Saturday, January 7, 2006

Just a little crush?

Lesson learned today: Never expect too much to avoid being crushed in the end. Was pretty excited when I woke up today, but an sms that I received brought me down right away when the outing that I was looking forward to was canceled due to personal reasons. What a teaser I would say. Some things are meant to be that way I guess. Time management is very crucial in organising an outing. Prioritize the activities. And it seems that to some, going to the gym apparently brings more utilities to the consumer.

Anyway, things went brighter soon enough to cheer me up. Received 2 phone calls in the next hour after waking up. One is from Timberland, asking me to go for a job interview, where as the other one is from a Cafe making confirmations with me about the job of a waiter. However, I'm still not hired yet. I skipped the job interview for the job in the Cafe. I'm just more interested in being a waiter rather than to be a sales assistant in an apparel shop.

My decision not to attend the job interview was made after I made my way to Bukit Bintang with my stepmom. So the initial plan was canceled, and I went shopping instead. After receiving the money to shop from my dad weeks ago, I'd finally bought something for Chinese New Year. My taste in clothes these days is rather weird, as all the shirts I bought today shares similar designs. On top of that, they are very colorful! Man... Then, I also bought a belt to add to my collection. To date, I shall have 10-20 belts. Lastly, finally got my hands on a pair of sandals after so long. My last 2 pairs were bitten and ripped into pieces by my lovely dog, Cici months ago. From today onwards, I would be able to walk in slippers again! Yeah! Time to celebrate.

By the way, bought a new book today called "Making out in Thai". Fantastic 4 will hate me for getting that as I will annoy them as much as I could when Uni starts. Will spend some time analysing the book, learning the language, the pronunciation and the intonation. It seems so hard as described in the introduction of the book. One thing cool about this book is that it contains swear words such as bitch, whore and also language of love that will teach one how to say things like faster, faster and i'm coming in Thai. How cool!

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