Monday, January 16, 2006

Sales where are you?

There's a change in the layout as seen, and now I think I will post a personal picture of myself everyday. By the way, had been quite an exhausting weekend. Didn't have the spirit to blog, yet there wasn't much to talk about anyways. I would declare it a fearsome weekend.

Saw 3 horror flicks, 1 disappointed me a lot, while the other 2 played with my nerves very well. First, after finished donwloading Blair Witch Project for months, I'd finally had the time to watch it. This globally acclaimed horror movie that's supposed to at least scare its audience a bit failed to do the thingling, nerves-frekking trick that will send chills to my spine. I can't possibly figure out the reason some people are admires the "masterpiece" deeply. Of a rating ranging from 0-5, it only deserves *1/2 from me. What a shame.

Another 2 movies that I'm gonna talk about falls into the same frenchise, Saw. Saw is a marvellous movie, an antidote to all the lousy Halloween movies out there. Gore, blood, terror, disgust, etc. The movie included everything that will make a good horror picture that will appeal to most young adults and adults. Children would find it too gruesome where as the weak hearted will possibly scream out of their lungs. **** for that movie. Saw II was similar to Saw, but the story was a bit different this time, which is good cause nobody would want to see the same concept that has been used by its predecessor. What I liked about the latter film is that more blood has been brought into the movie. It's a snother strong **** movie to me.

Besides calling this weekend a horror, it's also a warmth at the same time as I spent quite a lot of time with my family. People who know me well understands that my family hardly see each other as our schedule collides with one another almost everytime. As Chinese New Year is approaching, this could be a good sign of how things would go and work out in the upcoming Lunar calendar for the Buddhist. Luck and fortune and wealth and health and pssion and love and... there are so many things that I'm wishing for. And a harmonious family is one of them.

So, yesterday the Store made a grand opening at my area. Was there with my family of course. The place was new, and d'oh it had to be crowded. To make things worse, the place wasn't spacious at all. Arrangements of the goods almost used up half of the space in the building I would say. The choices we consumers have over there is rather limited I noticed. Maybe it's because of the space contraint. Raw materials looked really fresh, since it's on the first day. The workers... a bit slow. Lack of experience in managing the crowd at the counters made long queues visible from a mile away. I wouldn't want to go there again. Carrefour in Endah Parade is still a wiser choice for me.

It was the first time in my life I was in Steven's Corner, sipping on a glass of Limau Ais with my family, excluding my father who was working. We had a great talk of any issues that ran into our minds. Everything went cool, and passionate. Then we went straight home and into our rooms separately again. Just a few hours after that, which was about 7-8 in the morning, I received a wake up knock after my phone alarm woke me up before that. It was time to leave for breakfast. The whole family went this time. We didn't talk much however, as my dad was there. He's just a quiet person, and whenever he talks, it seems like my stepmom would love to start an arguement with him. Anyway, we were in OUG, trying the pork noodle, which my sister claimed to be really delicious. I was a bit full for no reason, and ate nothing. After the meal, I guess family time's over.

CNY is just 2 weeks away, and I'm still not done with my shopping spree yet. Still in my must-buy list are:

1) a pair of new white shoes
2) two pair of pants, 1 of them has to be black
3) a watch
4) new boxers
5) 5 pieces of polo tees

Here comes the twist, I'm sorta broke already. I wonder if there's any garage or clearance sales that sells apparels at their lowest prices. Damn.

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