Thursday, June 24, 2004

Who's Karthikeyan...?

Time passes so quickly and it's already Wednesday. This morning May Yenn came into the class with a miserable face and she cried today. I'm not sure why, but that's kinda normal... sorry to say.

~ Well, we copied notes during Commerce class today again. Then, all the students from K classes were asked to go down to attend the Basic Economics Seminar with Mr. Karthikeyan. He's a really friendly and nice person. He gave us a lot of tips. As usual, Ee Vonn (Miss Tidur) slept again during the seminar. Haha...

Nothing much happened during classes for the rest of the day. But something is going to happen to the Form 5 prefects! We're in trouble again! And to make things worse, there's a problem in Boys' Brigade too! I'm in deep shit right now. I'm shattered!

* Can't help fallin in love... *


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

~ History was fun today. Mr. Rama talked about a lot of things.

~ Fire drill happened at 9.30 a.m. and everyone essembled in the field again. Then, we were taught how to use the fire extinguisher.

~ Kezanne is angry because she didn't get the post of the President in Interact Club.

~ Encik Iskhandar had something to do after lunch. Therefore, we had free lessons since lunch because the subjects after lunch were CSA and English.

~ Oh yea, I bought a new shirt from last Saturday. I love it, it's nice enough to me.


Monday, June 21 2004
~ Received a badge for being the monitor for my class during assembly. Ai San received one too. I'm just so fortunate to have her as my assistant.

~ May Yenn was talking about being herself. Therefore, she's becoming a bit sarcastic sometimes.

~ Inez is back! She now looks like Christina from Form 4. Everyone says that and she's getting annoyed by it!

~ Had a great time during Commerce class. There was only 9 students in the class after lunch. Others were involved with the cheerleading (practice or decorations).

Yes. The badges that I have so far. The top one is the Interact Name Tag. The monitor badge is on the bottom left while the right one shows the prefect badge.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Another Saturday...

Planned to wake up at 7.30a.m. today, and of course, the alarm did woke me up, but I went back to sleep again for another 30 minutes. In the end, my mom woke me up when she said that she had prepared my breakfast! Although in a rush, I spent quite a long time thinking of what I should wear. I just bought a new shirt from TopMan yesterday just to use the bloody RM25 voucher that expires tomorrow! Well, I went out today to SMK Puteri Ampang, near AmpWalk to attend their International Cum Installation Day.

~ It starts at 9.30a.m. and I was late since I woke up at 8.00a.m. as I left my house at 8.45a.m. to take LRT. It doesn't go right to the place, so I had to change to Putra at Masjid Jamek. The school is quite far from Ampang Park. Walking there made me sweat a lot. So I decided to stop by AmpWalk to get a drink and to dry off my sweat. When I reached the school, it was quite empty from the outside as everyone was in the hall already. I was greeted by 2 interactors at the registration counter and they asked me to register. I wrote down my name and my position. The girl was quite shocked when she knew that I'm the President. And she asked me am I the only one who will be attending, and as usual, yes. They charged me RM6 as I'm interactor, although I wasn't wearing my Interact uniform. And they gave me a piece of tissue also, how kind of them to do so!

The theme for their event was Vision Through Darkness. For that, the hall was very dark. When I entered it, I could hardly see a thing except the stage. I simply sat at my place and in coincidence, Cheng Han was just 2 rows in front of me. When I was there, I already missed out the roll call, the singing of the national anthem, the interact song and speeches. Luckily I didn't miss the opening ceremony. Right after that, it was time for entertainment. Oh yea, I noticed that the backdrop was really nice. So, the performances started with a drama. It was nice. Better than ours. It was quite meaningful, but the story seems like a paste from a story that I read from electronic mail. After that, they had a dance by Britney and Madonna wannabes. So the song was none other than "Me Against the Music".

~ Time for refreshment came and everyone went to the canteen. They served fried mee hoon, curry vege-chicken, normal chicken nuggets, spicy chicken nuggets, jellys and cin cau. The nuggets were finishing very fast and we all took about 50 of them! Then, I went to their exhibition hall. They did a lot of research and work on it. But I have a thought. Once I entered the room, I thought I entered a sauna or something as they lit up a lot of candles in the room. Being in the room for 5 minutes made me sweat a lot. So I decided to snap 1 or 2 pictures and ciao as quickly as possible.

