Monday, January 30, 2006

CNY 2006

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Gong Xi Fa Chai! Nian Nian You Yu! Yi Lu Xun Fung! Re Re Fa Da Chai! May all of us prosper in this coming year! In fact, may our luck be better as always and let the dawgs golden the Chinese calendar year. Indeed, I could feel that this year will be unexpected, unprecedented and surprising.

So, let me have a look at what's been happening since I last penned a word here. Hm... okay now I remember that I watched a movie just the other day called Kungfu Mahjong 2. I think it's a great comedic movie that would appeal to audiences of all ages, unless they're extremely mentally disorientated. Some of the jokes made in the movie aren't familiar to us, but it still kept the movie going at a pretty stable pace. Overall, I will give it ***1/2 as the ratings. By the way, this movie marks the 20th movie that I've seen this year! And yet there's a lot more to come such as Jarhead, Band Camp, and March of the Penguins just to name a few.

On Friday, had a small gathering with old 'bitch', Amber a.k.a. Momo. Julia, her sister, Jess, her boyfriend, Hoong and Joyie came along. We had a pleasant time in Asia Club, where we met up with some of our ex-juniors from ex-secondary school, Sekolah Sri Garden. Man, looking at that, it reflects on how fast we're aging. Anyway, Foosball and pool session were great. We had a fun time kicking at each other asses, and shoving up the cue into the asshole. Opz. A bit too harsh. By the way, I certainly think that Julia, the King Kong ought to learn how to pose when she's hitting the balls. Heard that?

Saturday, time for reunion of course. As usual, my father brought us out to meet his friends in a restaurant located in Kuchai Lama. Got to meet back some of my old pals that went abroad to study. Hell they changed a lot. Fatter, thinner, prettier, more handsome, taller, etc. Those friends of mine were kinda close last mine. However, after being separated for few years, there is a gap between us already, which sorta sucks. Reunion 'party' was entertaining, with people singing, shaking their booty, and welcoming the new year. Looking at that, I strongly agree that this tradition should be continued by the younger generations. Above all that, whats more important is the red pockets that's given to unmarried children by the married adults. I love that part.

Now, time passed quickly and Sunday marked the first day of the New Year. Unfortunately, the day started off unpleasantly. Why? Just when I was sleeping soundly on my comfortable bed waiting for 10 o clock to strike, the dogs were already barking early in the morning to wake me up. On top of that, there was an electricity disruption, which lasted for a pretty long period. Man... but things got better as noon was approaching when everything went back alright. Quite a boring day afterall. Nighttime was a bit more fun, as my relatives (the monkeys) came to pay us a visit, as requested by my father. As I'm not so close to 'em, didn't really talk to them much. It was as if that we were in 2 separated worlds with a distance of few millions kilometres. Luckily, 2 cousins of mine were able to break the ice, and we had a little chat, but was ended in no time as they were to leave already. Nonetheless, they will be back tomorrow again.

Okay, the last time I posted, I mentioned about Keahi Farkas Gen. I can't believe that certain people thought that it was a new pet of mine. Well, I don't call it a pet, but it is a new life that's given to me. It's a car for goodness sake. Yeap, finally I got a car. Driving is okay to me now, but parking my car is a major problem occurring at the moment. Let it be side parking, or normal parking, I can't manage to park my car. Hm... maybe a little more time will help me with that difficulty or else I won't be able to go to anywhere alone.

Belated birthday wishes today: Chao Ying (26) & Shirley (28)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Letter of Acceptance...

Since I last updated, life has been the same. No new characters in my drama, and exisiting characters still do exist for their own roles which I don't understand thoroughly.

Over the days when I was off from blogger, I managed to finish 4 movies. Firstly, Memoirs of a Geisha clearly was the best movie out of the 4 that I'd watched. The story was fine, and the casts portrayed the characters well, maybe except for Zhang Zi Yi who still has some difficulties with the language used in the movie, but overall, I can see improvements in her. Mameha, played by Michelle Yeoh was great. The most memorable scene of the movie gotta be the dance by Chyoe (if that's how the name should be spelt). By the way, beware people, 'cause we have our own geisha called Jujumachi around us. Easily, I would rate this movie ****1/2.

