Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Before going to Japan.

Hey y'all. This would most probabbly be my last entry to my blog for a month sicne I don't think I would get to access to the internet when I'm there in Japan.

~ Goin out later to settle my school fees and to eat Dim Sum with Kel and Ju. Then will come back to pack some stuff again and to bath for the last time before heading to the airport.


Until here. Bye y'all.

Monday, July 25, 2005

A bit of everything.

Yo folks. It has been a while since I talked about my life and what it has got itself into lately.

Let me begin by blabbing about the exam week that just ended. Well, I had a hard time concentrating on my revision, thanks to the ro-forum,, and I was pretty occupied with all the 3 sites. Anyway, overall the papers were okay, with the same old smell that will trigger the stress and tension in oneself at any time. Okay, move on to my final point.... I hope to score at least D for all the subjects although my initial expectations were HD for all the papers. Guess the chances of that happening is quite minimal this time around.

~ Next, my application for leave from college was disapproved by Ms. Yong! What a shock! Does that mean that I have to choose between the trip to Japan and to attend class for the first 3 weeks of Semester 3? Well, at least Ms. Carol was understanding enough and explained to me that I have to take the risk in making my decision. Of course, in the end, I ended up choosing the trip to Japan. I have no other choice! I have paid for everything! The good news is, I can still proceed with my Semester 3 when I come back under a few conditions. I can't absent from college for even a single day from then on... and I gotta really concentrate on my studies so that I can catch up with everyone else. I promise, I told Ms. Carol. And I do mean it. So don't worry Ms. Carol... I will do fine. Oh yea, she said that most probably the college would send a warning letter to me for being absent for more than 4 days too. Haha... I wonder how does it feels like to receive that type of letter from the college.

Hm... I shall talk about this Celcom commercial now. I received a call 2 weeks ago saying that I was shorlisted for the commercial. It sent me off to the moon... So, i went for the casting, and I had this feeling that the chances of me getting chosen is nearly zero, but I still threw faith in it. Stupid me. It just added to the dissapointment I got when I knew that I wasn't chosen. Damn, this is the 2nd time I've been 'fooled'. All these things are sort of time consuming... wasting I mean. And there goes my RM1500! KFC(RM1300) and now CELCOM(RM1500). I'll never earn my own money man!

~ My gal, Julia has appeared on Seventeen magazine, August issue. She appeared in the magazine 3 times... Most people would just notice 2 pictures of her, but there are 3! try to look for the other one. HINT: The photo covers up to half of a page! As you already knew, I uploaded 2 videos to promote her. Well, I plan to upload the link to DOWNLOAD the file into your computer too if my plan is supported. So should I do that? Or should I not? Tell me in my tagboard. Oh yea, if your message doesn't appear in the tag-board once you posted it, try to refresh the tagboard itself! Okay, back to my point.

3 more nights then I'm leaving Malaysia for Japan already. I'm pretty nervous over it. This is my first time travelling alone and I really have to look after myself all the time. I wonder how is it like to be living all by myself in Japan, where people there don't really know how to speak fundamental English. Hopefully I won't get a hard time communicating with them, or else I might just starve to death or being thrown out from the restaurant. The good point is, I will have all the freedom. Nobody's going to watch over my moves. But... my mom just told me today that I must call her everyday at 8.00p.m. Ugh... I might be showering at that time, or watching tv, or even sleeping, or doing my part-time job(rei will know what I'm talking about).

~ Last but not least, Happy Birthday stepmom! Went out for dinner with her. This is the first time I see my family being united and having a good time chit-chatting with each other. Since an incident that happened many years ago, they haven't quite sat together and talked like a warm family. I'm really happy for them. But yea, a few arguments here and there can't be avoided though.

And one more thing, I think I would be going to China next year to study it's language. My dad and mom insist on sending me over there in June or July for half a year. Ugh... how about college or uni?? They have no idea about that too. And one last thing.... I cut my hair! Dyed it too. I'm uglier now. Damn. Haha...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Inside my Heaven.