After that, I went back into the hall for more entertainment. This time around, a girl sang "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill. She's a really good singer, but the mic went on and off. So the performance wasn't that good. Then, I think it was time for the African Dance. It was awesome. I wished I could have joined them. Hm... what else. Oh yea, the fashion show. It was a short one but antertaining enough. The performances ended with a song and dance performance by a group of incoming and outgoing interactors. And guess what, they used the song "She Bangs" by William Hung. Of course, everyone laughed at them.

~ Then, their installation took place. And right after that, it was time for presentation of souvenirs to the guests. The fellowship was canceled, so that was the end of it. Before I went off, I got Ee Vonn's contact. She's the new President for that Club. She's cool, smsed her for quite a while and she sounded very friendly to me.

Here are some of the pictures taken during the event:

Hot! Hot! Hot!

But the idea was still brilliant!

Draculas attack!

Angel of Sadness!

Angels of Love!

Angels of Happiness!

Angels of Beauty!

The last angel!

This is their souvenir. Not bad at all.

The program book (the butterfly stick), the bracelet (souvenir to the guest) and glow-in-the-dark stick.

Friday, June 18, 2004

84's it.

Hm... didn't update my blog yesterday simply because I was busy playing o2jam! My character is now lvl 5!!! Phew!

~ These days, I noticed a change in May Yenn's character. She has become a rather horny person, and hyper at the same time. Not mentioning her screaming from time to time in class. She just talk about sex all the time as if she's desperate for it. No offence, you might say that I'm conservative, but it's just not the right time to be talking about sex. Sometimes when one talks to much about sex, she can be addressed as a slut. That's what I think. ;p

So, tomorrow 19 interactors will be going for interview session with Cik Kasmariza, Amanda and I so that they can be elected as the new board of directors. Kezanne and Darren must be going for the post of the president... I think Chao Ying is going for that post too. Sze Yin is wishing for the Funding Director while Rebecca wants to be the Publicity Director. Christine is opting for either the Treasurer or the Club Funding Dir. That's all I know. Luckily I didn't have to go through all these interviews last year or else I won't be the President for 2003/2004.

~ I saw my report card today. My average score was 84. It was a major drop from my average percentage for my last exam. I think I did better last time. But, I still manage to set a few highest score for 2 subjects which were Mathematics and Science. Hopefully, I'll do better next time and I could have put in more effort this time to get at least 12 more marks in the exam so that I can beat Kelly. Anyway, she's very competitive as she always stay at home and she attends tuition classes.

Lately, I've been getting quite lazy. I don't know why. And Inez isn't around. Life's boring in class. Well, at least I get to focus more in class I guess. But still, I love my life more than anything else. I just remembered that May Yenn said that my life's boring, unlike hers. Maybe she's right... However, I believe everyone has their on way of living. Some are playful all the time, some are calm all the time like me, some are in the middle. So which groups do I fall into? I always ask myself.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

sorry for not updating my blog daily...

I was way too busy with the Interact Club Annual Report yesterday until I spent all the time on it without sacrificing a few minutes to update my site. Anyway, nothign much happened yesterday. First day of school, it wasn't screwed up. I love school, but only for this span of time.

~ Finally, I finished the annual report and handed it up with Amanda in Menara TA today. Cheng Han and Arroon were there with us, handing up their club's annual report too. We saw Sekolah Bintang Utara (SBU) Annual Report there too. It was fantastic. The decorations... whoa! Cheng Han kept mentioning Maxwell all the time. He's kinda looking down on them. But who knows, they might give us a surprise. Well, I think we stand a chance to win at least something this year... hopefully. I heard that the Form Four interactors might throw a farewell party for the ourgoing members of the club! Yeah! That means lots of fun and free food. But I still feel berat hati to leave the club so fast. And I only need to attend one more ICC meeting only. I might never see the other interactors again. That's kinda sad to me.

