Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008


It's almost 3 weeks since I've taken an unexplained leave from blogging. So what have the monkey been doing? Has he been busy with assignments? Or has he been busy with dancing? Or, has he been busy with his friends? Perhaps, he's just busy with everything.

Yes, I've been rather busy with the amount of work attached to university. Can't really screw up my final semester at Monash for I have bigger plans ahead of me upon the completion of the undergraduate program. I've pretty much done very badly for two of my assignments so far, scoring just 50 and over 50 percent respectively. Undoubtedly, it's my worst record to-date. This would mean that I can't possibly screw up my final papers. Speaking of which, examination is around the corner. The first paper takes off on the 24th this month, and I've not started much on my revision. So far, two chapters only, to be frank. A lot to pick up from here.

FYI, I am or was having my holidays, which ends tonight. Five out o the nine days, I was out hanging out or partying. The rest, spent them doing house chores or dancing. Oh, and eating, too. Finally, my weight has gone back up to 64 kilograms. Don't be surprise! I might look wispy, but I am that heavy.

And yes, I have also been dancing quite a lot. The Monash Ball went pretty well for the performer, despite the controversial conspiracies revolving the event which I shouldn't elaborate further. The response to our performances was the greatest of the night. However, as much as I have enjoyed preforming, I regret having to miss out on sharing the moments with my friends since I stayed at the dressing room till a very late hour. So I've decided that I will be a guest the next time I'm at a ball.

Other than that, I attended two line dancing parties. One which was organised by my beloved teacher, Ms. Lily along with 4 other established line dance teachers. It was held in the T.T.D.I. Community Hall. It was the day where I had a shock of my life when I injured my hand and stained my white shirt with lots of blood. Surely, it was pretty serious as the patch of blood was huge. Luckily, I brought some extra shirts to change. On another occasion, the other line dance party was to celebrate Uncle Peter's birthday, which was held in the OUG Club instead. Although it's only my second time celebrating with him, I can foretell that this will continue for years to come.

When there is yang, there is also yin. About a month ado, Fifi, Julia's dog, met fatality as it was found to be suffering from cancer. Then, just days ago, a friend called me to tell me that another friend of mine just lost someone she treasures most. It was really heart shattering to hear such news, and also really sudden. Having to know these, it reminds me that we should always spend our time as if tomorrow never comes. Express all your emotions, doubts, love, lusts and hate before it is too late. well, maybe minus the hatred there.

Before I forget, the Dive of Cantopop, Sammi Cheng was in Genting on the 26th and 27th for her Show Mi Again concert 2008. I attended the concert on the 2nd night, sitting on the 8th row from the stage. it was overwhelming to see her this close, although I've been like really close to her once during an autograph session. Anyway, the concert was fantastic, and she looked ethereal in all the 5 very trendy costumes. Overall, it was worth forking out half a thousand to watch her concert!

I can't believe that I spent almost half an hour writing this. I do know that only a handful, or maybe none will actually read this. How'd I wished that I'm like a Gossip Boy or something, but I don't do gossips, right? Monday is approaching very quickly, and the upcoming things that I have to look forward to is another line dance party on this Sunday and the RA work which I'm supposed to complete by this weekend.

What's that? I smell BUSY Pie coming up...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Road Not Taken...

Remember the poem by Robert Frost about the two roads diverged in a yellow wood?

Often times, I do think what if I haven't decided to become what I am, or how I am today. Just this morning, my cousin read some of my old blog entries which I had written in year 2005 or so. She said that I expressed myself as an emotional adolescent, just like the majority out there. The phase of me wandering in the lost world is over, and I'm definitely more focused and determined than before to reach out for the stars that I dream of. There had been alternatives in the past, and not forgetting some of the unforgivable and unchangeable mistakes that I made. What's done IS done. Never cry over spilt milk.

As I'm planning for my future, let me update you with some of the events that took place in the past weeks. On the 24th of July, Dance Fusion Club of Monash University Malaysia performed for the Gala Dinner of Monash commemorating the school's 50th Anniversary globally and 10th Anniversary in Sunway. It was a fusion of Swing, Jive and Salsa. We did a good job, but I really felt bad for my partner, Grace who fell sick just a couple of days before the performance. Even though she wasn't feeling well on that night too, she really gave her all into the performance and boom, the performance was a bomb. Great job, everyone!

That was out outfit for the Jive. Loved the dance, absolutely!

Then, we changed into out Salsa attire. Posing with us is Laura (on the left) and Sharon (on the right).

3 weeks later, Dance Fusion performed again for the audience who were at 1 Utama, Damansara for the Animax Youth Festival on the 9th of August. The initial musketeers couldn't make it all together, as seen in the photos. Only 4 of them were involved, so more members were recruited to join the list of performers. In the end, we settled at 5 couples, with 6 new members that consist of Tijo, Yung Lin, Joanne, Lin Jing, Bernie and Erica (Grace's elder sister). Dissimilar to our previous performance, Ms. Sharon had us performed Jazzy Swing this time to Jennifer Lopez's then big hit, 'Waiting for Tonight'. Although the carpeted flooring was an obstacle to most of us, we got through everything quite smoothly, although I had a slip at the final moment when I had to catch Grace on my arms. Anyways, great job, once again.