I saw the other 3 movies at home. Cursed, a debut performance by Christina Ricci wasn't a bad movie at all. Well, it did rake in 20 million in the US Box Office afterall. I personally think that Christina need to work on her acting skills a little more, some expressions of hers weren't convincing enough. The flow of the story wasn't smooth neither. Now that's a bit disappooinyting because it would be difficult for an audience to keep up with the story. Although I'm saying that, I still give this movie ***. Then, I saw Venom, one of the worst horror movies that I've watched so far. Story was dreadful and boring. Nothing much that I could say. That movie just falls into the ** category.

Finally, Into the Blue was up on my playlist. I have not much to complain about this movie. The sceneries of the oceans were definitely breathtaking and I will give it an additional * for the rating later; bravo to the director that shot this movie beautifully. Another so-so performance by Jessica Alba, I'm just waiting for her to take on an outstanding role that will push her to the next level of her career. For the story, I give it ** 1/2. So now, final rating for this movie: ***1/2.

Divergance. After waiting for a few weeks now, at last I received the acceptance letter from Monash University saying that I've benn accepted as a sudent in Monash. I'm so glad that it finally arrived because that certainly kept me bloody worried for days now. The commencement of the first semester would be in roughly 4 weeks from now, with orientation first of course and then the official opening of the gate of hell would be on the 27th of February. Unlike other universities, Monash seems pretty stressful and all. And the location of it isn't strategic since there isn't good food around that area. Fuck that. I want Peppercorn. I want Uncle Seng. I want Lucky Fish Mee. I want Cabana. I want Casamia. I want Al-Rafi. I want McDonalds.

Another 6 days to go till Chinese New Year. I think I'm done with my shopping already. But I still think that I should get another 2 pairs of pants. Mentioning shopping reminds me of Kelly. During my last shopping session in Bukit Bintang, Kelly was there too, working! And of course, as we're under the same family [orang utan=Kelly], I gave her a "surprise" visit. She gave me some samples to try on, and I eventually became her first customer out of her hundreds/thousands of customers later. Anyway, Alicia was working there too. Next time I go there, I will get something again through Alicia to be fair. The nuts are pretty delicious anyways!

During my last guitar class, my teacher insisted that I should go for examination this year for Grade 5. I really love to try, but looking at all the songs, chords, and scales that I would have to learn, I would hesitate at the same time. Just for the scales, I would have to memorise about 50 of them, which is about 6 pages or so. And for the songs, a glimpse at 'em tells me that they're awesomely difficult to be played fluently and dynamically. And the time left for preparation isn't enough for amateurs like me. Damn.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Single or double? Does it matter?

Nothing unusual has been happening. So in other words, boring days apparently.

What else could I have been doing with my free time if I'm not watching some of the movies that I donwloaded? Call me off the hook or outdated as I have just watched the Exorcist (Director's Cut) which was released approximately 5 years ago. It might have been rated and reviewed as one of the scariest movies of all time, but three quarter of the picture bored me to hell. Only those cruel actions done by the demon to the poor little girl was able to captured my attention. Other than that, all the mutual oral conversations adds the suspense, but lacks the element of entertainment. This movie falls between average and good, so it deserves a pitied ***.

Then, found time to watch Lords of Dogtown. The movie portrayed a good story, filled with fresh faces as the casts. The breathtaking actions of skateboarding could be the only reason somebody could stay calm on the chair and finish the whole movie without having the intention to leave for some snacks or to the toilet. I would rate it ***1/2. The last movie that I saw was red Eye by the beautiful, charming rachel McAdams. She's such a great actress, and I would predict that one fine day she'll win an oscar for her spectacular and still building acting abilities. That movie is just great to me and it certainly is worthy of ****1/2.

Now back to something about myself. Just yesterday, something raher weird happen. When I woke up from bed, I had an awkward feeling about my eyes. They felt abnormal. And when I looked into the mirror, I saw a pair of eyes with double eyelid. Holy cow. I blinked and blinked, and it was still there. Good news huh, I've always wanted double eyelid, and now I have it. But after 15 minutes or so, my eyes returned to normal for no fucking reason that I could possibly understand. I wished it could have lasted longer, or even forever. But... never mind. Single eyelid isn't that bad afterall.

Sometimes I wonder how could one reveal their secrets to others so easily. They do it effortlessly, and faces life as a straight line, without thinking much of the possible consequences that each taken actions will lead to. Sometimes I wonder how could one be so perverted, and make love without love. Sometimes I wonder why aren't the sun coming out enough to brighten up the skies these days. Sometimes I wonder why can't I have what I wished for. Sometimes I wonder why the shell is always more important than what's hidden inside...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sales where are you?

