Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ops! I got fooled.

After doing some online research, I'm greatly sorry for posting the wrong info on the tornado or water spout (the right term to be used for a tornado generated on the sea). From what I observe, those pictures should be taken during the water spout which appeared in Singapore somewhere in May then. Once again, I apologize for the discrepancies. Have a look at a footage posted in Youtube.

Isn't it great to hear that it didn't happen in Penang? However, another nearby state to Singapore was slightly affected. Yeap, Johor. So the Penang Kakis can rest for now, but the Johorians have a little something to be worried about. Although, according to Wikipedia, water spout is almost harmless, but IMO, it looks disastrous... Anyhow, here's another footage recorded at Air Masin, Pontian, Johor.

Monday, July 23, 2007


My sister told me a shocking incident that took place in Penang few days ago. It seemed that after the Tsunami massacre few years ago, Penang has a new worry to be taken care of. So what's the latest attack on Penang, which was not report in The Star (have searched through it) but has appeared on Chinese newspaper? Tornado, the 'it' disaster to be pondered on. Oh gosh, does global warming has something to do with this? Lets hope a few other natural disasters won't hit Malaysia. No, volcanoes, stay away! And earthquakes too! We have not even dealt with our flash floods and all. Anyway, here are some of the pictures taken by anonymous pedestrians appearing courtesy of PhotoDiSini.

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Oh no! Is Earth reaching it's end?

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Gonna hit the shore. Emergency sirens should be alarming right now, shouldn't it?

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Sometimes, human beings are just so unpredictable. Will someone stand and watch an approaching disaster?

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Luckily, according to my sister, it lasted for only 5 minutes or so. Will it return? We certainly don't know.

It's really freaky to have heard about this. I've seen really miniature tornadoes along the highways before, but not that particularly enormous. I will definitely run for my life, or hide into some basements to ensure my safety. Oh and I'll bring my dog along too. Can't afford to lose it. And also my money, handphone, and other important belongings. Damn, too much too carry, too little capacity. What can I save, and what I couldn't save during an emergency? Tough question to be answered.


Does anyone of you recall the Be Like Beyonce Contest organised by Samsung Fun Club back then which I participated in but ultimately lost to some Divas? A new page has just been created after the announcement of the result. So what's so interesting about this new page? Although one Diva might have won, there's a hot highlight from the contest. Quoting from the page:

Wow, all of you who submitted entries for the “Be Like Beyonce” contest really embodied the word “DIVA”!! But here's a guy who pulled out all stops! He moved and grooved like Beyonce. He's gonna burn up any dance floor!

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Hehe, well guess that's a consolation prize too. I'm still anxious to see if I'm actually going to get a copy of B'Day Deluxe Edition as a prize or not. Based on the terms and conditions, all winners should be notified by now. Hmm, guess I'm not entitled to one, perhaps? Anyhow, I'm still pretty content to have shown minorities to what extent I admire Beyonce, her music, her grooves and her curves. And hell, I've also joined the Idol Look-Alike contest. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Show Mi!

Genting Highlands had a temperature lift when the established CantoPop Diva, Sammi Cheng reinged Arena of Stars on the 25th and 26th of June. I was actually there to catch the 2nd (or last) show and no doubt, it was worth the money and time put in. Overall, I give Sammi an A+ for her effort, energy and heart and an A for the show.

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The opening of the show was really awesome. She did the same song thrice in different remixes and vibes. The classic moment during this segment was her throwing off her wig. Consequently, the crowd roared loudly and everyone seemed warmed up by then.

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Dance! Dance! Dance! Now everyone, move along!

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It wasn't long before she came out in this rather technically weird in a good way style that blew everyone off with a few fast tracks. I was banging my head so hard until I was nearly worn out in just a short time.

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After that, the pace slowed down once again when Sammi talked a little bit about her hiatus from the industry, her life and the media. At the mean time, she blended in some of the songs from other artists as well. Soon, the stage was joined by another rising star. He dueted with Sammi before belting out two of his famous songs which was very ear-sweetening.