We had a fire drill during mathematic lesson today. Ms. Lim tricked us by saying that we can rest starting from 9.30a.m., making us happy for a while. Then all in a sudden, the fire bell alarmed us and we had to go down. Jon said, "why don't this happen during economics?". And when we were down in the field, Ms. Khoo suddenly teased Jon about that. Somebody must have told Ms. Khoo about it... who could it be? Traitor... Lolz!

~ Out of all the subjects I had today, I liked English the most. Simply because Encik Iskhandar was very sarcastic today. And he was joking a lot today. Other than that, the other lessons were still okay. During history lesson, we talked about many things as usual, such as National Service, politic issues, etc. Mr. Rama is just so informative. He knows everything. What a good teacher!

Nothing else to blog about for today. I'm sure tomorrow will be a brand new day!

"Success is a lousy teacher; it produces smart people who think that they can't lose" ~ Bill Gates

Sunday, June 13, 2004


Woke up at 5.45a.m. today. No, I did not mistaken today for a school day but it was actually a big day too as I have to attend the Joint International Understanding Day held in St. John Institution, Bukit Nanas. After all the preparations at home, I finally left at 6.30a.m. by cab and reached the place at 6.55a.m. It was very quiet there as if I'm the only one there. It was quite freaky. But at 7, at least somebody came after I heard the barkings of a dog in that school. I was afarid that the dog might bite me as I was an 'intruder' in that school. For one day, I became a student from Setapak High School. Why? As the Joint Installation consists only 4 schools, where SSG is not included, I was there to help out as an interactor from Setapak High School.

~ Their I.U.Day was indeed very successful. It did entertain the audience and worked their asses very well. Unfortunately, due to insufficient of time, the line dance and fellowship was canceled. Out of all the I.U. Day I've attended so far, I admit that this is one of the best so far. Congrats! The bridge that they built was quite unstable... looks like the one who actually crosses the bridge must take risk as they might fall anytime. But, the bridge was a good idea. The program book was nice too. Colourful enough. As for the souvenirs, 10/10! Briiliant idea, artistic work! The fashion show was quite messy but overall, I'll say good job to all of them. Or to me too, as I'm involved. Haha...

Amanda for the first time went to other school's I.U.Day this year. What a surprise! But she left earlier with the reason that she had to go to church. But she also stated that the I.U. Day was good. :) She was quite a coward during the roll call. She knew that she might be the only one standing to represent SSG, so she didn't stand at all. It was quite embarassing. And someone booed too. I wonder which school doesn't like SSG. My sister and my stepmom came to the event too. And they left earlier, like Amanda. Aaron from Form 4 was there too. So surprising.

~ The cleaning up session after the show was damn exhausting. Not only we have to carry the chair and sweep the floor, we had to carry all the timber to the scout house too. The woods were very heavy and there were like 40-50 of them I guess. The distance was far too. But it was a great experience to me. I learned how to carry wood properly, and even had a free work-out although it didn't involve some parts of the body. Sigh... luckily Ivan helped me with it. And the Vice President of the Setapak High was resting, relaxing and listening to music in the hall when we're doing that. How unfair. But he's the boss, what to do.

Here are some of the pictures I took with the other interactors from other schools.

Dora and I. She was my partner during the Sports Wear Fashion Show.

Yvonne, my partner for halloween costume.

Jung Kuan's sister!!!!

That's Adrian from Sri Sentosa.

Michelle from SAB. She's good at singing.

Man(left) and Iris(right) from SAB, our neighbour school. The both of them always call me BS(budak sesat) or Arabi...

Interact Club of Setapak High School's Annual Report!

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Tiring day!

Slept at 1.30a.m. and had to wake up at 7.15a.m. this morning to go to SJI again for rehearsals. Not enough sleep since it's still holidays. Nothing much to blog about. I'm too lazy. Tomorrow, I'll have my last I.U. Day. It will be my last time spending time with people from other school as in big groups in a big event. Sigh... I feel quite sad for leaving the board soon. I had been having so much fun by meeting new people. Well, life moves on and things will change. But it was too quick. I wonder how many friendships will actually continue after the break-up...

Friday, June 11, 2004


First of all, I'm going to post a few more pics of Malaysian once in a while. Okay, now back to my day.

