Somebody should seriously lodge a complaint.

In just a glimpse Mooncake Festival is already over and done while the nation is busy preparing for DeepaRaya. First week of October has also became history which means my final examination is drawing closer. I'm certainly not ready, but preparation will commence soon I guess. After my final assignment. Yes, there is still one more to go. It has been quite an achievement so far for this semester as to date I've completed 13 assignments and 3 tests. Hell yeah!

Another thing that is bothering me besides school work is the environment lately. Although I missed the terrible haze last year, I'm not so fortunate this time around. Coming out of the campus on Thursday delievered a shock to me as I see Sunway being covered by thick haze. Since then, it jsut got worse except for yesterday when a heavy rain during late midnight more or less cleared the sky by morning. However, it returned to 'status quo' again today.

Now time for some news report I read over the week:

1) Cops may find more rape cases [source]
2) ‘I am OK’ call didn’t sound fine to family [source]
3) Gunman kills 3 girls, self at Pennsylvania Amish school [source]
4) Can cops take our SIM cards? [source]
5) Gunman said he molested girls long ago [source]
6) Teen victim convinces rapist to unmask [source]
7) Parents shocked to discover girl pregnant [source]
8) Family living with corpse [source]
9) Snatch thief dies in crash [source]
10) Man hits wife for not opening bottle [source]
11) Indonesian student falls to his death [source]
12) Body-in-suitcase a murder case now [source]
13) Man found dead in submerged car [source]
14) ‘Online games do more good than harm’ [source]

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Hel, the birthday pig.

Today's entry is all personal. Had a great day in university celebrating Helena's birthday. Bought her a cake and a 'bouquet' of lovely pink roses which she didn't want to carry around at first but had to after being persuaded by us. It had been such a long time since the F4 actually got got together to reminisce one of those moments of '05 back in Taylors, except that the family got bigger with Kelly. After a year, King Kong and I are still dorky as usual, Piggy got pinkier and more mature and Donkey got bitchier! Everything's eventual... anyway.

So, I decided not to go for the Yoga lesson for beginner today. A bit lazy. And I regretted not going, because I just had one of the most embarrassing moments in my life ever. Since I ahd to eat dinner, so my stepmom and I went to the night market in my area together. After an hour of purchasing various food continually, I got back to my car to wait for my mom to finish her own task. While waiting for her, I made a washroom visit. And that's when the most shocking moment took place. Looking at the mirror (vanity...), I found out that the train is still travelling and is damn far from the destination station... ya know what I meant, right? Damn! And I walked with so much pride before that! Sigh... I will just have to forget about it and never repeat it again, ever!

Alright, that's all from me now. A really brief one today. Oh on a short note, I'm done with Accounting assignment! And for the first one, I obtained an above expectation result! Yeah!

Monday, October 2, 2006

Just not safe.

A question about safety. There has been too many devastating, frightening news lately that preached me about life, death and luck. Is there such thing as karma? Will the good guys always win in the end? Apparently, not. Fate. Destiny. It's okay to lose wealth, but not soul, spirit and life. Those possessions are way too valuable to be robbed intentionally.

So what are the news that got me thinking?

1) Two robbed after withdrawing money from banks. [source]
2) Mum loses boy in mall. [source]
3) Vandals attack school! [source]
4) Stopping by to buy food costs man his car. [source]
5) Woman taken on terror ride before being robbed. [source]
6) 'Over friendly' woman beaten up! [source]
7) Body is kidnap victim's! [source]
8) Cop found dead with gunshot wound! [source]
9) Survivors unlikely in Brazilian crash... [source]

Conclusion: Appreciate each and every second that we have and love life and live it to its fullest.