Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thought of the day: My Life

I have often asked myself why am I born in this world, things that happened to me, and of course, thought about how my future would be in a few years time, as usual. Sometimes, life's just so stuck up as if the world's ending for you.

Thought #1: Our parents were given the chance to decide whether to born us or not, but we didn't have the right to choose to be born or vise versa.

Thought #2: We were raised up the way our parents wanted, without given any choices.

Thought #3: Some parents think that they understand their children perfectly, but the truth is they know nothing at all.

Thought #4: Parents are just like parrots, repeating the same thing over and over again, or nagging.

Thought #5: With or without love, we'll still grow up. Unfortunately, the one brought up with love will eventually succeed in his/her life.

I'm not quite sure the reason we're born in this world, but I have a feeling that everyone has their own 'star seed' and they are to shine in this world. Unless we live in darkness, we'll be able to make a difference. What I believe is that we are suppose to lead the world to a better future. We are to live, inspire, then die off, and would be remembered by the next generation. You might be offended, but like what my friends call me, I'm just a optimistic guy that would never know when I hurt someone else.

Love and hatred, they are the same. They are feelings that are kept in our hearts and only we ourselves know it. And being independent, we're our own doctor and we could heal any internal wounds within ourselves. Let out the pain and hatred, let them be sucked into the black hole, and live with 'the sun'. That's why I love sunrise, where it marks a new beginning. Sunset isn't that bad either, because it will reflect what we did in the past.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Bon Odori coming soon.

I'm feeling a bit miserable today. I don't know why. I had my first nap at home in 2004 today. I was in my room, watching Bulletproof Monk, and suddenly, my eyes went tired and I slept for 2 hours. Haha... bet I can't sleep early tonight.

~ Well, there's nothing much to say about today. I'm a bit pissed off when they canceled the movies tomorrow. I was just thinking that after the trial, I would rather watch Catwoman and King Arthur. Anyway, the last minute cancelling disrupted my weekend schedule. Now, I would have to follow plan B, where I would go to Wesley Methodist School or SMK Bandar Baru Sri Petaling tomorrow for their Installation Day.

Went to McDonalds today and tried the fried prawns. I can't remember the name for the food already. I didn't like it. It wasn't crispy enough and not fulling at all. Next, I would love to try the McPrawn, the one that comes with a burger.

Joke of The Week:
This is a real story and it happened on the 8th July 2004, during lunchtime, in front of our school hall. Jon and I was there, with Meng Yen and Shook Yee. Pn. Siti was so happened to pass by us, eating an ice-cream.
Meng Yen : Wah teacher, eat ice-cream ar.
Pn. Siti : Haha... this is not for people like you!
Meng Yen : Wad!

At that time, Jon and I burst into laughters.

In random, the Japanese Festival is back.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Happy Burfday Dex!

First of all, Happy 17th Birthday Dexter! I've known you since standard 1 i think and you introduced me to Magic The Gathering at that time. Haha...

~ Today, as usual was another tiring day to me. All teachers came, so there wasn't any free lessons. But still, I rather to have something to do than to have nothing to do. Lunchtime was boring! Unlike the olden days, I had duty to do. And now, I would have to sit in the canteen, waiting for the bell to ring. It is just a bit weird for me to be sitting, without any work to be done. Hopefully, I'll find anything that can fill up my empty slots in my time-table!

The weather these days has gone crazy. One moment, the sky is bright and the sun is burning the earth, then the next moment, the dark clouds hid the sun away and poured acidic water on us. Luckily, not many people fell sick for that because usually, we tend to get sick then the weather is 'unstable'.

~ When I was passing the corridor today, I read the article on the results for the Cheer 2004. I thought that if Melani didn't fall, they might have got more points and would be ranked higher. Maybe 8th or 9th. But the number of teams that participated in the competition this year had increased. Therefore, it is okay to get 11th out of 35 schools competing for the title.

This Nixie and Amber were very kepoh when they asked me why I put 'confused' and 'blushing' in my nickname. Of course, there's a hidden secret beneath it that can't be told to anyone at all. I'm just shy... way too shy...

In random, I'll qoute Encik Iskhandar. "This was ONCE a good class" (referring to 5K2)!

Sunday, July 4, 2004

Throwing Javelin in the Field!

Javelin ar~grins~...

Looking like an idiot!

Orang asli in the house!

I'm Julia, the Javelin Goddess!

A rather funny looking expression!

Family portrait!


Wah! I've not been updating my blog for quite a while. Sorry guys. I'll just skip to what happened today.

~ Well, I went for my last ICC meeting. It was a bit saddening but still, I feel that the burdens are gone by now.

After that, I went to Sungei Wang with Darren, Annjoe, Sieu Theng and Jovann. Darren of course planned to pak to there with Annjoe. Sieu Theng wanted to have her ears pierced whereas Jovann wanted to cut his hair. We broke up in front of Guardian Pharmacy. Then, I went to my mom's restaurant for 2 hours to have my lunch there. When I was back at Sungei Wang, I went to Low Yat to get an MP3 player. Wah, I just spent my own money on unnecessary things. Tungz! Met Arroon in front of the HK Movies shop before I went home.

Oh yea. Some of the things that happened this week. I bought The Calling's new album, 'II'. Ai San had her birthday bash on Monday. I appeared on TV for approx 1 second in the show, Malaysian Idol!

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Cheer 2004!

Sunday, 27th June 2004

Woke up at 6.30a.m. today! Yes! You might think that I'm crazy for waking up that early on a Sunday. But I have no choice because I ave to meet up with Ms. Lim in the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil at 6.15a.m. When we were there, there was nobody else except some security guards and cleaners. People only started arriving after 7.30a.m.!

~ 35 schools joined the Cheer 2004 this year. I'll just cut short of everything. I met Cheng Han, Ming Kee and Phoi Ying there. And um... Shewanaz wasn't in the top 3. The winner was Shirtliff again, the winning team from Sekolah Bintang Utara(SBU), the 1st runner-up was Dynamitez followed by Xavier from Convent Bukit Nanas(CBN) whereas the Best newcomer was the All Boyz team Vulcanz!

I won't include any pictures as all the pictures were quite blur. But I'll post the one with Bellefire! And Vince from Akademi Fantasia performed too. But uh, I don't really like him. And Jien was the host again!

Bellefire performing their hit single, "Say Something Anyway".

Jien caught in action!