Monday, July 24, 2006

An American Haunting

Went out again yesterday. First, was in Mid Valley with Tammy and Cow to catch the new horror flick in town called An American Haunting. The whole movie was somewhat disappointing to me just because it wasn't scary at all. I expected more fightening scenes than I got, which was none. However, watching it with Cow made the movie seemed scarier than it actually is. Well, I will give the movie a *** out of 5.

After that, walked around with them before we settled in Haagen Daaz eating chocolate fondue, which is awesomely delicious. Just imagine chocolate coated bananas, ice cream with hazelnuts, etc. Loved it. Will eat it again. But to me, it's rather expensive. Just the fondue is about RM54, and with the addition of taxes, the whole desser shot up to over RM60.

Then, Tammy had to go. At first, Cow was supposed to go home too before meeting Fish in Cheras, but at the very last minute, I decided to join along, so I drove all the way to Fish's pond in Cheras with Cow as my passenger. It was her first time in my car. Amusing. Anyway, all three of us went to an Italian cuisine restaurant near Leisure Mall. Well the place was kinda nice, and it served us with quite tasty food. We ordered lasagna and pizza. Just one noting here, the crust for the pizza was a bit too hard, yet... crunchy to me. The price charged is fairly reasonable, as each of us only paid approximately RM13.

There after, Fish and Cow ditched the Monkey as they went for a lil' shopping spree in Leisure Mall. :'(

Nevertheless, my night did not end there. After I had a short rest in my house, I was out again to meet some friends in Halo Cafe, Sunway Pyramid. The band yesterday was good, as they belted out hit singles like Give Me Your Love, Superwoman and Sarangheyo. After chilling out in that place for about an hour and a half, it was time for us to head home. It was 1.00a.m.

So, at the end, I actually stayed up 'till very late yesterday even though I was already home 30 minutes after I left Sunway. The time I really went to bed? 3.15a.m.

Alright! That's all from me now. It should be time for some priceless pictures!

BBG Party on Friday

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From left: Me, Orang Utan, Cow and King Kong!

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She's our camerawoman! Isn't she lovely?

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Forget about being classy, that lamb chop is mine!

Chocolate Fondue

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Step #1: Sit and wait patiently.

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Step #2: Tired of waiting? Drink some water.

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Step #3: Pose for the camera!

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Step #4: Test the sharpness of that fork!

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Soon, chocolate fondue is served.

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Step #5: Eat! D'oh! Hahaha... yummy yummy! *monkey licks lips*

Saturday, July 22, 2006


In a glimpse, week one for university is officially over. Damn. 13 weeks left and I'll be sitting for my final exmaination again. Time flies, faster than my pace which I'm practising blindly. Often times, I do ask myself why don't I utilize each and every second of my life to do things that are beneficial.

By the way, was in King Kong's house today for a barbeque party. Hereby, I wish King Kong's daddy his happy 50th birthday! The food was great, especially the fish, pork chop and chicken wings. On top of that, the appetizer>coleslaw was definitely delicious, right on par with KFC's coleslaw. Then, the cake was really nice too. It was a mango cake with grapes and kiwi as the dressing. Yummy yummy!

Also, I received a postcard from Claudia today, my friend from Germany. It is great to hear from her again after so long.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sem 2 06.

Alright, a new beginning requires a new cycle of pictures. And there you see, there is not a white shirt anymore, the new theme is blue, and it will last for the next couple of weeks. I'm lazy to take pictures everyday you see. The King needs rest at times!

First Day of Semester 2

Everything ran smoothly. First lecture for Business and Data Modelling was really boring. My eyes were so heavy, they couldn't stay put; top had the tendency to unite with the bottom. Fortunately, the lecture was for an hour only. Yeap, for that particular subject, the lecture is divided into 2 sessions, an hour each. The other half part of the lecture is on Wednesday, which is tomorrow. Anyway, made a new friend from the class. She's called Isman, I think. It was just rather weird for her to ask me whether I'm a local or not.

After that, had 2 hours of break, so hung out with King Kong and Orang Utan. Went to the famous noodle shop called Uncle Seng in SS15, Subang Jaya which offers lucious home-made noodles with mouth-watering side dishes such as fried sliced pork, curry chicken and char siew. Then, went back to Taylors Business School to chill out in the lounge for a while. The TV was playing A Date with Tad Hamilton. After that, went back to Uni for another 3 hours of class.

First-up, it was tutorial for Business Law. Gosh, I feel so intimidated. Hopefully I'll do well for that subject. All I'm asking for is a Pass. I know I'm just bad at law. Anyway, the class is an arena of stars for that subject since there are Christina (Aguilera), Jessica (Simpson) and Brenda. Oh and Kevin too, piggy would say.

