Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dancing with Lily Chin...

Happened on the same weekend with the competition, I was actually in Star Hill performing with my teacher, Ms. Lily Chin. It was my very first time strutting my ass in a mall. On Sunday night, I was watched by Tommy, Tammy's brother, who is actually doing his intern in Shook!. The feeling of excitement and satisfaction of performing in public thrills me thoroughly. I can't wait for more, yet I'm too busy with my school work at the moment. Why can't we, human, just rest for 2 hours or less and have the strength to do everything for the rest of the 22 hours?

The venue was in Jakes for their 27th Anniversary celebration on Saturday. Dances performed wereHigh Time and Don't Stop.

On Sunday, we did it on stage instead for all the diners and shoppers. Dances performed were High Time and Sexy Oreo.

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