Yes. I'm listening to Bo Bice's version of Inside Your Heaven right now. Hm, his version is good too. I was wrong for criticizing the song at first, for being the weakest Idol song so far. But after listening to it for multiple times, it is a great song actually.

~ Many things had been happening but I'm not going to blog about them as most of them are private and confidential. All that are happening makes me think of what's head of everyone in the future.

Went to Rantau, Negeri Sembilan with my family today. We have an estate back there, so we went there to collect some fruits since it's the harvest season now. Anyway, I was sucked a hundred times by those starving mosquitoes there. Now I'm hoping that I don't get dengue, cause I spotted a few Aedes mosquitoes there, eyeing on my leg (I wore short pants). It's very relaxing and rejuvenating to be in the countryside (I consider it one). The air was fresh, the scenery was excellent... But then again, I wouldn't want to stay there for long.

~ Yesterday, I went to Bon Odori, a Japanese dance festival with some of my close pals. We met up in Mid Valley... and while we were in Delifrance, a girl spilled her whole glass of iced lemon tea on me. She apologized, and offered to repay any damages done. No point asking to get another pants for me... it would be irrational. So, Bon Odori was really fun. Had an enjoyable moment dancing, but the food was worse than last year, and more expensive! However, I spent less this year, since I'm already broke!

Would love to post some pictures, but don't have time to do that now since I have exams tomorrow. So, I gotta get some sleep soon or I'll find myself half asleep in the exam hall tomorrow.

~ Bye!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy or not?


~ Okay, the day started off with me challenging Julia in Counter Strike. The result was obvious from the start, that I was gonna win since Julia's a lousy player. Overall, I, in the Counter Terrorist team, won 19 matches while Julia, who is stuck as an amateur terrorist, killed me only 6 times. One thing I gotta mention is that there were some other annoying kids in the cyber playing counter strike too that screams and yells all the time. For fucking sake can't they control themselves. I mean, it's okay to be excited, but not too extreme. On lar the music softer, we're not deaf!

Then, rushed back for economics lesson. It was our last class for that subject this semester. Mr. Wilson gave us some tips here and there on what's coming out in our finals (next week). I don't know why, but I didn't jot down a thing unlike others. Usually I would do so, but today I was too lazy to do so. The class ended early, so there was a change of plan after that.

~ Our initial plan was to catch a movie at 2.40 in Sunway. But because our class was dismissed way early than we have expected, we ended up watching Amityville Horror at 12.30. Before that, we ate in Mr. Teppanyaki. Although the service there sucks, the food isn't that bad afterall. Tempura's still my favorite japanese food. Now back to the movie. The girls (Amber, Julia and Caryn) were really scared during the movie. Julia was covering her face with her original Gucci handbag, while Amber was smart to use her large file. Caryn used nothing, but she jerked a bit at scary parts in the movie. The movie wasn't that bad, Hel. I would rate it 6.8/10.

After that, Kelly joined Julia, Eric and I for yum cha session. We had a really interesting conversation, with Julia going on war with Eric. Halfway during our conversation, there was this salesman coming to us hardselling this new perfume kononnya. He was really friendly, but all of us weren't fooled by his offer. He really does possess a good skill in recommending his products, but all we gotta say was.... sorry, but we don't use perfume while Kelly just said that she's allergic to perfume. Haha...

~ Later on, rushed to Bukit Bintang for my final Japanese lesson. The class was boring and interesting at times. We sang a lousy Japanese song, and watched some videos of conversation in Japanese. The content of the video was really funny, since we burst out in laughters most of the time. the problem with the video was that the actors in it don't know how to act. They're expressionless. Soon, it's time to say goodbye to all my mates and my teacher there. I really wonder if I would ever go back to that place or not.

Now, move on to some personal issues. Most of the people around me are having problems... me myself is having problems too that I don't wanna share with a single person around me. I'm like that... I rather worry and settle my own problems on my own, without seeking any help from others. I don't know why, but I just seem to keep everything within myself, and would never leak a single percent of it out of my mouth. Sometimes I do really feel like sharing what I'm going through with some people, but I just can't. At least for now, I'm still a happy goin guy from the outside.