~ Woke up at 9.00a.m. today. Pretty late. Stayed up yesterday until 1.30a.m. to watch Magic Kitchen starred by Sammi Cheng and Jerry(F4). The movie was great. It deserves a 9.5/10 from me. The only problem was that they dubbed Jerry and Maggie Q's voice. They can't speak cantonese that well. Lolz...

Went to St. John Institution(SJI) by STAR Lrt today. The journey was quite surprising as I saw Kheng Loon, Jeremy, Bryan, Azlan and Fendi in Bukit Jalil station. They told me that they are supposed to train for the national team... hm... is that true?! Good news then! Reached Masjid Jamek station at 11.55a.m. and I met up with Michelle, Iris and 2 more girls at the Putra Lrt entrance. It just proves that I'm lucky at meeting up with people. By the way, when I was walking in Parkson Grand in Sungei Wang yesterday, I saw a local artist too. That's the fourth time I see him in public including my friend's house. SJI is far from the lrt station. It took us 10 minutes to walk to that school. It was tiring. I just noticed that the vending machines in that school sell the drinks at only 1 buck for 1! It's so cheap, compared to our school canteen. Sigh...

~ We rehearsed the fashion show, singing and dancing the whole day whereas some of the committee members stayed back until 6 something to finish the backdrop and souvenirs I think. But I left quite early, at about 4.p.m. Here are the details for their I.U. Day:

Date : 12 June 2004
Venue : SJI
Time : 10.00a.m.
Theme : ???
Tickets: Should be RM8... but bring more money, heard that they're going to sell stuff.

To May Yenn, I don't know why you're afraid to face the fact. Love comes and fade away due to some reasons. Take it as a challenge. Just get over it and keep on living happily. There's always a solution to every matter. Just be patient and stay calm while waiting for the solution. With that, the problem will be solved eventually. And thank you for hating me. Thank you for being honest too. And please accept my apology for making you cry. I never meant to do so. But we can still be friends, can we? But I'm already the one you hate. Never mind, one day, if you need me, I will still be there for you. You're still my friend.

Jonathan dancing and stripping... I'm there clapping, can see me?

Hui Wen and Affina. They rock!

VCD Front for Magic Kitchen!

VCD Back for Magic Kitchen!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Didn't get through, but it was worth it...

Yes. I wasn't chosen. So what? I gained more than I lost. Most important is that I went through the whole process of it. It was cool. Yet tiring.

~ I reached Times Square at 9.00a.m. Although it was early, many people were already there. Thank god I met Hui Wen. I wonder how am I supposed to wait without boredom if I hadn't met her. Well, the group got larger when we talked to Fairus I think. After that, our group got a new member who is Affina. She's cool. She wore this jeans that was very attractive as many of the camcorders holders shot her. I bet you will see her on TV. Just when we haven't get into the waiting area, we were joined by Eunice(studying in a music academy) and Jonathan(17 but looks like 20+). So at that time, we have 5 people in our group. Well, later in the audition waiting area, we were then joined by another 3 fellas, all Indians... but I can't remember their names. That's not the end of it, later on, our group got larger when a group of Penang folks joined us. Allow me to count. That will make our total number of members to... 14! We're like the most active ones in the whole room! I can't imagine going there all by myself, thinking that I can survive without anyone to talk to. But now, I admit that I'm wrong. Life's so much nicer with people to accompany you all the time.

Okay, I'm gonna sum up what other people whom I know sang:
1) Fairus - Belaian Jiwa by Innuendo
2) Hui Wen - Everytime by Britney Spears
3) Affina - Reflection by Christina Aguilera
4) Jonathan - A Frank Sinatra song...

~ While we were patiently waiting for our turn of audition, many things happened. We had a free live dancing, games, and dancing class! The process of waiting was very memorable and shall be humming a sweet and lovely tune in my mind whenever I think about it. Anyway, the hosts for the show have been chosen, Jien and Aleya. Jien is quite okay, but the girl seems too goofy.