Lastly, the day ended off with a rather interesting lecture for Marketing. The lecturer, with a doctorate, was perhaps trying to hard to connect with us. He is, without any doubts, young outside and inside for his age. I would guess that he's in his early 30s. Nevertheless, some of his jokes were lame, proclaimmed by many others. Well, but out of the 2 lectures that I had so far, this is the best. At the least I didn't even yawn!

Day #2 of Semester 2

Had class from 10.00a.m. to 2.00p.m., without any breaks in between. Tired.

Anyway, the day launched off with 2 hours lecture on Business Law. But, as I was badly influenced by the peers around me (you know who I meant!), I (forcefully) left the hall after a mere 45 minutes, and headed to the Sizzling Hot Corner Shop for a plate of wantan mee. Anyway, it was a boring lecture. Just an introduction, so wouldn't miss much. Oh, the lecturer, Ms. Vanitha is definitely cool. I felt hert aura back then. Law, I'm starting to love it.

After the lunch, resumed with the day by attending the tutorial for Marketing from 12.00p.m. to 1.00a.m. Before this, we kept on guessing and assuming who'll our tutor would be, and she turned out to be another artist, (Nor) Baizura! She's stirct at first look, but King Kong told me that she's good and lenient. Sense good luck there. Above all, Marketing will be the most suffering subject, as we have minor assignment almost EVERY WEEK. A total of 10 assignments to be evaluated to be precise. Insane!

Finally, attended the other half part of Statistics lecture. Just like yesterday, today's lecture was even more boring. My body could be there, but soul, elsewhere. Daydreamed a lot. He was talking on Sampling today, and the sample designs, which he kinda dragged along the second half of the lecture. Dr. Soo, where are you? Soon, the clock ticked 2.00p.m., and hell yeah, I'm free to go.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Results are out!

Haha, the big smile on my face definitely indicates something good had happened. Indeed, many great things occurred today. All in all, I loved this particular day.

Before I move on to the good news, I shall let you know what I've been up to lately. Just today, I went to Bukit Bintang for Redbox Karaoke with some friends. Had great fun there, sang my lungs out actually. Went off pitch for a couple of times, but heck, who cares. I'm not a professional, neither an amateur, just someone that sings without any vocal talent.

Prior to that, I was busy with my work for the past three to four days. On Sunday, I went to Ruums for a bried shooting as an extra artiste. It was for a Mainland drama production I guess, since the main actors are all Mandarin literate. Well, job was easy, just do as what the director says. The role that my friends and I played were fans to a concert gig. Was pretty exhausted after the whole shooting as it took 'em roughly 8 hours to finish off the concert scene. As it was my first time participating in such production, I have to be honest with y'all that it's really tough to produce films/dramas. A lot of commitment is needed! And one has to be really patient, as a scene might requires multiple different shots that will take up hours! Oh by the way, the drama is called 梦想 D.I.Y.

Okay, on the next day, my adventure as an extra artiste continues. This time around, it's for a tv show called Aquarium Chinta, a new production sponsored by 8tv, the popular local tv station. Well, I'm not sure what it is about, but on the set was all Malay actors, and I was the only Chinese there. Hmm, indeed the compliments thrown at me all these while that I look like a Malay is a tad true. Anyway, this job was so much more difficult than the previous one, and the pay was less. The shotting started from 9.00p.m. and eventually ended at around 1.00a.m. in Ampang. Heck, it's really challenging to be an artiste. Even as an extra artiste (kelefeh), I sometimes lose my patience too when retakes repeats continually. Nevertheless, the experience gained is valuable.

Yesterday, went for a part time job interview as a telemarketer which pays about RM10 per hour for the job. I hope I gets it. Working 9 hours a day won't kill me. Besides, I have quite a lot of free time for my next semester, and the job will only take place on Mondays and Fridays. So, I still get the weekend off for some uniwork. Then, I might also get a part time job as a surveyor, given that I passed the test that I took to be qualified as a professional in that field. That job requires um, roughly 6-12 hours a month, and the pay is up to RM240. Great deal, right?

I guess that's about it. I shall now start with all the good news!!!


After waiting since a month ago, finally the results to my semester one of my first year in Monash University have been unofficially published on the students portal. Well, it was up earlier than expected, because we were told that we'll only be able to obtain our results by noon tomorrow. For that, I wasn't aware of it till King Kong gave me a ring on my cell about it while I was still in Sungei Wang.

