Monday, July 25, 2005

A bit of everything.

Yo folks. It has been a while since I talked about my life and what it has got itself into lately.

Let me begin by blabbing about the exam week that just ended. Well, I had a hard time concentrating on my revision, thanks to the ro-forum,, and I was pretty occupied with all the 3 sites. Anyway, overall the papers were okay, with the same old smell that will trigger the stress and tension in oneself at any time. Okay, move on to my final point.... I hope to score at least D for all the subjects although my initial expectations were HD for all the papers. Guess the chances of that happening is quite minimal this time around.

~ Next, my application for leave from college was disapproved by Ms. Yong! What a shock! Does that mean that I have to choose between the trip to Japan and to attend class for the first 3 weeks of Semester 3? Well, at least Ms. Carol was understanding enough and explained to me that I have to take the risk in making my decision. Of course, in the end, I ended up choosing the trip to Japan. I have no other choice! I have paid for everything! The good news is, I can still proceed with my Semester 3 when I come back under a few conditions. I can't absent from college for even a single day from then on... and I gotta really concentrate on my studies so that I can catch up with everyone else. I promise, I told Ms. Carol. And I do mean it. So don't worry Ms. Carol... I will do fine. Oh yea, she said that most probably the college would send a warning letter to me for being absent for more than 4 days too. Haha... I wonder how does it feels like to receive that type of letter from the college.

Hm... I shall talk about this Celcom commercial now. I received a call 2 weeks ago saying that I was shorlisted for the commercial. It sent me off to the moon... So, i went for the casting, and I had this feeling that the chances of me getting chosen is nearly zero, but I still threw faith in it. Stupid me. It just added to the dissapointment I got when I knew that I wasn't chosen. Damn, this is the 2nd time I've been 'fooled'. All these things are sort of time consuming... wasting I mean. And there goes my RM1500! KFC(RM1300) and now CELCOM(RM1500). I'll never earn my own money man!

~ My gal, Julia has appeared on Seventeen magazine, August issue. She appeared in the magazine 3 times... Most people would just notice 2 pictures of her, but there are 3! try to look for the other one. HINT: The photo covers up to half of a page! As you already knew, I uploaded 2 videos to promote her. Well, I plan to upload the link to DOWNLOAD the file into your computer too if my plan is supported. So should I do that? Or should I not? Tell me in my tagboard. Oh yea, if your message doesn't appear in the tag-board once you posted it, try to refresh the tagboard itself! Okay, back to my point.

3 more nights then I'm leaving Malaysia for Japan already. I'm pretty nervous over it. This is my first time travelling alone and I really have to look after myself all the time. I wonder how is it like to be living all by myself in Japan, where people there don't really know how to speak fundamental English. Hopefully I won't get a hard time communicating with them, or else I might just starve to death or being thrown out from the restaurant. The good point is, I will have all the freedom. Nobody's going to watch over my moves. But... my mom just told me today that I must call her everyday at 8.00p.m. Ugh... I might be showering at that time, or watching tv, or even sleeping, or doing my part-time job(rei will know what I'm talking about).

~ Last but not least, Happy Birthday stepmom! Went out for dinner with her. This is the first time I see my family being united and having a good time chit-chatting with each other. Since an incident that happened many years ago, they haven't quite sat together and talked like a warm family. I'm really happy for them. But yea, a few arguments here and there can't be avoided though.

And one more thing, I think I would be going to China next year to study it's language. My dad and mom insist on sending me over there in June or July for half a year. Ugh... how about college or uni?? They have no idea about that too. And one last thing.... I cut my hair! Dyed it too. I'm uglier now. Damn. Haha...

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