Monday, July 23, 2007


Does anyone of you recall the Be Like Beyonce Contest organised by Samsung Fun Club back then which I participated in but ultimately lost to some Divas? A new page has just been created after the announcement of the result. So what's so interesting about this new page? Although one Diva might have won, there's a hot highlight from the contest. Quoting from the page:

Wow, all of you who submitted entries for the “Be Like Beyonce” contest really embodied the word “DIVA”!! But here's a guy who pulled out all stops! He moved and grooved like Beyonce. He's gonna burn up any dance floor!

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Hehe, well guess that's a consolation prize too. I'm still anxious to see if I'm actually going to get a copy of B'Day Deluxe Edition as a prize or not. Based on the terms and conditions, all winners should be notified by now. Hmm, guess I'm not entitled to one, perhaps? Anyhow, I'm still pretty content to have shown minorities to what extent I admire Beyonce, her music, her grooves and her curves. And hell, I've also joined the Idol Look-Alike contest. :)

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