When I was done with all my shopping and all, I rushed back home. On the first page, the link to the result page has been provided to make things easier. Damn, right after I keyed in my Student ID and password, my results appeared immediately directly in front of my innocent eyes which has no preparations at all of what I was about to see. 2HD's, 1D and 1C for the 4 subjects that I took for my first semester. it appeared to be better than I expected, although I am disappointed with my performance for Accounting. A 78 percent is good, but if I hadn't made the mistake on the calculation for depreciation in my exam, I could have obtained a high distinction for that particular subject which I will be majoring in. The other 2 HD's are for Economics and Business and Economics Statistics. Without any surprises, I got a credit for Management. Heck, I'm very happy with that. Glad that I need not repeat that subject next time.

Now that Semester 1 has officially ended, I do anticipate Semester 2 quite a lot. Will be taking a 2nd year subject, which I hope I'll be able to cope up. Law is also coming to change my days from heaven-like to hell-loose. All in all, bring it on!


Bought this wonderful figurine today to add to my collection of E-sal!

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It is priced at RM20 at the shop I went to. The set actually consists of 4 different monkeys, but with recent financial constraint, I managed to get 1 out of 4 only. Well, the other 3 monkeys, please wait for me to escort y'all back home one by one in August, September, and October respectively.

Anyway, in the same shop, 4 giant monkeys also captured my attention. Priced at RM99 each, I guess I'll have to save more to purchase them some time in November or December. Hopefully, no other buyers will buy 'em. Y'all know how much I love those monkeys. Kawaii, kawaii, KA-WA-IIII!

Lost and Found
Some time ago, I lost a ring that I love a lot. I was, of course, devastated. However, I found it back today while I was using the tissue box. Yeah! Thank god!

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Genting Trip

Here are the pictures taken during my trip to Genting with King Kong, Orang Utan, Cow and Shark on the 6th and 7th of July. The trip was really fun, and we enjoyed much from it. Spent some time criticising people before entering the theme park. Then, we also went clubbing, beffore hopping into the cinema at 1.30a.m. for a late night movie called Recycle. Speaking of that, the movie was awesome to me. really meaningful, and at times frightening. I screamed a few times, which was cool to me, as it could have scared some of the moviegoers there too. Then the next day, we were all exhausted by then and went straight back to KL by bus which took us approximately an hour.

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In the bus, without Eric who was sleeping.

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Look at those 'lovely' creatures behind us. Adorable!

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A nicely shot picture.

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Well, on our way to Genting, we were able to stop by at Cameron Highlands...

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On da Spinner! A mild ride that's very relaxing.

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This was taken on a double decker merry-go-round. The angels on the carousel turned out scary to me.

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Same place, which me in it.

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A bunch of posers!

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Jump! Momo, jump! Looks like nobody is stopping her except Kelly.

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What a massive mushroom!!! Yummy yummy!

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Had the chance to stop by at London! Hehe...

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You might think that the chef is Julia's dad. Well, he's her friendly uncle actually!

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Doraemon!!! Let's steal something useful from his big, big, big, pocket!

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Taken in First World Shopping Mall. There are just many places that will appeal to cam whores.

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Yea, the trademark of Genting.

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Since it's football season, let's kick some ass!

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The three musketeers!

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I just find it really difficult to pose at the camera sometimes.

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My favorite picture of all during the whole trip.

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Doesn't look good here, but in real life, the scenery behind us is magnificent.

-Signs off-

Sunday, July 9, 2006

The birth of Xiu Wei.

This post is dedicated to my niece, the new born baby girl who arrived to this world only this morning. Not quite sure about the accurate time, 'cause I wasn't there with my sister, brother-in-law and stepmom. Actually, I was still sleeping at home. They did try to call me to tag along, but they failed to wake me up in the early morning. Sigh. How could I miss the whole process? Nevertheless, visited my sister at about 3.00p.m. She looked exhausted. But I was content to see the smile on her face. All the hard work for the past 10 months paid off. Her baby is a lovely angel. Congratulations to both my sister and brother-in-law. May God bless each and everyone of us living under the same roof. By the way, if you guyz are wondering about her name, she doesn't have one yet. Hehe...

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She's amazingly adorable!

P/S: Update on trip to Genting will be done when I'm free. Been a bit busy lately.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Back to school....

Gosh, long time no see mates. By the way I'm sure you people have noticed that there is a small self pic at the left of this post. Yeap, exactly like my previous blog, I'll continue with my philosophy "a self-pic a day keeps the monkey around all the way---". However, this time around, the actual size of the picture can only be viewed if there are to be any special requests.


