Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It's My Life!

For another time, I skipped school.

~ Just finished a game called Crimson Sea 2. I spent approximately 3 days to finish off the game. It's quite a cool game, and this is the 2nd PS2 game that I actually succeed in completing the game. Woo-hoo. I guess I should be cutting down on games as SPM is approaching very quickly.

My predictions for Malaysian Idol was quite accurate. I thought two would be eliminated that night, but actually there is only one person who would be leaving the show. So Victor, bye bye to you. Some of us would miss you. He had been granted with luck all these while so reach this level. Well done anyways. Next up, I think Saiful, Zamil or Nikki are in trouble...

~ Olympics over. Holiday's over. Revision time comes. I have only another 2 months to study will SPM. Or shall I say, another 2 months till dooms day. But anyway, I still want to enjoy life as much as I could. I recall back what Sarah Michelle Gellar once said. She said, "I live my life as if tomorrow I would be dead. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow." That did inspire me a lot.

Oh yea, congratulations to Beyonce for winning the Best Female Video Award in annual VMA 2004, Miami for her video 'Naughty Girl'. This is the 2nd year in a row she's winning that award! Big winners were Jay-Z, Outkast and No Doubt. Usher won Best Male. Outkast won Best Video. Linkin' park won the Viewer's Choice Award. Alicia Keys won Best R&B Video Award. Britney, the popular one, won nothing though. Too bad.

Sunday, August 29, 2004


Wednesday, 25 August 2004
For the fourth time, I went to Sungei Wang again. Nothing much happened, just that I bought another 4 comic books. Life's so boring and I have nothing much to do today. Suck.

Thursday, 26 August 2004
The sun peeped through my window and I'm ready for the stay at Julia's house tonight. But before that, we(Kin Hong, Julia, Yu Yang, Amanda, Yoong Loong,Ee Vonn, Eng Chuan, Kelly and I) met up in MidValley and went for a movie before going to her place. We saw AVP, Alien vs. Predator. The movie's great. It worth 5.5/10 from me. Haha... you heard me, 5.5. The movie's nice, but not too awesome.

~ At Julia's house, we played with her dog, Fifi. Julia claims the bith to be a chinese dog because she's scared of me and barks at me at most of the time as I look like a Malay. Anyway, the barbeque started at 8.00p.m. although it was planned to start at 7.30p.m. The lemonade done by Auntie rocks! The food was great, mouth-watering but it's just that I don't really know how to cook them. Some were only 80 percent cooked, but I ate them all. The night ended with us playing playstation 2.

Oh yea, and today's the day the government selected the people that will go for national service. Thank god I'm not in! Well, many of my friends are not in, but still there are a few lucky ones. Ivan, Adeline, Kar Jun, Cyrus, etc...

Friday, 27 August 2004
After a long and tiring night, we woke up at 9.00a.m. We had fried mee for breakfast and Kin, YY, Amanda, YL and I left Julia's house for school. They had to attend the extra class for Additional Mathematics that would be conducted by Ms. Doh, as usual. From school, I took a cab and went home. Once I reached home, I had a rather refreshing shower and right after that, I went for another movie in my room. Twins Effects 2 isn't that bad afterall. With a sense of humour and some thrilling scenes, I'll give it 6/10. Well for now, I have yet to watch The Village, but I already have the VCD with me. Lolz...

~ This week's performances for the Malaysian Idol were weak and sloppy. Still, Jac and Dina performed well. Vick tried to hard to impress the audiences. Zamil's still playing safe. Saiful is getting unsteady in the game. Nikki is still a great singer, but not good enough. Victor came out above my expectations, and I gotta admit this, he's improving. Andrew still reminds me of Jaycee, and he bores me. And Jien's outfit sucks. He should change his personal stylist if he has one.

My predictions for:
The bottom three: Nikki, Victor & Saiful
The ones that would be eliminated: Nikki & Victor

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Still fine...

Since yesterday, I've watched 3 movies. The first one, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. Well, the storyline isn't that bad. I'll rate it a 5.5/10. Next up, Ginger Snaps Back. I don't even know what movie is that, but I bought it after the stupid VCD seller told me that it's nice. Now I know I got tricked. I'll rate it 1/10! It's just that sucky to me. Finally, at 12.00 midnight, I started watching The Sisters, the latest horrow flick from Thailand. The trailers were frightening enough, but not the movie. With no subtitles, but a very clear vcd, I couldn't understand what's the storyline. But, I still rate it 6.5/10.