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Immediately thereafter, temperature of the whole stadium rose when the crazy-fantastic medley began with Smami dressed in a sharp white-with-red-bra-exposed outfit. Most of the audience actually stood up, including the aunties and uncles, and danced along with the heavy bass-ed music. Sammi was soon exhausted, but we really enjoyed the show.

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During the encore session, she came out in a more ordinary, casual style with a really cute bag. Anyway, this outfit was once worn by Penny Tai, and according to the source that reported it, they claimed that Sammi wore it better than Penny. Ouch (for PT)!

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Before wrapping up the show, Sammi invited 4 fortunate fans up on the stage to share a song with her. Oh, before that, she had a hand-shaking session too (which is probably the first time she's doing so here in Malaysia!). Anyhow, in a mere 2 hours, the show that I was anticipating ended. Hopefully Sammi will be back in 2 years or so for another concert. :)

Keahi was attacked!

Unfortunate events do occur once in a while. During my holidays, Keahi, my car, was actually attacked and suffered quite a severe aftermath damage. It probably happened early in the morning while I was still sleeping soundingly, without noticing the alarm which rang for quite a while, according to my mom. Yeap, she heard it, but then didn't take any actions, thinking that the alarm belonged to other cars. Luckily, Keahi was not abducted successfully, and was sent to the hospital in the late afternoon. Poor Keahi.

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On the side note, Be Like Beyonce Contest has already selected its finalists and I was not chosen for the next round, which was rather ridiculous since some girls who got lesser views than me got into the finals. Hmm, well, consolation prize will be as great too, right?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bon Odori '07.

Yo! Watup everybody? After 2 weeks plus, my mid-year holidays finally wrapped up. Experienced quite a lot this time around, without wasting much of the relaxation time. Putting them up for beneficial, full use, time passed really quickly, and though it was brief and sweet, I couldn't ask for more.

New semester has commenced, and I'm now in the new Monash Campus located in Sunway City. No longer the "Siamese twin" to the Sunway College University, we're now alone by ourselves. The place is pretty huge and spacious, and so far, I've only been to the School of Business where most of my classes are held. Our building is pretty convenience, as we are linked to the library and cafeteria. However, my unfamiliarity with the place slowed my pace in searching for my classrooms on my very first day. I bet quite a number of people is facing that similar situation. :)

Schedule this semester didn't change drastically, as I'm still having weekend from Friday till Sunday. Tuesday is considered a short day too, since I have to only attend an hour of lecture! Quite a waste of time, so I will find myself skipping it numerous time (if possible) in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, can't develop it as a habit because there are only 6 students for that particular class! Yeap, Econometrics graduates in the making are soon to extinct if fewer people are signing up for that major. One thing bad about this new time table is the breaks between classes. All together, 4 hours of breaks for me. On top of that, I will have to wake up early on Mondays and Wednesdays. :S

Last but not least, as my new semester commences, results were released a couple of days ago. It was, perhaps, surprising. Expectations and hopes of passing each and every subject were fulfilled. The average marks even increased a little compared to the previous two semesters. I'm glad that my lack of effort last semester did not really affect the overall outcome. I just can't afford to spend another big sum of money just to repeat the failed units. Thank God!

Anyhow, I was able to join the crowd who made it to this year's annual Bon Odori. Being held for the 31st time now, it once again took place in Panasonic Sports Complex (formerly known as Matsushita Sports Centre). Everything's as usual - dances, fans, Japanese food and beverages, and cute Japanese around. By the time I arrived, which was like 9 o'clock, most of the things were selling fast already. And as I was busy dancing and dancing, paying my tribute to the spirits, I was actually unaware that I had to start buying some souvenirs before it was too late. Unfortunately, I managed to get only a bottle of honey green tea (which sucked) and 2 packets of juices. Oh and by the way, Adrien was there too!

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Overall, it was really fun to join such events. But will I be there next year? Hmm, not sure. :X