Monday, October 24, 2005

Highlights, highlights!

Highlights of the Week

19th October 2005

We threw a surprise party for the birthday girl, Julia. She was late for the party, as she was occupied with her soon-to-be you-know-who-that-should-not-be-mentioned. Mr. Ananda was kind enough to spare us 30 minutes to celebrate it for her, how nice of him. When she came in, it was like the crowning of the new Miss Malaysia... she received a bear from Cheralyn, Shirlyn, Mian, etc. that looked like a small bouquet of flowers before waving at the crowd, thanking them from the bottom of her heart. And me, I was busy taking pictures of course. We bought this chocolate cake for her, which tasted just ok. I still prefer Chocolate Banana or Black Forest. In conclusion, the party was kinda great.

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Julia and I in the lounge. We took this after viewing some old pictures taken in SSG to look for differences in us compared to last time. She has changed, I have changed, everyone has changed.

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Fantastic 4 taking another picture together again. Semester's coming to an end, but will F4 end too?

21st October 2005

Prime Minister's wife passed away at 7.55am today. Hm...

After attending Japanese lesson, while accompanying my stepmom to the night market at my area, suddenly I heard someone calling my name. I looked around, and spotted a familiar face. I hadn't seen her since Orientation Night for March Intake. There isn't quite a change in her in terms of appearance, but of course she has gone prettier. Her mom was there too. Haha... and they still remember the i-got-drunk incident in their minds. She told me that Rachael suggested a reunion for all the former 5k2s. Definitely a brilliant idea! Will keep y'all updated if there's one. Anyway, the girl that was talking about is Sau Mei.

22nd October 2005

Went to Sunway Pyramid today to celebrate Anthony and Mian's birthday in advance! It was my first time going out with them. Caryn stayed at home, while Julia went to Mid Valley with Kelly and Sabbie. And Piggy... sleeping in the farm I guess. First, we went to Redbox. I was actually late for 15 minutes... all I can say is, it was a bad hair day. Alright alright, I guess everyone was surprised that I came. Anyway, everybody sang well and had fun in Redbox. Sook Kuan joined in later, followed by Francis and his girlfriend. I don't know why, but I was shy being with them. Sigh sigh. After cutting the cake and singing Happy Birthday song in both English and Mandarin, we continued singing. Ah, Mian requested for some Twins songs, but she didn't sing it cause James and I stole the mics from them. Just kidding.. it just happened that both of us know the song, so we just sand it.

Later on, it was time for bowling. Jason joined in. Bowling is never my game. I just suck at it. And after yesterday, I ought to learn more about bowling. Can't remember my score, but for the first few rounds, I scored an average of um... 2-4. Anthony wanted to print the results, but of course I strongly disagreed with it. In the end, Mian won everyone, with a highscore of 110 plus, followed by either James or Jason. Not long after that, everyone started going home.

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The guys who went... from left, SJZ, James, Chris and Anthony.

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The girls who went... Mian, Lin Pheng, Shirlyn and Sook Kuan.

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Group picture!

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Okay, cam whored once I reached home.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Happy Birthday Julia!

Moral assignment is finally over. Initially, we were the second last group to present, but evetually turned out to be the final team since there was lack of time. We waited with patience from 2.00.p.m. to 5.30p.m. just to speak in front of her for about 10 minutes. Well, hopefully it was worthwhile and our effort did pay off. Everything was pretty much last minute as we started building up the slides only yesterday. And for that, I didn't sleep well since Saturday, have been burning the midnight oils lately.

Alright now move on to something more pleasant. Remember about ym aim for my tests? Well, the papers for accounting have been marked and returned to us today. And guess what, the score met my aim, HD although it was just right on the dividing line. An 8 isn't that bad since I don't really like the theorical part of accounting. I have the passion for numbers and I prefer to work with numbers rather than words. It just bores me if everything is without numbers.

A special shoutout to my best friend Julia! ---

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Julia,
Happy birthday to you!

Yes, it's her 18th birthday tomorrow. Julia has been a close friend of mine since 2 years ago even though we have known each other for a hefty 12 years now. She's a bubbly, fun, outgoing, down-to-earth, humorous, etc. person. Born an extrovert, she's always out of topic whens he's with the fantastic four! Pratically a bitch to us, all da best to you for all aspects especialy love since that bothers you the most these days! LKet it be YW, KH, or B, I'm sure you will make the right choice very soon. Good luck for your studies too. And may you achieve your dreams soon. Can't wait to get a hold of your debut album and to see you on the runway. May you be a triple threat!---

Monday, October 17, 2005

Caryn, a year older!