~ Well, I went to school today to attend this prize giving ceremony for Interact Club. Interact Club of SBU won the most, stealing away 4 awards. Best Interact Club, Best Community Project, Best Annual Report and Best International Understanding. As for our club, we didn't do that good this year, and not that bad either. We were the 1st Runner-up for Best Annual Report and 2nd Runner-up for Best Community Project. All together, we won 2 trophies and RM300 for the club.

Went for facial treatment after that. But before that, I shopped around and got myself a new school bag. This time around, it's the style of a normal bag. Nothing much happened after that. It's just that now I'm broke, I would have to find some cash for me to spend on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday... sigh... I wish I could work part time to earn some cash on my own...

Friday, August 20, 2004

Played truant...

Tomorrow will be the last day of school before a short break that woulds last for approximately eleven days! Only ten went to school today. Some of them were, Jonathan, Kelly, Ee Vonn, Ainul, Melani, etc. Well, I guess we broke our record for the least people attending school for our class. Our previous record was 10 absentees. And this time around, we have 10 persons who ere present out of 21. Yeah!

~ Yesterday was Peter Pan, today, I watched A Cinderella Story by Hilary Duff. The movie is not bad afterall. Thank you to Julia for lending the vcd to me. For Peter Pan, I'll give it 7/10. As for A Cinderella Story, 7/10 too.

As holiday is approaching, I'm finding time to go shopping again to accomplish my 'mission' for August/September. Not long ago, I bought Ashlee Simpson's sophomore album Autobiography. So here is the updated list of the things I plan to get this August/September:

05)School bag
08)Playstation II games

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

4 more school days!!!

It's so great to be at home again. I feel so comfortable lying down on my bed, playing PS2. Let me sum up what happened in school today:

~ Before school started, Kel, Jon and I talked about the IndepenDANCE in Genting on 28th August this month. Many of us are planning to join the fun, but the problem is we're still underage. DAMN! SO, Kelly is kinda worried as she doesn't want to waste money on the ticket when she can't even go in. Then, it was time for assembly. Today, our very own Merdeka Celebration has officially started. Our teachers performed on stage. They sang 2 songs and 1 of them was Jalur Gemilang, one of my fav. Unfortunately, a few prefects missed the show as they played truant. Who were they? Couldn't really remember.

Classes were conducted as usual. And we have yet to receive back our BM paper. After lunch, selected students were to see Mr. Kenny Goh in the Theatherette. It was about a motivation camp that will be held in our school hall during the holidays, 25th and 26th from 8.00a.m. to 5.00p.m. Attendance is not compulsory and those who are interested have to pay RM170 for the course! Well, he hope that the camp can help us excel in our SPM, scoring straight A's and create history for our school. Well, I personally think that such camp doesn't work for me. I will still talk to my mother about it, but the chances of me going is merely 1%.

~ Soon, it was time to go home. I had a great conversation with Sho in the bus on games. He asked me to try "Risk Your Life", an online game. Well, downloading the file right now, try later. Back in the house, nothing much happened. My sister asked me to take up dancing classes with her. She had registered for Ballroom Dance and Modern Dance. I'm still in the process of thinking whether I should join or not, but my stepmom has said that she's not going to pay for the fees which is RM80. Sigh... I bet I would have to look for the source of income to support the fees before I actually decide to join or not.

Random topic for the day
Many people are often shy to buy undergarments with friends. Of course, I'm one of them. It's just a natural feeling. Some people feel embarrassed if their size is revealed. Therefore, most people get their undergarment alone, or with family members. We choose clothes, shoes, accessories with friends, but not undergarments. That's a bit funny. Some of them are even shy to talk to the salesman when they're choosing undergarment. Weird huh. Undergarment is also a type of clothing and should be 'treated' fairly. To think of it, it's not as bad as getting a pack of condom or a lubricant...

Monday, August 16, 2004


Went to Genting yesterday for Sammi Cheng's Concert. It was great. 10/10! Before that, I had some time to spend in First World Plaza where I went to Boy'z showcase. They're not bad, although the first song they sang wasn't that nice due to some problems. And I met Kar Jun there, how coincidence. Anyway, the concert started at 8.25 p.m. and ended at 10.15p.m. It was quite short, but still worth the money. I'll post the pictures later as I took many of them, but they're all quiteblur as I sat quite far from the stage!

Friday, August 13, 2004


I had finally finished Onimusha 3: Demon Siege for easy mode. Hehe... yeap, I played the easy one. Now, I would love to try the normal mode and that would take me another week I guess. I would leave that for the holidays. Right now, I shall start playing Bujingai: The Forsaken City.

