Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Hm... college was pretty boring today. For English, we just did the dummy for the drama and nothing else other than that. Had lunch later, when I forced a whole plate of so-so tomato fried rice into my small stomach. Helena didn't even finish hers, and jusding from the size of the food, she took quite a lot already. Ee Vonn joined us when we had nearly finished our food, but then we had a lot of time before the next class starts. So we hung out till 12.50 before walking back to TBS under the hot sun.

~ Accountings was short. It lasted for 40 minutes only. And it was our last tutorial class for the subject. Well, I'll just gotta wait for the new semester to start before having a full acocunting class again. Anyway, it was just an unofficial end, cause on next Monday, we have presentation to be done for that particular subject too.

For this whole week, we have 3 drama rehearsals. Argh.. I'm tired of it. Not because that I'm sick of it, it's just that I have insufficient time to really rest my butt off. I just had an hour class for violin, and now my hands are energiless... well, i managed to get a good comment from the rather strict teacher today... hm... a day of practice was enough to fool him I guess. Now gotta work on 2 new songs. I'm wondering when will I be promoted to Grade 1. I'm still in the beginner stage! (after um... 4 months!)

~ Alright, gotta go now. have to prepare for drama tomorrow to avoid scoldings from Rosline. After that, gotta revise on my Japanese. Hopefully I'll be able to read up on Spanish too. And last but not least, read a few more pages of the current book that I'm into.

Outta here. Adios!

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Life has been eventful lately.

~ I have registered for a Intensive Japanese Couse that starts on the 1st of August until 26th of August. Well, I would be studying Japanese for 3 hours from Monday to Friday... in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Yes, it's a short term study in Japan program. At first, I never thought that my parents would allow me to go, but well, it is time to explore the world on my own, it seems. I would be going over there by the end of July, on the 28th or 29th. Date is unconfirmed. Nihon, here I come.

At first, I chose homestay program. Unfortunately, there isn't any families available for it. Zannenne. Therefore, it leaves me no any other choices but the dormitory. I've checked the website for the dormitories... and they are not as bad as I had thought. The rooms are small though. I'm choosing the twin package, which means I would be sharing my room with a total stranger, since I'm trying to cut down the cost for accomodation. Gotta spend more on food.

~ So, I'm gonna miss out lots of things for approximately 5 weeks when I'm not here. I'm gonna miss 5 weeks of college, inclusive of 2 weeks term break. Furthermore, I can't be there to witness the born of a new star! Hm... all the best to you! I promise I'll call you a day before your competition! Haha... and listen carefully when the winner is announced. Don't embarrass yourself or soemthing.

Besides, I coulnd't continue my Spanish classes for Beginner 2 which would actually start either by end of July, or early August. Luckily, I can always follow up when I come back. And if there is too few students in a class, the commencement of the new classes would have to be postponed. Hm... don't really care about that now. I have my Spanish exam coming up, which is making me worried. My Spanish hasn't been good, and I'm not putting much effort in it. I'm having difficulties in memorising the vocabs, though the grammar part is quite okay. A Pass, that's what I'm aiming for.

~ And of course, I couldn't continue my Japanese class for Elementary 2-2. I can't even continue when I come back, cause I would be ahead of what my classmates will study. It has been a year since I've been with them, the teachers and my friends. I would definitely miss them. There had been times when I embarrassed myself, and times when we made fun of each other, and times when I got bullied... 2 more classes to go then I'll never see all of them again. What a pity, since I just got friendlier to them. Maybe I should pay them a visit when I'm back. Argh, and the exam is 2 weeks from now too. Unbelievable, so many exams at once.

Other things that I would be living without when I'm in Japan. The songs in my computer... tv programs in mandarin and english... violin lessons... guitar lessons... movies... and many more that I'm not goin to mention due to laziness. Hoopefully, I can easily catch up with everything when I come back. More importantly, I gotta enlighten myself with new gossips and news.

~ July is the month for exams. My finals for Semester 2 in Taylors Business School is approaching. Just sat for my Malaysian Studies paper on Friday. What can I say, it wasn't easy, and yet it wasn't very tough. It's somewhere in between, but falling more towards the tough side. Everyone was aiming for a mere pass in that subject... maybe I shhould expect the same from me. It is treated as an unimportant subject by many...

I've been taking of what's my plan for next year. Most probably I would be leaving Taylors by next year. And where am I heading to? I'm not sure. I don't have a plan right now. I'm just waiting for my foundation year to be over, then I'll continue form there. For now, I'll just enjoy whateva that is laid in front of me.

~ Outta here now. Adios!