Why do I say that I gained more than I lost? Here's the calculations... lolz...
01) Free live dancing and it was raunchy! +2
02) Played spin-the-bottle-cum-dare +2
03) Jonathan did a strip tease +2
04) Affina had to sing in front of the whole crowd +2
05) Getting free dancing class by a professional trainer! +4
06) Having the chance to make an advertisement for MI +3
07) Playing a really lame game (passing the bottle) +1
08) Jokes +2
09) Free mineral water +1
10) Meeting new "friends" +5
11) Getting good luck messages (1*no. of msgs) +10
12) Had to wait for 6 hours (1*no. of hours) -6
13) Not chosen -5
14) Choosing the wrong song -2
15) Being nervous -2
16) Not responsive -3
17) Receiving a call from Jiu Wei and Ee Vonn +2

And the total is... +18! In the end, once again, the process is more important. It has taught me lots of things. Why do I say I'm not responsive? Lolz... the lady called my reference ID for 4 times, and I didn't even respond to her. And yes, I was nervous when I sang the song. As for the advertisement, our group had to say,"Watch Malaysian Idol, Friday Night, on 8TV". What else, thank you to those who wished me good luck and they are:

01) Rachael Ong
02) Jonathan Tan
03) Jennifer Lim
04) Kelly Loh
05) Shook Yee
06) Cheng Han
07) Lisa
08) Amber Ho
09) Ivan Lai
10) Phang Jun Hoe

And of course, orally, those people who wished me good luck are none other than Jonathan and Fairus because we were in the same batch for the pre-audition. Thanks a lot to y'all! If I missed out anyone, please forgive me as my memory isn't that good afterall.

Well, my audition started at 3 something. It was late. The judges weren't Fauziah, Roslan and Paul as it was only pre-audition. Well, the Indian guy said that I'm good. Maybe I sounded sucky, he said that just to make me feel better only. Anyway, it's over now and I'm back to my normal daily life. Hm... I guess I have to find other ways to lift my stardom. As for now, I shall concentrate on SPM... but before that, I have so many unsettled business... homework... annual report... and lots of tv programs that I have to watch!

The envelope that I received from 8TV on the spot.

The sticker that I had to stick on my shirt at the chest level!

Having a dancing class! It was fun! Look for me! Front row, 2nd from right!

I just received an sms from Christopher stating that I was shown on 8TV just moment ago. Damn, I always miss myself on TV!

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

So tired right now...

I have been working on the annual report for the whole day. But at least, it was worth it bacause I'm 95% done with the report on I.U.Day. Anyway, I just received an sms just now stating:

Congrats! Ur application 4 Malaysian Idol Audition is successful. Ur audition is on 9/6/04, 9am-5pm, 6th flr Berjaya Times Square. Make sure U arrive on time.

9am! I have to go there before 9! Oh my gawd! Sigh... hopefully I will be the first few ones so that my audition will be earlier. I hate waiting although I do have patience.

A short one today, because I have nothing much to say. Tomorrow shall be the same routine, wake up, bath and eat, work, work, lunch, work, work, dinner, work, blog, sleep...

Monday, June 7, 2004

Sunday again...

Stayed at home the whole day today. It was dead boring. I just read that Harry Potetr opened at 41.2 million in the U.S. box office. Bravo! It might break the all time weekend box office record I guess. It might now, but the record will be broken again by the opening of Spider Man 2 next month.

~ Since I didn't go out, I have nothing much to blog about. I'm feeling nervous for my audition now. I'm so unprepared. But at least I have finalised my songs, If I Let You Go by Westlife and Belaian Jiwa. Hopefully, the first song will bring me luck.

I hereby include some of the pictures I took last year with my friends. It might be a bit blur, so don't strain your eyes.

Meng Yen, or known as Momo, is a very emotional person. You would never want to criticise her or her idol, Danieal Radcliffe or Harry Potter!

Shook Yee, or known as Fish, can sing very well and is a very sweet girl. She can take joke, and will fight back sometimes!

Jennifer, or known as Nixie, is a very smart and independent young lady. She's a survivor!

Inez, or known as Inez too, is heavier than me and rocks on her guitar all the time. She's like the female version of Eminem+Linkin Park!

Sunday, June 6, 2004

It's Saturday!

It has been exactly a week since school closed. And what does that mean? Our holidays left back a mere 8 days only! Time passes so quickly until i didn't notice that I have so damn many unfinished homework especially the Interact Club's annual report. I have been a lil' lazy lately, sigh...

