Friday, December 24, 2004


Only slept for 6 hours today. That's short of 2-3 hours compared to the usual time. Why? I watched Return of the King again, but this time, the extended version. The movie is about 4 hours. Yea, that long. Watching it again, I realised what an amazing movie it is. Enjoyable, fun and entertaining. I couldn't spot which part was extended though. Haha, don't blame me, I couldn't remember much about the shortened version when I watched it 2 years ago. Hope The Hobbit would be released soon.

~ Oh yea, there was a bad news for me. Apple Language Centre, where I learn my Japanese, will be shifting to Plaza Berjaya next month. There would be a few weeks break. Damn, another few weeks wasted then. And it will actually demoralise me. I hate going far, far places at night. But come to think of it, it would mean that I can go for a lil' shopping every Tuesday.

Christina Aguilera has been confirmed to be the host for the MTV Asia Awards 2005 which would be held in Bangkok. Damn, when will it take place in Malaysia, I thought. Anyways, though I'm an Asian, i have to say that the award show is a bit lame, dull and boring. With expected winners, there is nothing much to watch. And some performances are just less entertaining. Hopefully the artists that are due to perform this time would do better.

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