Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It's My Life!

For another time, I skipped school.

~ Just finished a game called Crimson Sea 2. I spent approximately 3 days to finish off the game. It's quite a cool game, and this is the 2nd PS2 game that I actually succeed in completing the game. Woo-hoo. I guess I should be cutting down on games as SPM is approaching very quickly.

My predictions for Malaysian Idol was quite accurate. I thought two would be eliminated that night, but actually there is only one person who would be leaving the show. So Victor, bye bye to you. Some of us would miss you. He had been granted with luck all these while so reach this level. Well done anyways. Next up, I think Saiful, Zamil or Nikki are in trouble...

~ Olympics over. Holiday's over. Revision time comes. I have only another 2 months to study will SPM. Or shall I say, another 2 months till dooms day. But anyway, I still want to enjoy life as much as I could. I recall back what Sarah Michelle Gellar once said. She said, "I live my life as if tomorrow I would be dead. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow." That did inspire me a lot.

Oh yea, congratulations to Beyonce for winning the Best Female Video Award in annual VMA 2004, Miami for her video 'Naughty Girl'. This is the 2nd year in a row she's winning that award! Big winners were Jay-Z, Outkast and No Doubt. Usher won Best Male. Outkast won Best Video. Linkin' park won the Viewer's Choice Award. Alicia Keys won Best R&B Video Award. Britney, the popular one, won nothing though. Too bad.

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