~ Went to Petaling Street just now with my sister and her lover. I got myself the box II for GetBackers which means I only have one more box to get before completing my collection. Petaling Street is damn crowded. It is such a busy market from morning to night, attracting hundreds of tourists to that place everyday I guess. Lots of pirated discs... a guy even asked me whether I want some pornographic vcds or not. I wonder why that happens to me everytime I go there. It's either I look mature, or I look horny! Sigh...

Still, I had a great time there. Saw many gays there... or maybe they are just friends who are holding hands for the fun of it. Btw, there was one of my favorite food there which is fried wanton! It was expensive though... 20 cents for one. Bought ten, ate all. Thinking about food, it reminds me of some pictures I took last year. Can you guess where all those food came from?

If you have guess our school canteen, then you are right! Our canteen food has never look any better I guess...

Saturday, June 5, 2004

Another Friday...

Went out today again. First, I went to Plaza Ampang with some interactors. I don't think I'm sociable today. Got to know their names, but didn't really talk to the new ones whom I met today. What a loser! Haha... By the way, Ms. Charanjit suddenly called me. She said that she has rejected my picture and called me to send a few more to her. But I'll do that tomorrow, I was way too tired today and I was home only after seven!

~ After Plaza Ampang, I went to Montaine again today. The instructor, Mr. Golbie (forgive me if I spelt your name wrongly) taught me a few more exercises. It was cool. I started off with 2 instructors helping me with the bicycle machine. it was quite embarrassing. Lolz. And one again, I didn't get to try the sauna and the jacuzzi. I'll try that this Sunday, hopefully.

Then, I went to my mom's shop again to have my lunch at 3.30p.m.! Had wanton mee. After that, I went to Sungei Wang again, as usual. Bought a face towel and a body towel. Sungei Wang wasn't that crowded today. But the jam was terrible when I went home.

~ Yesterday, I bought the new issue for Newman and Rodale's Men's Health. Argh... when I flip to the page about new gadgets in town, it reminds me of my dream phone, Nokia 7200. I wonder when will I get that phone. I'm just short of money nowadays! Anyone wants to donate some money to me?!

Friday, June 4, 2004

"Lusa" and Harry Pothead!

Lolz... Like what Jennifer said, she and I went to watch The Day After Tomorrow at 10.45a.m. before watching Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban with Kin Hong, Julia, Adeline's brother(Kevin), Adeline's mom, Sin Cher, the fanatic Momo and Adeline of course. In my opinion, both movies are good. If you asked me which movie did I prefer... I would answer, both too! It's hard to choose. Both movies have their ups and downs.

~ I had not have quite a good laugh in the cinema since the movie Spy Dad. Harry Potter did include some sense of humour in it. I laughed too much during the fat lady part. It was too entertaining to me. Whenever they show the hallway, I kept on thinking about that fat lady. Loved her. It was one of the best moments in that movie. And of course, I liked Hippogrif too. Is that how you spell the name of that animal? Emma has grown up a lot since I last seen her in the previous HP movie. She's hotter than ever for now. Heard that she's dating Daniel Radcliffe. Is it true? But I think they will make a lovely couple anyway.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

The Fighting Tempations!

At last I bought the VCD and watched the movie. Overall, I'll rate it 75/100. Why?
1) Beyonce is the lead actress in it.
2) The gospel songs were nice.
3) Beyonce's song was featured in the movie.
With just those 3 reasons, I would have rated it 99/100 if I'm being bias.

~ Anyway, it's already Wednesday and finally, I've made up my mind of the songs I will sing for my audition. The songs are:
1) My Love by Westlife
2) Belaian Jiwa by Innuendo
3) Leng Feng Guo Qing by 5566
Sigh. I'm not sure whether I chose the right songs or not. ~.~

By the way, Harry Potter opens tomorrow. Nothing to cheer about though. Haha...

Avril Lavigne's new album rocks. I give it a 6.5/10. She is more mature and no more a young skater girl.

Don't fight temptations. Support by buying the original!

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Shows that made me cry... (or nearly...)

