Thursday, October 28, 2004

Hehe... a long post be4 SPM!

Well, it has been 19 days since I last updated my blog.

First thing first. Prom. Well, we have reduced the number of people attending it from 150 to 100 due to some unforseen circumstances. Well, we still hope to get more and more people so that we can get a bigger room, or else... By the way, we need some volunteers to perform that night. Anyone interested, message me using MSN. Besides, we might need some cds for the event. If you have any cds that are suitable for the event, please help us out.

~ Next, the 2nd thing that is bugging me is the SNL incident recently. Ashlee Simpson was caught lip-synching and since then, thousands had been insulting her. I don't understand why they care so much just for one unavoidable mistake that was made by a cute, lovely artist. Ashlee-haters fuck off now. She has tried her best since she joined the music industry and it wasn't her fault for being sick. Besides, we shouldn't blame anyone else right now but to keep supporting her, so that she can go on with her life and contribute to the music industry. Lip-synching is a very common matter today. Look at Britney Spears. She did sing life before, but most of the time she just danced without singing to her audience. F4, with all the fame, they still sometimes lip-synched. I guess Destiny's Child uses back-up tapes for their latest performances for their latest track 'Lose My Breath' too. N-Sync lip-synchs too. It's just very common. Just for one mistake, it is very unfair to judge Ashlee for that. Her album's great with many many nice tracks. Well, lip-syching might be bad cause the artists don't sing their own songs, but lip-synching once or twice is okay. Nobody's perfect. Something is just fucking wrong with those people.

Okay, done. 2 more school days to go then the holidays start. Well, not really. We were given early leave so that we could study for our SPM. My Additional Mathematics papers would be on the 4th of November, which is roughly 7 days from now. I can't believe that after 12 years in Sekolah Sri Garden, I would have to leave the school soon. It would actually take me some time to adapt to the new environment, without school, less friends, less activities, almost nothing to do after SPM. Growing up is rather difficult. Well, just hope that I'll be able to live through it. For now, I'm not sure whether I want to further my studies in Help Institute or Taylor's College. Folks, which one do you think is a better choice?

New tracks recommended for listening:
1) Gwen Stefani - What Are You Waiting For
2) Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath
3) Lindsay Lohan - Rumours

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