There's a change in the layout as seen, and now I think I will post a personal picture of myself everyday. By the way, had been quite an exhausting weekend. Didn't have the spirit to blog, yet there wasn't much to talk about anyways. I would declare it a fearsome weekend.

Saw 3 horror flicks, 1 disappointed me a lot, while the other 2 played with my nerves very well. First, after finished donwloading Blair Witch Project for months, I'd finally had the time to watch it. This globally acclaimed horror movie that's supposed to at least scare its audience a bit failed to do the thingling, nerves-frekking trick that will send chills to my spine. I can't possibly figure out the reason some people are admires the "masterpiece" deeply. Of a rating ranging from 0-5, it only deserves *1/2 from me. What a shame.

Another 2 movies that I'm gonna talk about falls into the same frenchise, Saw. Saw is a marvellous movie, an antidote to all the lousy Halloween movies out there. Gore, blood, terror, disgust, etc. The movie included everything that will make a good horror picture that will appeal to most young adults and adults. Children would find it too gruesome where as the weak hearted will possibly scream out of their lungs. **** for that movie. Saw II was similar to Saw, but the story was a bit different this time, which is good cause nobody would want to see the same concept that has been used by its predecessor. What I liked about the latter film is that more blood has been brought into the movie. It's a snother strong **** movie to me.

Besides calling this weekend a horror, it's also a warmth at the same time as I spent quite a lot of time with my family. People who know me well understands that my family hardly see each other as our schedule collides with one another almost everytime. As Chinese New Year is approaching, this could be a good sign of how things would go and work out in the upcoming Lunar calendar for the Buddhist. Luck and fortune and wealth and health and pssion and love and... there are so many things that I'm wishing for. And a harmonious family is one of them.

So, yesterday the Store made a grand opening at my area. Was there with my family of course. The place was new, and d'oh it had to be crowded. To make things worse, the place wasn't spacious at all. Arrangements of the goods almost used up half of the space in the building I would say. The choices we consumers have over there is rather limited I noticed. Maybe it's because of the space contraint. Raw materials looked really fresh, since it's on the first day. The workers... a bit slow. Lack of experience in managing the crowd at the counters made long queues visible from a mile away. I wouldn't want to go there again. Carrefour in Endah Parade is still a wiser choice for me.

It was the first time in my life I was in Steven's Corner, sipping on a glass of Limau Ais with my family, excluding my father who was working. We had a great talk of any issues that ran into our minds. Everything went cool, and passionate. Then we went straight home and into our rooms separately again. Just a few hours after that, which was about 7-8 in the morning, I received a wake up knock after my phone alarm woke me up before that. It was time to leave for breakfast. The whole family went this time. We didn't talk much however, as my dad was there. He's just a quiet person, and whenever he talks, it seems like my stepmom would love to start an arguement with him. Anyway, we were in OUG, trying the pork noodle, which my sister claimed to be really delicious. I was a bit full for no reason, and ate nothing. After the meal, I guess family time's over.

CNY is just 2 weeks away, and I'm still not done with my shopping spree yet. Still in my must-buy list are:

1) a pair of new white shoes
2) two pair of pants, 1 of them has to be black
3) a watch
4) new boxers
5) 5 pieces of polo tees

Here comes the twist, I'm sorta broke already. I wonder if there's any garage or clearance sales that sells apparels at their lowest prices. Damn.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Too much time to spare...

Been quite a boring day. So, it was time for a movie marathon again!

First up, The Skeleton Key. I loved the story. I loved how events were arrived, the flow of the story and the cheoreography of the whole movie. However, it kinda disappointed me, as I put high hopes on it due to all the great reviews given to the movie by my pals. I would categorise it as a thriller, with minimal element of horror. Overall, ***1/2 shall be a good rating the movie deserves.

Followed up, Batman Begins took over the dvd player for the next 2 hours. First half of the movie would be great to be watched when you need something to hypnotize you to sleep. It was so boring; one would find it hard to concentrate. The 2nd half of the picture which was then packed with actions was definitely more entertaining. Batman batman. Finishing the movie left me puzzled, as I didn't really understand a few parts of the movie. Still, I would give it *** on my generosity.

It was then breaktime for me to catch a tvb drama series on Ch. 34 for an hour before resuming with my movie marathon.