My greatest partner, Grace Tham!

She doesn't like taking pictures. But I made her do it. Ain't I evil?

Moroever, I made her do that with me too!

Finally, a group picture of all the performers with Ms. Sharon.

As busy as I am for this semester, I was able to catch up with some of my friends during meal times. Hooked up with Fish and Wing on different occasions. Was also able to have a lunch meal with Julia, but no pictures were taken. Sometimes, I feel that I'm spending so much time on my dancing and studies until a certain state that I slightly start to neglect my friends. Well, not that I have many friends, but spending time with them is important. Besides, it refreshes me whenever there's some hot gossips to be shared with.

Venue: Pat Kin Pat San Cafe, Shamelin Perkasa

With Amber. You could tell how tired I was by looking at my droopy eyes.

Fishy Shook Yee is getting prettier day by day!

The food there was kinda great.

That's a must have. It's claled um... Thai Chicken Chop Rice I think.

Venue: T.G.I.F., Pavillion

Have anyone lost his/her buffalo Wing?

That's the shirt Lily bought for me. Isn't it nice?

After having those, I was really damn full.

Just 2 days ago, I was at StudyLink, SS15 to apply for a course called Masters of Applied Econometrics. I've mentioned about it before but decided to go for an interview session with a representative all the way from Monash Australia. However, she brought forward the session to Monday and for I was unaware of it, I went there blindly two days after. Failing to meet up with her, I decided to just send in my application forms. The course is somehow contemporary, as it is not stated in the application booklet. and guess what, as abbreviations are suppose to be short and simple, the course is shortened to M.App.Econometrics. Just got to know that yesterday. Well, anyways, if everything goes on smoothly, I will received my conditional acceptance letter in October, which is around my final examination period. Of course, starting from next month, I will really put all my heart and soul into studying as I'm not taking any chances to fail any subjects in my final semester. Sustaining a good average of 77 is my target, but passing is a must!

Before I disappear again, there are a few things to look out for in the upcoming weeks. new seasons of Ugly Betty and America's Next Top Model will blast off in September. And have you heard it yet? A transvestite actually made it into the final 14 for ANTM. Then, my line dancing teacher, Ms. Lily Chin is also having a party on the 24th. And 6 days from the party, the Monash Ball 2008 will take place. and in between, I will be waiting for my call to be an instructor for MyFitness. Hopefully, I will nail the job as it will build my experience and confidence to the next level. Last but not least, 2 assignments due next week (Wednesday & Friday), with a test and presentation on Thursday.

All in all, busy days ahead, and the seamonkey is out of here now!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Too many 8's on a day is never bad for the Chinese. The highly anticipated Olympic starts today in Beijing. Dance Fusion will be performing tomorrow in One Utama for the Animax Fest. The Devilish Bunnies made their first few sales today. On this special day, nothing can ever go wrong. Well, everyone, Happy 080808!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Devilish Bunnies!

For all y'all fashion luvers out there, head over this newly launched online boutique to check out their collection of clothes (and the sexy models - namely the Devil and the Bunny - too). Sold at affordable prices, delivery services are also provided for a small fee. Watch out for their upcoming promotions.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dancing with Lily Chin...

Happened on the same weekend with the competition, I was actually in Star Hill performing with my teacher, Ms. Lily Chin. It was my very first time strutting my ass in a mall. On Sunday night, I was watched by Tommy, Tammy's brother, who is actually doing his intern in Shook!. The feeling of excitement and satisfaction of performing in public thrills me thoroughly. I can't wait for more, yet I'm too busy with my school work at the moment. Why can't we, human, just rest for 2 hours or less and have the strength to do everything for the rest of the 22 hours?

The venue was in Jakes for their 27th Anniversary celebration on Saturday. Dances performed wereHigh Time and Don't Stop.

On Sunday, we did it on stage instead for all the diners and shoppers. Dances performed were High Time and Sexy Oreo.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Asia Pacific Dance eXplosion 2008

The competition finally reached it's end of the road. I had given everything for a best shot at the newcomer title, but apparently, it was insufficient. I might have scored the highest score during the semi-finals with another girl, but should have done poorly during the finals since I was given a fourth placing. Well, the match was very much between the 3 girls and I who secured the top 4 placing anyways. Overall, I'm overjoyed for performing in front of hundreds of people, and disappointed with the results for failing the expectations from my teacher and my godmothers including the funniest of them all, Aunt Petrina.

As it was my first time participating in a line dance competition, it really awakened me that I have to do much, much more to be at the top. The amazingly talented dancers there really inspired me to come up with more awkward but creative variations and styles. Modern line dancers should be funky, energetic, innovative and crazy in a way that they should do what that has never been done before. Hopefully, I would be able to bring that to the dance floor the next time. There were a bunch of competitors from Singapore who were really extremely great. It was not unsure that they will bag some championship as they were there to win. To all finalists, congrats on making it that far and doing a great job. Well said, see y'all again in the coming years.

During the semi-final!


Into the finals!


The results... could y'all see me?

My supporters that day.

I heart them!

My most beloved teacher, Ms. Lily Chin!

Together with Xiang Xiang (on the left) who was #1 for the Novice Crystal category.