Friday, August 13, 2004


I had finally finished Onimusha 3: Demon Siege for easy mode. Hehe... yeap, I played the easy one. Now, I would love to try the normal mode and that would take me another week I guess. I would leave that for the holidays. Right now, I shall start playing Bujingai: The Forsaken City.

~ Had a few surprises today. First, it has to be the marks for my History paper. I was expecting 75 or so. Then, I actually improved for Commerce paper. And guess what, this is the first time I get an A2 for the subject this year. I got 3B for that subject during the first 2 exams! As for Additional Maths, I actually scored 93 for my paper 2, which was above my expectations. Haha... a great day I shall say.

Random topic for the day
~ Underwear. Clothing worn under other clothes next to skin. Underwear includes boxer, brief, trunk, jockstrap, g-string, etc. Actually, why is underwear important? Some believes that underwear protects our important organs. Some believes that it prevents certain diseases, for cleanliness.

Some people choose not to wear it at home, but I would say 99% of the people who's in the public wears an underwear. I myself prefers not to wear it, but I'm force to wear it everywhere, at home, in school, in shopping malls. I just can't imagine not wearing underwear when I'm out. It might be more comfortable, but the thang will not be 'placed' well as nothing holds it on to something. Can you imagine a guy that doesn't wear underwear suddenly gets an erection out of nowhere? That would be funny and hilarious as well as embarrassing. You can just see a tent in the trousers or something. Even worse, when a guy's erect, pre-cum stage occurs and that would create a wet spot in the touching surface. Wouldn't that make things worse?

~ In conclusion, wear underwear in public, but it's not necessary to wear it at home I guess unless you have guests in your house. Haha... and I think briefs suck. I prefer boxer briefs... Lolz....

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