Last movie for the day... Fantastic Four! Basically, I admired the whole movie. Fantastic casts completed with unique characteristics in the movie played a big role in making the movie alive. Jessica Alba is just sizzling hot in the movie. Hm... it shall be another **** movie that I've watched.

Thursday, January 12, 2006



Met up with Amber today to catch up with the spices of her life. And of course, wanna listen to the gossips too. We had a great and crazy time in Redbox - Julia banged the door, we listened to a horny song, and we created sound pollution most of the time. Then, we took sticker picture, which caused us to sweat and scream like barbarians who were just introduced to the science and technology that has taken over the world in a lightning pace. Lastly, after a short shopping session, we ended up in The Giant, where Amber bought her groceries. And here come's another suprise of the day. We ran into another close pal of ours, Zero and his darling and his boos. He changed so much, as in attitude and stuff. Lolz, guess love has taken over his black soul finally.

From Sunway, I made my way to Mid Valley to meet another important friend of mine. It was difficult for us to choose which movie to watch... Venom is great, but I'd always wanted to watch The Wig. Anyway I was acting versatile and left the decision to be made not by me. In the end, we saw The Wig. I tell ya, that bloody movie is scary at some points, and it definitely frightened me thoroughly. Sudden shock is delivered with sound, surprise and suspense. The 3S. Anyway, then we had a lil drinking session at an unknown shop which serves typical drinks that aren't that tasty before leaving for home.

After a day being outside, I'm pretty tired by now. But being the monkey, I can still jump up and down, left to right, whenever I want.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Camwhore stikes again.

Finally, I cam whored for the first time this year. Had too much time to spend that I'd decided to take some pictures. So that means I'm still jobless. Damn. Although I'm eager to get a job, but spiritually, I'm not ready for one because of laziness. I personally liked this adobe photoshop edited picture a lot although it's just ordinary.

Image hosted by

In the end, after an hour or so of camming, I had a rough set of 200 pictures which was then cropped down to only about a 100. Many turned out ugly as usual since I ain't photogenic and am just an average looking guy in person.

So, life's been still water, no waves or tsunami hitting it, leaving it boring and meaningless. My mood has been unsteady from day to day, and obviously someone's influencing it indirectly, and I'm trying my best to stop it. Guess in a day or two then I'm back to the insane, optimistic, never down monkey that most people know.

Back to some reviews on the movies that I'd watched lately. First up, The Girl Next Door was able to really entertain me when I was sleepless the other night. The storyline was crude and awefully funny, and since it revolves teengaers, I'll rate it a ***1/2. Pretty high huh. The next day, sat down in front of my computer again to catch The Island, a movie that I missed last year. Overall, this action packed movie, healped by good casts was surprisingly nice actually. I was surprised that I didn't even yawn for once throughout the whole movie which was about 2 hours long. Having said that, it shall enter into the **** category. Last but not least, Million Dollar Baby, academy award winner, is just a beautiful movie to be seen at anytime. The storyline is simple, but the twist and the tragedy that ended the movie would leave any sensitive person crying over the loss of a person. I personally think that it deserves a ****1/2 from me. Oh, Hilary Swank did a fantastic job in that movie.

Just like Yaya, sometimes I do question the presence of certain individuals in this world. Everyone has their own roles and responsibilities to the world, but what about me? It's just a stupid question to ask, because there isn't an exact answer to it. Besides, nobody could possibly answer that. Haha, what an emotional breakdown huh? Something's has gone wrong with me lately I guess as I've mentioned earlier on. Alright alright, time for me to take my break from blogging again. Mata.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Just a little crush?

Lesson learned today: Never expect too much to avoid being crushed in the end. Was pretty excited when I woke up today, but an sms that I received brought me down right away when the outing that I was looking forward to was canceled due to personal reasons. What a teaser I would say. Some things are meant to be that way I guess. Time management is very crucial in organising an outing. Prioritize the activities. And it seems that to some, going to the gym apparently brings more utilities to the consumer.

Anyway, things went brighter soon enough to cheer me up. Received 2 phone calls in the next hour after waking up. One is from Timberland, asking me to go for a job interview, where as the other one is from a Cafe making confirmations with me about the job of a waiter. However, I'm still not hired yet. I skipped the job interview for the job in the Cafe. I'm just more interested in being a waiter rather than to be a sales assistant in an apparel shop.

