Friday, July 8, 2005

Been dropped.

So, lots had been happening too.

~ Looks like I'm not chosen for the KFC advertisement. I'm a bit upset, but somehow I do realise that I don't possess the qualities that they're looking for. But, congratulations to both Julia and Helena cause both of them are chosen for the ad. They'll try out the clothes tomorrow and they'll shoot the ad on Sunday. Hehe... good luck to you guyz!

Yesterday, I sat for my Japanese test. I guess I kinda screwed it. My teacher said that if I don't pass that paper, I shouldn't go to Japan this August. Haha... so my target is to get a pass in that paper I guess. Of course I want an A, but the test was tough. I had not much time to revise on the day itself, since drama practice occupied most of my time lately.

~ Talking about drama, Rosline is pretty stressed up by now. Chill gal! I mean, it's just a drama practice and we'll definitely do our best tomorrow! Yeap, tomorrow's the big night that we have all been anticipating. Oh, and we have our listening test for English tomorrow as well. I'm a bit nervous for tomorrow too, cause I would be performing for the interlude slot. Argh... I haven't memorise my song yet, and I'm struggling through the bad throat that I'm suffering from now.

Finished my BCP presentation today. As my group were to present last, we kinda made it as short as possible because by that time, it was already lunchtime and everyone was kinda eager or desperate to go for lunch. In the end, our group took the least time to finish. My preparation for this presentation used up a lot of my sleeping time as I started late. I accidentally slept yesterday while doing it. Luckily, I woke up in time (thanks to my sister) to finish everything else until 3am in the morning. I'm not the latest though, cause a friend of mine most probably finished his at 4am. It's definitely one hell of experience.

~ Okay, gotta do some other stuff. Outta here. Matane!

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