It is the first time I get my readings directly from a professional fortune teller all the way from Singapore. She was here appointed by my mom's friends, and had some time to spare with me for 2 lunches in Chilli Padi, Kuchai Lama. Touching a bit on that "cafe & cuisine", there are a few scrumptious delicacies. For instance, one should try the deep fried lobster salad, the fish head tom yam and the nasi lemak. On top of those, their fried chicken is absolutely crispy!

Enough of that, I'm gonna talk about my reading now. Well firstly, she commented on my hair telling my mom that it should be shorter for my own good. I will never take that advice, as I think my hair is short enough already. According to the chinese culture, guys should clearly show their foreheads so that luck is on their side I think. Sadly, I'm not superstitious enough to subcribe to that view. Moving on, she then commented on the moles on my face and ordered me to go for mole removal. Apparently, it seems that particular mole on my face will carry bad luck to me and my family in the future. It is reasonable to remove it, although I don't believe in that. What I'm concern is that, without the mole, I might look better???

After that, we talked and talked and then my mom touched on a sensitive issue, which is marriage. She is so eager to find out when will I get married. Not so young, mom. Even the fortune teller told her not to worry about this because I'm still an adolescent (although 2006 will be my last year being one). She said at this point of my life, completing my studies is a priority. Most probably my mom's a bit worried 'cause until today I have not found myself a girlfriend yet. To counter that, the FT told her that as long as I'm brave enough to say 'hello' to my unimates, it will be rather easy for me to get one. Hmm, let's see about that. I ain't the sociable type, everyone knows. Besides, I love being around my bitches. It's more comfortable that way. Okay, that's just a small part of what she told my mom, and so far what I know. I bet she told a lot of other things to her, which is left unknown to me.

I.U. Day 06 - SSG, Saturday, July 01

Nothing much to say about this one. Was really thrilled to meet back some of my old former schoolmates and teachers. They include:
1) Ms. Khoo - The first person Kel and I met when we reached SSG. She's still looking young and definitely still a good economics teacher. Indeed, the best I'd ever had! Thank you Ms. Khoo.
2) Pn. Rossinah, En. Zul and En. Jeffrey - Those are my primary teachers for science, malay language and music. I miss the times when I used to be really, really young.
3) Pn. Rokiah - My BM teacher back in Form 5! She has never changed since the day I left school! Aw... suddenly I miss the times when she used to char me in class. I can still remember the beg that was up for bidding...
4) Pn. Munap - It was cool to bump into her in the Food Fiesta area. When I meant bumped, I really bumped into her by surprise. Damn, how nice if she still teaches me sports. She's a great teacher and has lots to teach.
5) Pn. Dina - One of my favorite teacher for Mathematics. She made me love that subject even more. Arigatou!
6) Friends - There are too many to be fully mentioned here! My ass is lazy!

Cheer 2006 - Stadium Putra, Sunday, July 02

Champion: Titans
1st Runner-Up: Dynamitez
2nd Runner-Up: Sellors
Best Sportsmanship: Blitzers
Best Costume: Adele
Best Merit: Xavier

Was there with Kel, Ju and Amb from 10.00a.m. to roughly 5.00p.m. A freaking 7 hours long event. At times, some of the teams failed to entertain, but a few did spice the atmosphere up. The listed teams above are the examples. Other than that, Queenz, as a new comer wasn't entirely bad, and was rather good. The team even scored higher than their sister, Shewanaz. Then, I think the Stunners was great too! Go Kimberley! Haha. It was definitely a devastating day for both Shirtliff and Xavier. After the close competitions between both participating teams, it seems that the underdogs won the spotlight today. Sellors was great, Dynamitez did their best although there was a slight malfunction, and Titans was almost perfect compared to others. Other performances of the day includes special guest star performance by Daniel Lee, the Malaysian Idol for 2nd season and a moment for the All Stars, Charm, a cheerleading team for those above 18 of age. What a tiring day it was.


Okay I love World Cup this year. My predictions came true. All European teams advanced to the next round. I was flattered to see the Germans kicking the Argentinians' asses. It is true that the game was manipulated and all, but heck, Germany won, and I don't give a damn about being fair. Later on, Ukraine ost to Italy. That's predictable, right? Then, the disappointment continues for the supporters of England and Brazil. England has been a favorite amongst the Malaysians, guess the match yesterday delivered devastation to all of 'em as they lost to Portugal during the penalties. Nevertheless, the biggest fiasco was the match at 3 o'clock in the morning. Finally, Brazil, the overrated team was defeated by France by a margin of 1 score. Cool! When I checked the results this morning, I couldn't be more than just joyful. At last, there is a start of something new. Yeah!