Wednesday, July 6, 2005

I wonder...

I just realised that I would be leaving very soon, which is 3 weeks from now.

~ Met up with Amber today in Sunway. We ate at this Waffle World, which was a torture to me since I wanted to eat noodles! Anyway, went to Redbox for the 3rd time this year. Eric can really sing... he's good! And he's going to join Malaysian Idol next year. Good luck dude! Amber can sing too, but not as good as Eric, sorry. Julai was sick, she came down with fever. So, she slept in the room most of the time, shutting her mouth. Well, we did have a great time.

I will sit for my Japanese exam tomorrow, which I haven't even touch on anything yet. Most probably I will have to steal some time tonight to look at it. Everything's happening so quickly and soon I wouldn't see all of the people in the class anymore. It indicates a drastic change in my lifestyle...

~ Watched Kungfu Mahjong yesterday. Hm... it's a STUPID movie, but overall, I'm rating it 7/10 since it contains good sense of humour. Once in a while, I would just watch a comedy to have a good laugh out of it since life is pretty boring.

Sometimes, I just feel that I should be honest in my blog. There are some things that I have to hide, that I must hide. I just can't tell everything. Life would be much easier and less complicated if the people are more open-minded, tolerant and understanding. Those people just happen to be somewhere else, and not anywhere near me.

~ I wonder what's really ahead of my life. I don't have a future if I'm undecided. Ranting's over.

Outta here. Sayonara!

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