Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just another bad day.

If the fear of being stuck in the jam under heavy rain is not enough, my day (yesterday) gone worse when I found out that my CPU and modem had been struck by lightning, although they were idle and off at the time I wasn't at home. This is the second time that my motherboard had malfunctioned, and the first for it's a new computer bought this year. As for the modem, I have lodged a report, and is still waiting for an appointment with the technician. If, on any other days, these had happened, I wouldn't care much. However, I wouldn't desire for it when I have 3 assignments piled up and am in need of the Internet connection to gather information for them. Anyway... here I am battling through the war ground, haha. As Destiny's Child motivates us with their worldwide hit "Survivor", the song endlessly plays in my heart throughout this period of time.

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