~ Okay, a long post since it has been ages since I last updated. Rotting out. Matane!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Come what may....

Okay. Another tiring day.

~ Updates on yesterday first. Drama production had finally come to an end after a long, long journey. Though we lost out in many categories, my group was awarded for best drama. It was a huge surprise to us, especially to our director, the one and only Rosline. She was like... omg.... am I dreaming? Is this a dream? We were like, Rosline, it's true, our class won!... She was very worried towards the end of our performance, because the groups before us were really good, which tremendously frightened her. Anyway, gotta thank Dr Lee for showing us the right path for us to walk, and to Rosline for leading us. And to every other crew that put their hands together to make everything a reality.

Oh yea, I performed too. I sang, of course, since that possibly could be the only thing that I can do. Given the short time for me to prepare, I chose to sing Come What May, a personal favorite of mine. The night before the real show, I suffered from a bad throat. Luckily, it was just a minor one. Thank god. On that day itself, I thought that I would perform last for the interludes, but Sheralyn surprised me when she said that our group gotta perform first, and I was the first to sing that day. At one second, I was about to die of nerves, but soon, I got through it. Although I sang it a little off key and a little slower than the actual music because I couldn't hear the music, I'm still kinda proud of myself.

~ Went to Bukit Bintang today to get my admittance certificate from Arc Academy from ICLS. So, the last thing I have to do now is to apply for a visa and to get the air tickets. I would be going to the embassy on Monday... what a long process. And in less than 3 weeks, I would be flying to Japan already. Excited, I am already. Talking about Japan, Bon Odori festival is hitting the down again. It is on the 16th of July. The gate opens at 5.00pm but the show starts at 7.00pm. Is anyone going?!

Okay, Ju, I'm not going to post anything about THAT.

~ Outta here now. Ja~.

Friday, July 8, 2005

Been dropped.

So, lots had been happening too.

~ Looks like I'm not chosen for the KFC advertisement. I'm a bit upset, but somehow I do realise that I don't possess the qualities that they're looking for. But, congratulations to both Julia and Helena cause both of them are chosen for the ad. They'll try out the clothes tomorrow and they'll shoot the ad on Sunday. Hehe... good luck to you guyz!

Yesterday, I sat for my Japanese test. I guess I kinda screwed it. My teacher said that if I don't pass that paper, I shouldn't go to Japan this August. Haha... so my target is to get a pass in that paper I guess. Of course I want an A, but the test was tough. I had not much time to revise on the day itself, since drama practice occupied most of my time lately.

~ Talking about drama, Rosline is pretty stressed up by now. Chill gal! I mean, it's just a drama practice and we'll definitely do our best tomorrow! Yeap, tomorrow's the big night that we have all been anticipating. Oh, and we have our listening test for English tomorrow as well. I'm a bit nervous for tomorrow too, cause I would be performing for the interlude slot. Argh... I haven't memorise my song yet, and I'm struggling through the bad throat that I'm suffering from now.

Finished my BCP presentation today. As my group were to present last, we kinda made it as short as possible because by that time, it was already lunchtime and everyone was kinda eager or desperate to go for lunch. In the end, our group took the least time to finish. My preparation for this presentation used up a lot of my sleeping time as I started late. I accidentally slept yesterday while doing it. Luckily, I woke up in time (thanks to my sister) to finish everything else until 3am in the morning. I'm not the latest though, cause a friend of mine most probably finished his at 4am. It's definitely one hell of experience.

~ Okay, gotta do some other stuff. Outta here. Matane!

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

I wonder...

I just realised that I would be leaving very soon, which is 3 weeks from now.

~ Met up with Amber today in Sunway. We ate at this Waffle World, which was a torture to me since I wanted to eat noodles! Anyway, went to Redbox for the 3rd time this year. Eric can really sing... he's good! And he's going to join Malaysian Idol next year. Good luck dude! Amber can sing too, but not as good as Eric, sorry. Julai was sick, she came down with fever. So, she slept in the room most of the time, shutting her mouth. Well, we did have a great time.