Haha... looks like I have nothing else to write but to write crap. Anyway, I went to school today for the Basic Economics extra class. Ms. Khoo was late, she arrived 30 minutes later and our class ended 10 minutes earlier! How fortunate! Later, I went to Montaine and has my first workout session. It was tiring. And I saw people learning yoga I think. It's quite funny looking at the way they stretch...~ Back to the topic, I cry a lot. I admit it. It's just weird for a guy to admit that he actually cries over movies, tv shows, or anime. I wonder why. But all these years, I had been crying over tragic stories or even happy endings. The followings are the further information:Movies/Dramas/Anime that made me cry:

01) Titanic - The famous dying part of Leonardo.
02) Lilo & Stitch - When Stitch was caught.
03) Pokemon: The First Movie - When Ash died, and Pikachu cried.
04) Love on a Diet - When Sammi Cheng cried.
05) My Left Eye Sees Ghost - When Sammi Cheng was parted from her husband.
06) Moulin Rouge - When Nicole Kidman died.
07) The Passion of The Christ - When Christ fell, and the mother reached for him.
08) Ice Age - Can't remember why I cried.
09) Daredevil - During the ending...
10) Pokemon 2000 - Don't know which part already...
11) Land Before Time - Same... can't remember...
12) Deep Impact - When the astronauts sacrificed their lives...
13) Brother Bear - When the older bear regretted of kelling the younger bear's mom.
14) The Duke on Mountdeer - When the princess died in the end(I cried for 6 times just for that part!)
15) The Amazing Race 4 - When the overweight lady got eliminated, it was sad to me.
16) The Amazing Race 4 - When the gay couple won. Don't know why I cried. Lolz.
17) Fushigi Yuugi - When they died one by one. Cried the most when Tamahome's family was murdered. I cried throughout the whole episode!
18) Yu Yu Hakusho - When the main character died at the starting. I haven't watch finish. So I'm not sure whether will I cry in another part or not.
19) Darker Descendents - Cried during the final part I think.
20) Meteor Garden 1 - That show brought me to tears a few times. One part was when Dao Meng Si protected San Chai from being hit by a chair.I guess that's all I can remember. Lolz.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Prom Night 28-05-2004

I'm gonna be honest here. The song performances weren't good. Reason?
1) The vocalist was soft.
2) The band was too loud.
3) The vocalist should have expressions.
4) The vocalist wasn't singing the right tune.
5) The vocalist was a bit pitchy.
Next, the fashion show. It was good. Two thumbs-up. But the only problem has to do with some of the revealing clothes. There was a costume that looks liek it will fall anytime. There was one which shows 50% of the body flesh. Okay, I'm being a little bit conservative here. But it's a school.

~ The dance performance was good. I liked it. But I have a thought. Christina can dance, Chou Yee can dance too, but Kim Vee's partner wasn't flexible enough. What else? The drama by the 4Sc1 was cancelled because the storyline of their sketch was Mr. Pong being accused of murdering Mr. Ah Lim. Their name sounds fmailiar huh? Next up is the food. It was good. The salad was delicious. The fried chicken was okay. But they didn't give us a spoon for the fried rice. I love the drink. Nestea rite? Or whatever it is.

The Prom King and Queen were so predictable. Everyone was placing their bets on Aaron and Pei Lu since the beginning. Aaron was brave enough to say that the thing that inspires him most in SSG is the girl of his dreams that is Chai Sin Cher who was there too. She was shocked, you can look at her face at that time. Astonished, yet happy. Julia was the runner-up for the Prom Queen. Well done Julia. Go for the Prom Queen title this year for the Form Five Prom Night. You can do it!

~ Overall, well done to the Form Fours. They had put a lot fo effort and sacrificed their energy and time to make the event a success. Here are some of the pictures from the show. Captions are included.

Kah Ming showing his talent. It's a nice pic, don't you think so?

Lie Peh with her own rendition of Colours of The Wind!

Kheng Loon and Christina...

Doctor and nurse, they must be havign some affairs!

Whoa! D.I.Y. isn't bad after all!

One of the best costumes.

What a lovely couple!

Heard that they spent a lot on the wedding gowns. Its worth it anyway!

You're in. You're the ultimate! It's automatic...

Yes... this is better. The Reason!

The Prom King accompanying the Prom Queen!!!