~ Had a few surprises today. First, it has to be the marks for my History paper. I was expecting 75 or so. Then, I actually improved for Commerce paper. And guess what, this is the first time I get an A2 for the subject this year. I got 3B for that subject during the first 2 exams! As for Additional Maths, I actually scored 93 for my paper 2, which was above my expectations. Haha... a great day I shall say.

Random topic for the day
~ Underwear. Clothing worn under other clothes next to skin. Underwear includes boxer, brief, trunk, jockstrap, g-string, etc. Actually, why is underwear important? Some believes that underwear protects our important organs. Some believes that it prevents certain diseases, for cleanliness.

Some people choose not to wear it at home, but I would say 99% of the people who's in the public wears an underwear. I myself prefers not to wear it, but I'm force to wear it everywhere, at home, in school, in shopping malls. I just can't imagine not wearing underwear when I'm out. It might be more comfortable, but the thang will not be 'placed' well as nothing holds it on to something. Can you imagine a guy that doesn't wear underwear suddenly gets an erection out of nowhere? That would be funny and hilarious as well as embarrassing. You can just see a tent in the trousers or something. Even worse, when a guy's erect, pre-cum stage occurs and that would create a wet spot in the touching surface. Wouldn't that make things worse?

~ In conclusion, wear underwear in public, but it's not necessary to wear it at home I guess unless you have guests in your house. Haha... and I think briefs suck. I prefer boxer briefs... Lolz....

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Great day I had. Why? I had a few surprises over my results. I mean, they're good. Suddenly, I see all the hope coming back. I got 98 for Maths, but I'm still not satisfied with it. Luckily, there is one question that might help me boost my marks so that I can maintain my record. Before that, I received back my Moral paper too. Got an 80 for it. Not bad, she counted 86 at first... haha... she's so kind to me.

~ Then, during Science, we discussed the objective paper. I got a 42 out of 50 which is good enough for me. I remember that I got 35 out of 50 for the objective paper during Mid-year examination. After that, it was time for Commerce. As usual, we marked our objective papers as well. I got 30 out of 40, which is fairly good. My Commerce isn't that good, but the score did improve compared to the last exam where I got 28. Finally, it was time for English. I got 91 for the paper. It was a shock. I thought I would only get 85-88 for it.

Tomorrow will be my dooms day, with History, Additional Maths, Malay and Basic Economics. I'm not really confident in those subjects. But as far as I'm concern, there's always Trial II.

Monday, August 9, 2004

It's Gonne Be Monday Again... Sigh...

Life after trial is awesome. No worries, no pressure, no tension. I can't wait for SPM to be over now. Anyway, I stayed at home the whole day today.

~ Nothing much happened today. Morning, had tuition. Afternoon, went online. Late afternoon, played Onimusha 3. Evening, watched TV. Night, which is now, online again. Haha...

I'm kinda afraid right now. Afraid of getting the results for my trial. Afraid of going to Genting next week where I have to stay with strangers. Afraid of another problem which is occurring. But still, I have courage. Sometimes I just feel that life's better if I had done better things, that leads to a better life. Don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying my life, haha...

~ Congrats to Kelvin Kam for getting into the top 8 for the um... O2Jam tournament held in Penang yesterday. He's qualified for the national level which will be held in Kuala Lumpur! Congrats to the 9 newspaper that won the NIE Newspaper 2004. Although we're not one of them, but we tried our best. Congrats to Zero for getting a new girlfriend. Hope you all will have a steady and long-lasting relationship. Anymore, I think that's all... haha...

Sunday, August 8, 2004

Woo-hoo.. tired!

I just came back from Mid Valley. Had a great time there with Julia, Ee Vonn and Jess. The outing started off with 1 hour of E-Zone followed by shopping. Told you that I have to buy lots of stuff. A little bit of disappointment, but still I feel happy as I bought quite a lot of stuff with the tight budget. At 9.20p.m., I found myself in the cinema with my sister and her boyfriend, watching Three of A Kind, a canto movie. The movie's not bad, I'll give it a 6.5/10.

1) Failed to get Ashley Simpson's Autobiography
2) Failed to get a pair of slippers
3) Failed to get some cheap t-shirts
4) Failed to get belts

1) Succeeded in getting short pants from XXX Zone
2) Succeeded in getting underwear from Topman
3) Succeeded in getting games from an unknown shop
4) Succeeded in getting a pair of shoes from an unknown shop
5) Also bought some pet food, a button up shirt, stationeries, etc.

Updated list of Revised list of things to get this August/September:
05)School bag
08)Playstation II games

Saturday, August 7, 2004

I, Robot.