I will sit for my Japanese exam tomorrow, which I haven't even touch on anything yet. Most probably I will have to steal some time tonight to look at it. Everything's happening so quickly and soon I wouldn't see all of the people in the class anymore. It indicates a drastic change in my lifestyle...

~ Watched Kungfu Mahjong yesterday. Hm... it's a STUPID movie, but overall, I'm rating it 7/10 since it contains good sense of humour. Once in a while, I would just watch a comedy to have a good laugh out of it since life is pretty boring.

Sometimes, I just feel that I should be honest in my blog. There are some things that I have to hide, that I must hide. I just can't tell everything. Life would be much easier and less complicated if the people are more open-minded, tolerant and understanding. Those people just happen to be somewhere else, and not anywhere near me.

~ I wonder what's really ahead of my life. I don't have a future if I'm undecided. Ranting's over.

Outta here. Sayonara!

Sunday, July 3, 2005


Okay, what a long day.

~ First, went for Spanish lesson. Sir was kind enough to repeat the class I missed last week in less than 15 minutes. Well, at least he tried his best to make me understand everything that he was trying to say. Anyways, then we had our exam. It was definitely tough for me. Overall, I scored 68 out of 89. In percentage over 100, that is about 75%. Well, I didn't expect much from it since I started studying yesterday night for less than 5 hours.

After that, went to Damansara Jaya for the workshop. I was assigned to a scene where there is a bunch of close friends chatting while eating KFC. And guess what, the guys were told to steal the chicken from the ladies. Hm... I just don't really find it easy to work with unfamiliar people. In the end, I tried my best. Hopefully, everything turned out correctly and they'll pick me as one of the casts in the KFC commercial.

~ Went back home then. Could have stopped by Petaling Street for a while to get some books, but the plan was cancelled because it was raining. So I headed home right away and rested for couple of hours.

Left at 5.45 to the LRT station. The STAR lrt arrived quickly, and not long after that I found myself at the KTM station waiting for the train to arrive. Ma chao hai... it took more or less half an hour. I was so god damn pissed. Argh!!! And in the train, it was as if the air cond wasn't on at all. Maybe it wasn't! Cause it was so fucking stuffy and warm in it. i felt like jumping off the train by then. Luckily, the train arrived at the Mid Valley station before I lost all my patience.

~ So, had my dinner at Little Vietnam. the food I ordered is pretty delicious. The BBQ chicken was soft and boneless whereas the drink that I called was ok. it was a mixture of ice, coconut milk, red beans, cendol and corn. It's something like the popular local dessert, ais kacang. I had the dinner alone at first, but was soon joined by Kin, Ju, Tseng, Zero and his 2 other church friends.

Watched War of the Worlds. Dakota Fanning was really really really annoying, irritating and noisy in the movie. I hate her character in the movie. Overall, I'll rate the movie 6/10. The storyline isn't really good... the beginning was interesting, but as the story continues, the flow isn't steady and a bit off at times. And some parts are ridiculous. And with a happy ending, t isn't the best/most significant way to end a movie in this era. Well, some short parts should have been prolonged, while some unnecessary scenes should be deleted to save time, such as the ear-torturing screams. Ok la.. I'll rate it 6.1/10.

~ Outta here. Matane!

Saturday, July 2, 2005

Camera replaced.

Okay. A short one since I have insufficient time.

~ Got a new camera today. Lost mine weeks ago. Dropped it gua... or somebody took it. Was supposed to use my money to get the new camera, but in the end mom volunteered to sponsor most of the cost.

Famous Artistes called and I've been shortlisted for a KFC ad. Went for the audition the other day. Lucky me. I'm nervous. Argh!!!!! Tomorrow gotta attend the workshop. I wonder what am I gonna do there...

~ I have confirmed my flight to Japan and from Japan. I would be leaving on the 27th at 2330 and will reach Narita Airport at 0730. Hm... 26 days left. And I'll be back on the 27th August, at 1940.

I'll have my very first Spanish exam tomorrow. I'm doomed. I hadn't been paying attention, and I actually skipped last week's lesson due to laziness. Gotta burn the midnight oil tonight just to pass the paper tomorrow.

Outta here. Adios!