Thursday, December 2, 2004

Yeah! Spm's finally over!

It has ended. A new life would soon start. Less friends from now on. After 12 years of studying in Sekolah Sri Garden, I had to say goodbye to the school, my second home. Well, so much sweet memories over the last 12 years in the school.

~ I could still remember the good old times when i was in Kindergarten. The porridge sold at the school canteen at that time was delicious, unlike the ones now. I could still remember the times when I played the toys after I was done with my work in Kindergarten. Oh yea, the best of all, I got number 1 in the whole Kindergarten.

Then comes primary school life... I started playing a lot and my studies dropped. I could still remember the classes I was in, 1A, 2D, 3C, 4A, 5B, 6A. My friends told me that Kelly cried when we were in 1A just because she couldn't 'jaga' the class as the class monitor. I can't remember that. Haha... In the 2D, Mr. Chandra spiced up our lives. Phang was given nicknames. Oh yea, and the Hang Li Po Drama. That was the 3rd, and last play I've ever participated in. Then in 3C, I made friends with Su Via and Ee Vonn. Together with Phang and I, we had a great time comparing boobs to fruits. That was funny. Then comes 4A. I can't remember much.... In 5B, Farah bullied me. I got a nickname called Lychee Sakai. Haha... Cik Indrani scolded Farah and Michelle for that. Whereas the great memories in 6A were the UPSR results and the Kuala Selangor trip. It was during the trip where I first used a mascara on my hair!

~ Secondary school life was the best of all. In 1G, Mr. Loi took the spotlight. he was bullied badly by people like Tzu Zhung, Aaron annd Jeremy. And those people who bullied him were to apologize in front of the hall during Teacher's Day. It was embarrassing, yet humorous. And then I could remember fighting with Kheng Loon during the first day of school. I was also elected as the class monitor, all in a sudden. Then I moved on to 2S. The highlights of the year were... The Maths Magic competition. I got 7th placing overall. Improvement in academics. I got same marks with Yin Yang during the final exam. Yin Yang's bottle incident. Shiau Kee's glue incident. Phang threw a glue at somebody. Unfortunately, the fan blocked it and it hit Shiau Kee's head. Tasik Kenyir trip. Leeches are eerie! The natural water is tasty. The sceneries and the bugs. She cried. Guess it was PAINFUL. 3S, stressful year and I had to sit for PMR. Sweet memories were during the trip to Rompin. I found out that I'm good at BishiBashi. The trip was just good, one of the best that I'd been to. PMR results came out in December and I got a rather satisfying result.

Upper secondary life was way too cool. My status improved quite a lot. I holded some posts. And I became a prefect. Made lots of new friends. Highlights over the passed 2 years... cat fight between Ee Vonn and Kia Ju. It was shocking and entertaining enough. Then, haha... Mr. Lim was attacked by stroke. Then, helping out during the Joint Installation, although I'm not supposed to be involved. Oh, then having a stay over at Ee Vonn's house. Everything went out the way we didn't expect. But we had a great time playing the dancing mat and watching movie! Talking about sleepovers, we also stayed at Julia's house during Jess' birthday. The barbecue session was great, and we spent good time playing PlayStation(BishiBashi again). Um... Malaysian Idol started this year too. I didn't make it. I'm disappointed, but I'll try again next year. Guess that's not a sweet experience at all. Haha, and over the past, my love life sucked. Lolz...

~ Prom Night is just 4 days away. Preparations for it are just in 5% progress. I'm in deep shit. Anything goes wrong that night, I would be the one blamed. And I'm worried over my clothes too. I have not get them. But I'm going out later again, thank god.

Updates on Prom... performance by the Black Flag. Performance by Kelly. A game for couples that would test their compatibility. Then, lucky draw. We have a contest for best dress. Prom King n Queen is a must have. And Kelly and I would be the hosts.

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