Watched I,Robot today in KLCC...
Here's the info for the movie taken from yahoo.com

Action/Adventure and Science Fiction/Fantasy
1 hr. 55 min. Will Smith stars in this action thriller inspired by the classic short story collection by Isaac Asimov and brought to the big screen by director Alex Proyas (Dark City, The Crow). In the year 2035, robots are an everyday household item and everyone trusts them, except one slightly paranoid detective (Smith) investigating what he alone believes is a crime perpetrated by a robot. The case leads him to discover a far more frightening threat to the human race.

~ Well, the show was hilarious and thrilling. I'll give it a 3.5 stars out of 5.

Thursday, August 5, 2004


Skipped school today and woke up at 11.00a.m. That's late huh... yes it is late. Usually I will wake up at 8.00a.m. even though there's no school. I guess I was a bit exhausted over the exam. But, it's not over yet, sigh... Friday's the last day. Well, I can't wait for the exam to be over...

~ I downloaded GunBound yesterday but didn't start playing it until this morning due to technical problems yesterday night. The game is not as bad as I've thought. My nickname? shijuanzhu again. Haha... Jon taught me how to play the game. Thanx! Then, I challenged Kelly. I had a hard time trying to win her. After that, in the afternoon, I met this girl who teamed up with me. She was a rather friendly girl and added me as her friend. I'm not sure where she's from, but at that time, it's already nighttime at her place.

Other then playing gunbound, I also started back my playstation fever. Well, I played back Bloody Roar 4. Heard of that game before? Here are some of the screenshots from the game. [Pictures are taken from gameshot.com.]It's a very cool game, with sexy characters. Haha...

Wednesday, August 4, 2004


Finally, I've sat my Additional Maths papers. It was tough. I preferred paper 2 more than paper 1. And I do realise that I don't like to take my exam paper in 3rd floor in the new wing. The atmosphere just isn't suitable for me to think properly. But, it was still nice there. I got to meet many teachers at the end of the day. And guess what, 2 girls were caught copying by Encik Nazri and they had to call their parents or something. I left quite early so I don't really know what happened to them in the end.

~ Today's is my first day to a Japanese class. I was blur when I entered the class. There were 7 students all together, including me. 3 girls, 4 guys. The teacher was a guy, named Fujimori-san. He jokes a lot, and calls me Lee-san, which is weird to me. I prefer people calling me Chee Sheng or Kevin. Kevin is a bit weird to me too cause not many call me by that name, but nowadays people in my class call me Kevin, after a fella added me in Hi5. Anyway, back to the Japanese class, I learned the simple grammar and a few vocabs with some conversation today. It was cool. I hope I can master it soon. But for now, I should remember the katagana and hiragana first. Katagana is the simplified japanese words, whereas hiragana is the normal wordings. Katagana is mostly used for those English words translated into Japanese. For example, television in jap is called te-re-bi. Weird huh?

Malaysia Mega Sale is on. I can't wait to go to KLCC this Friday, and Mid Valley this Saturday. Here's a list of the things I plan to get:
1) Slippers
2) T-Shirts
3) Cargo pants
4) Short pants
5) Polo tee
6) Tie
7) Underwear
8) Show
9) School-bag
Haha, quite a lot huh. I didn't even think of the budget when I listed down them. Well, I don't think I can get all the stuff I want, I guess I'm able to get about 45% of them. Haha...

Sunday, August 1, 2004

MI predictions!

Gosh... I have not been updating my blog for quite a while. Sorry folks.

~ Anyway, I just came back from Seremban with my family. We went all the way there to eat crab. They're like that, going to far places to taste the delicacies. The food didn't turn out as what we expected. We still prefer another restaurant that is in Kepong. The journey to the bloody shop was long, about 45 minutes from KL.

A week had passed. And of course, I watched Malaysian Idol yesterday. The third group tog o through the workshop wasn't that bad. Here's my own recap:

#01 Mimie - too much grinning, her ring doesn't suits the show, good voice
#02 Keith - his smile is weird, too old, a safe performance though
#03 Hana - boring, out of tune, a bit plum
#04 Yin - legs are short, bracelet sucks, boring
#05 Eddie - lousy shirt, pitchy, too still, and didn't say thanks for the comments!
#06 Farah - fashion disaster, struggled at the starting and chorus
#07 Jac - best performance, sounds like Fantasia, oversang
#08 Fahmy - simple, pitchy, fashion disaster
#09 Karen - originality, pitchy, bad rendition of song, necklace n jeans don't work
#10 Zehra - package was bad, choose better shoes next time, boring
#11 Saiful - Arab-style, traditional costume ar... , pitchy

Well, I've gotta say I think Saiful, Jac and Keith will move on to the next round. My predictions suck anyway. Like last week, I didn't even think of Victor to be one of the chosen ones. Sigh...