My decision not to attend the job interview was made after I made my way to Bukit Bintang with my stepmom. So the initial plan was canceled, and I went shopping instead. After receiving the money to shop from my dad weeks ago, I'd finally bought something for Chinese New Year. My taste in clothes these days is rather weird, as all the shirts I bought today shares similar designs. On top of that, they are very colorful! Man... Then, I also bought a belt to add to my collection. To date, I shall have 10-20 belts. Lastly, finally got my hands on a pair of sandals after so long. My last 2 pairs were bitten and ripped into pieces by my lovely dog, Cici months ago. From today onwards, I would be able to walk in slippers again! Yeah! Time to celebrate.

By the way, bought a new book today called "Making out in Thai". Fantastic 4 will hate me for getting that as I will annoy them as much as I could when Uni starts. Will spend some time analysing the book, learning the language, the pronunciation and the intonation. It seems so hard as described in the introduction of the book. One thing cool about this book is that it contains swear words such as bitch, whore and also language of love that will teach one how to say things like faster, faster and i'm coming in Thai. How cool!

Friday, January 6, 2006


Just this morning, I read a news article saying that Queen Latifah had earned her own star at Hollywood's Walk of Fame! Congratulations! Bravo! That will definitely lift her to the next level from all aspects being a spokeperson, actress and singer.

Now, time to sum up everything that happened to me today. First, I followed Julia to Monash where she met up with her h.o.n.e.y. in the 'Pink Shop'. By the way, James followed us too. During the 1 hour late breakfast/early lunch, Hoong told us about the Uni - how stressful it would be as a student there, the schedule that's flexible, the assignments, etc. If a conclusion is to be derived from his explanations, Monash=hell to most of the people there. Soon, we left for Taylors.

As our main purpose to Taylors was to collect our transcripts only, eventually our plan didn't work out the way we wanted. By the time we were there, the staff in charge of the transcript collection was already off for lunch! Roughly it was 11.45a.m. when we reached there. And the next session for collection will only start at 2.00p.m.! Damn! So, instead of waiting like dummies in the office for 2 hours plus, we decided to take our lunch in Salmon Steak Restaurant. Megan left with her boyfriend halfway during lunchtime, leaving us behind.

It wasn't that long and dreadful for us to wait for the clock to strike 2 o'clock. Right after collecting our official printed results, we then immediately rushed to Monash. About 5 minutes after getting into the car and about to make a u-turn to go to Monash, James called! Haha, we have forgotten about him. Opz. So we turned back, and got him into the car together before heading to Monash.

After submitting the results to the staffs, our next destination was Sunway Pyramid. Our plan was already screwed by then. We didn't have the chance to catch a "The Wig" as it started at 2.45p.m, and we only reached the cinema at 3.10p.m. What a day! So, we went to get a drink instead. Out of all the cafes there, we finally settled down at Flam Cafe. I wanted to try MTR, but Piggy refused to go there for some confidential reasons that have yet to be revealed to F4.

I just have to talk about the bloody cafe. The drinks are fairly good, the services... I can't really tell. The music was too loud, as it overpowered out voices most of the time when we chatting. On top of that, the rotation of songs is bad as their music seems to be spinned for a few times in less than an hour. Lastly, for goodness sake they changed the channel of the TV just to shoo us away. Well at least that's my assumption. But they could have just let us watch the program until it finishes, or just for a few more seconds just to catch Anne's ugly pose.

Hm, then we shopped around for a while before leaving for our homes. Now, I'm pretty tired again. I just envy Helena, who's always out and never falls all exhausted. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Da Queen.

As I have nothing much to say due to the fact that I've been staying in the house for the whole day, suddenly I had the urge to come here to announce something great!

While surfing the Yahoo! Buzz directory, all in the sudden a beauty in an ad caught my eyes. Her smile, her mesmerizing skin that's unique and beautiful was none other than the possessions of the great Queen Latifah. She is starring in a movie called "Last Holiday" that would be released into the cinemas during mid January. I'm so excited and I can't possibly miss that movie. Queen Latifah's just the bomb; she's been my admiration since I've seen her in Bringing Down The House.

After a long break, I've finally got my hands on el Espanol once again. I think if I keep on putting it aside for months to come, I will definitely forget the basics and it would be really deficil for me to pick up from where I actually stopped back in Julio. Right now, I'll be putting full attention on the vocabularies for daily usage. The no.s , months, days, etc. I just hope that I would be able to master that in no time, as it is rather easy for many out there who's a Spanish user.