Finally it's Sunday again. I was so damn occupied during the weekdays, but eventually got to rest on Saturday.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Caryn's birthday. We had so much fun on that day, although we were much like a bunch of fools to the people around us. Then on Friday, I had a fun time too hanging out with them. And I just gotta say thanks to Helena and her boyfriend, Derrick for fetching me back! Sorry for being a burden and led them to the wrong way.

I had a few embarrassing moments over the weekdays. To make things worse, it occurred with the same person. Argh. I don't know when was the last time I was embarrassed in public like that. Touching on that, it reminds me that peace will return to TBS next week. I can't wait.

Wednesday and Thursday nights were tiring as I had to revise for Economics and Accounting tests on the next day. Even though I was quite motivated to study, I couldn't help it but fell asleep while revising both the subjects. Then when it comes to the tests, I would consider myself lucky for being able to answer part of the questions. Well, I'm just hoping for a HD for both papers.

My post today is reasonably short. Will post more when I feel like it.

-sjz out-

Sunday, October 9, 2005


Another busy week is going to end before a fresh one arrives. Over the weekdays, I was very much occupied with a few assignments at a time. So that kinda explains why I haven't post any updates for long. Anyway, 2 of them have been finished, which is a great news, although there are 3 more projects to go.

This week hasn't been all that only. It was full of its ups and downs. Firstly, the results to the mid-sem exam were returned to us. Well, everything was more than I expected, so I'm content about it. However, I do feel that there are still rooms for improvement so I'd better pay more attention from now onwards. The scores that I obtained for Economics and Accountings were by far most surprising. My first reaction when I received the papers was, "Ah?!". And for once I did fairly well in English compared to the previous 2 semesters when I had an average grade of C(credit) for my first exam.

Moving onto something more personal, how would one feel when someone new has just interfere with his/her life? The outcome varies. When somebody joined in as a new character, it changes the whole story from then. The story might settle at a very bad position, or it could end as wonderful as we want. Opposition and affirmation. Backstabbing and lies being told. Hatred and jealousy. Discomfort and annoyance. Joy and passion. A new character, an intruder, someone from a different dimension. But life's about others trespassing one's territory. It may bring laughters or misery; hilarity or sorrow; whatever the outcome is, building a strong wall would be able to guard any negative attacks. What am I talking... I don't even know.

This semester acts like a lightning. It's moving too fast. In another 6 weeks it will be the end to it. Oh, and of course there are still a week or 2 after that for exams. Anyway, I'm just figuring out what's going to happen to all of us after the foundation. Will we still keep in touch with each other? Will the friendship just end like that? Is the friendship strong enough to fend off any negative influences in the coming years? Will I be forgotten? Is life in university similar to what I'm experiencing right now? And a thousand more questions, but those are the inportant ones. Doubts often keeps my mind jammed up. Ending is inevitable, it will come and I'm sort of afraid of it right now.

Picture for the day

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Beautiful sight of Kyoto during the daytime. Looking at this picture stikes my memory of all the joy I had back there. According to Akitsu, Kyoto is a basin. That is because the city is surrounded by mountains. From any angle, one could easily spot a mountain, high or low. Ah... I miss the fresh environment over there.

Monday, October 3, 2005

F4 invades Lagoon!

According to Julia, it was a Fantastic Four outing. Well, we did enjoy ourselves in Sunway, although the weather wasn't fine all day long. It rained lightly in the late afternoon when we were in the so called dry park. Here are some of the pictures that we took together...

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This picture was taken at the entrance to Sunway Lagoon. We were rather shocked to see many visitors on that day. Derrick was there for a while, so he was the cameraman.
After a long long day...

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Fooling around while taking pictures since we have some extra time. Suntan session was canceled!

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Oops where is Julia?!

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We asked a tourist to take this picture for us. Well not bad...

At Secret Recipe
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Julia the king kong... well she does have a lot of body hair.

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Caryn the donkey... she is a bit crazee at times.

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Helena the piggy... look she's wearing pink. Suits the title.

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And me.. ugh... the monkey?!

Since I ordered alphabet fries... we had a short scrabble session.

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After that, a little shopping and we ended up at Kim Gary for dinner.

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And that was it. Shortly after the dinner, everyone had to leave already. It was an exhausting day, but heck, who cares, we had so much fun. It was worth it.