Thursday, January 5, 2006

Da Queen.

As I have nothing much to say due to the fact that I've been staying in the house for the whole day, suddenly I had the urge to come here to announce something great!

While surfing the Yahoo! Buzz directory, all in the sudden a beauty in an ad caught my eyes. Her smile, her mesmerizing skin that's unique and beautiful was none other than the possessions of the great Queen Latifah. She is starring in a movie called "Last Holiday" that would be released into the cinemas during mid January. I'm so excited and I can't possibly miss that movie. Queen Latifah's just the bomb; she's been my admiration since I've seen her in Bringing Down The House.

After a long break, I've finally got my hands on el Espanol once again. I think if I keep on putting it aside for months to come, I will definitely forget the basics and it would be really deficil for me to pick up from where I actually stopped back in Julio. Right now, I'll be putting full attention on the vocabularies for daily usage. The no.s , months, days, etc. I just hope that I would be able to master that in no time, as it is rather easy for many out there who's a Spanish user.

Tomorrow will be the day that I'm going to register for my university if possible since I'm collecting my transcript tomorrow. With my full results, I just hope that I would be accepted in most of the universities that I desire to go to. And of course, I hope that the deadline's not over yet as most programmes have already started as told by my friends.

Getting personal now. Why is it that most men of the older generation thinks that men must always be smarter than the ladies? I just hope that my dad can really understand that sometimes ladies are meant to overpower men in some ways, and vice versa, but not everything for sure. Whenever he brings up such matters, I would just stay calm and silent, and have no courage of speaking up, as I know that he might not really listen or understand to what I will be bringing forward. But still, form the bottom of my heart I do understand that he's just shedding love and care for me. And I do appreciate that. At the end of the day, I'm still grateful that I have him as a dad that can't be replaced by anyone else. Te quiero papa.

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