Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Happiest Moments in 2004!

01) SPM finally finished - Studied for 12 years just for that. Hopefully I'll obtain good results in the examination. Quite a few subjects were quite tough. That includes History, Commerce and Malay. I'm not so confident in Science and English too. I'm a bit worried for my English essay. I should have chosed another topic, rather than writing on Clothes. As for Science, I did fairly good in the objective paper, but not really impressive in the subjective paper.

02) Taking part in Interact activities - Well, I consider myself fortunate for being invited to participate in the Joint I.U. Day although SSG wans't one of the schools joining. Interact club has done a lot for me, boosting my confidence, and fulfilling my dreams. I sang. I danced. I hosted. I modeled. Although it's just within school level, i'm still very content about it. So much sweet memories.

03) Not chosen for National Service - Lucky for me, I guess. Or shall I say, unlucky for not being chosen. Either way, I'm happy about it. Good luck to those who are going, it will definitely stregthen y'all up. How cool.

04) Met new friends in school - It's kinda like an accomplishment. Audrey, Darren, Sho, Ivy, etc. Most of them are juniors, but it is really entertaining to hang out with them. Time passed so quickly that I regret for not meeting them earlier.

05) Appearing on TV for less than 1 second - Haha, thanks to Malaysian Idol. I was spotted playing games and dancing with my fellow friends that I met during the audition. Though I'm not chosen, at least I got a consolation prize.

06) Mom approves me to learn Japanese - She always stress on the importance of Mandarin, so I thought she'll not allow me to learn Japanese. Well, I wont he battle against her. Another thing she always nag about is about my guitar lesson. She kept encouraging me to stop learning it. Unfortunately, she failed.

07) Obtaining a driving license - Haha, I hate to drive but I have to drive. Unlike Jon and Kah Ming, I suck at driving. The tutor probably knew about it. So, instead of 10 hours, he taught me for 13 hours, just to make sure that I pass the tests. Unfortunately, I failed once, and succeeded the 2nd time. Thank god. The tests were just pressuring and frightening. I hate the hill climbing part.

08) Sister's engaged - Woo-hoo. Finally... Not that she's old, but her marriage is something new that is about to happen in my life. Life would be different after she's married (in January). I'll have a brother-in-law. Most probably more angpow money next year. Haha, even before they got married, I already got rm500 from my future brother-in-law. And it seems that I have to ask angpow from him before opening the car door during their marriage. The custom rocks.

09) Challenging Julia in singing songs by Ashlee - It's just hilarious. We laughed a lot during our competition. I won most of the time, but Julia's not weak. She can master some of the songs, and I master the rest.

10) Offered scholarship by Taylor's College - At least something to be proud of for the rest of my life. Congratulations to Amanda and Tzuch for receiving scholarships too. Hope I'll meet you guys soon in Taylor's. I've enrolled myself under the Taylor's Business Foundation, joining Julia and Ee Vonn.

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