Tomorrow will be the day that I'm going to register for my university if possible since I'm collecting my transcript tomorrow. With my full results, I just hope that I would be accepted in most of the universities that I desire to go to. And of course, I hope that the deadline's not over yet as most programmes have already started as told by my friends.

Getting personal now. Why is it that most men of the older generation thinks that men must always be smarter than the ladies? I just hope that my dad can really understand that sometimes ladies are meant to overpower men in some ways, and vice versa, but not everything for sure. Whenever he brings up such matters, I would just stay calm and silent, and have no courage of speaking up, as I know that he might not really listen or understand to what I will be bringing forward. But still, form the bottom of my heart I do understand that he's just shedding love and care for me. And I do appreciate that. At the end of the day, I'm still grateful that I have him as a dad that can't be replaced by anyone else. Te quiero papa.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

I need some sleep, baby.

Been out the whole day. After waking up at 6.00a.m. this morning, which was much earlier than my normal awakening moment, followed Julia to my only one former school that I was imprisoned in for 12 years to give me beloved secondary, and primary teachers as well a surprise visit. However, since it was the first day for them too, we didn't have much chance to meet many of them. On top of that, we arrived during assembly time, so we couldn't have high expectations of course. So in the end, we saw Mr. Rama, Mr. Iskhandar, Ms. Lim (primary Mandarin teacher), Mr. Chandra, Encik Zul, Pn. Alina, Pn. Munap, etc.

Shortly after that, we gathered up with Julia's mom in Tmn Connaught for our breakfast. We had a great talk and laughed hysterically at jokes and promises. Then, we headed off to Sungei Wang for karaoke. I had the urge to sing, as I do want my own mini concert too :). Julia would understand that. Kelly was desperate to go there too, and insisted on going of course. The singing session was really priceless, we shared lots of joy and fun, and shed lots of energy on our actions definitely. Soon, they left for Sunway instead as they ahd something else ont heir mind that was to be done by then.

Since then, I wandered around in Sungei Wang hunting for jobs. Not long after that, I was joined by Phang, who wants to be employed during this holidays too. We searched and searched, jumping from stores to stores, asking for vacancies. The process was long, and surely exhausting. Fidning job is ridiculously hard. After he left, I continued searching and eventually ended up in 2 different restaurants that were ready to take me as their waiters, but I told the supervisor that I needed more time to think as I had to make a tough decision based on the time, salary, and side benefits. Moreover, the location isn't strategic, since Sugei Wang is so god damn far from Sri Petaling. Therefore, that point greatly pulled down my spirit to work in those 2 places.

Once I reached Sri Petaling again, my job hunting resumed. I went to this nearby restaurant that wants to hire waiter and cashier. Of course, I took hold of all my nerves and applied for the job as well. Even though the chances might be slim, as they seem to emphasize on the ability to converse and write in Mandarin, I still hope that I will be be hired so that I can learn something from that particular place. Besides, the location is very near to my house, which is a very liekable criteria that will determine my decision. Anyway, 2 SSGians were dining in that place when I was there. I wonder if they could remember my face or not, 'cause it's surely embarrassing to be meeting someone you know at the place you are or might be working at.

I know it's still early to many, but I find myself pretty used up by now. As I only slept for 4 hours and 30 minutes yesterday, the sleep I had was only enough to maintain my full consciousness for 9 hours I would estimate. Sleep, sleep, sleep!

Monday, January 2, 2006

New Year = 2006.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2006 has officially unseat 2005 as the present year and has put it into an everlasting sleep which will turn into history.

This year, celebration for New Year was a tad different from before. I'm glad I was given the chance to join in the fun with Phang, Ivan, Chee Hoe, Kah Ming, Kah Hor, etc. The list is pretty long... there were at least 12 of us. After watching the dance of the fireworks, we had soem time for movie before indulging in a blackjack session. A few started leaving since, and the rest of us went to Steven's Corner in OUG for late mignight supper/early breakfast at about 4.00a.m. if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, I have to thank those who sent me all the new year greetings. I really wanted to reply, but unfortunately my credit has expired by then. :(

It's the first day of 2006 and while surfing around the internet as usual, I came across this ridiculous, somewhat untrue article of us Asians. Well at least I am not as described below.