Monday, June 26, 2006

Friends and games.

All about hanging out with friends & games:

1. Friday, 23rd June 2006. For the first time this year, Fantastic Four, made up of Monkey, Donkey, Piggy, and King Kong had an outing together during the holidays. Not to forget, Kelly (the orang utan), Derrick (piggy's cuddle) and Amber (the cow) were there too. Venue: Yuenz steamboat. I've been there many, many times since I was intorduced to the shop. The food there is average, but the ice cream and the bbq chicken are irresistably luscious! The service is fairly good. And the price is reasonable. To the readers, check the shop out. (Sorry, I don't know the address...)

Well we had so much fun in there. Criticism and sarcasm is our best tool to communicate with each other to produce jokes, puns and burns. It has been a long time since all of us sat down and talk things other than university related topics and issues. Anyway, after an hour or so, we saw a group of Taylorians coming in. The King was the first to notice, and then all in a sudden everyone was looking at their table. How embarrassing ti was if they were to turn and look at us staring at 'em.

Anyway, after the dinner, we headed to Asia Cafe for pool and foosball. All I gotta say is, it was a night when Monkey challenged the Cow in both games! First up, it was pool! After winning the first round (cause she entered the black ball at the wrong time), I had a losing streak of... one! After that, I succeeded cracking her head in the game! Too bad! Haha... Then, it was time for foosball. Both of us are newbies, but was tutored (shortly) by the intermediate player, Helena a.k.a. Piggy. Slowly, I was able to master the beginner tactics in order to win. And guess what, with Piggy's help, I succeeded! It was a close call, as there was little difference in score. Then, we played another 2 or 3 matches, and I never lost. Well well... could it be luck?? (P.S. external locus of control?!) Soon, everyone made their ways home and that's when the fun stopped.

2. Saturday, 24th June 2006. Venue: Station 1, Cheras. Attendants: Zheng Hong, "unknown gyal", Zero, NN, King Kong, Cow, Monkey, Orang Utan, Sab, Jess, Eric (shark). It was sorta a gathering for Zheng Hong or Scott, who is temporarily back from Australia for his holidays. Let's talk about the food and the ambience at the place first. French fries = average, buffalo fries = great, drinks = fairly good, fried sotong = absolutely crispy, overall 3/5. Since it's football fever, there's nothing much to say about the ambience. Just prepare for noise.

Game #1: CHEAT. An interesting that tests honesty, acting skills, friendship and bonds between bitches. Wahaha. Noothing much to say, as we only played twice since everyone got fed up with cheating. But it was cool to find out that King Kong was cheating. It's just somewhat difficult for her to cheat with me around. Lol.

Game #2: CHOR DI (I have no idea of what it is called in English). A classic game. The Lees seemed to be the winner of the game. Jess won, followed by King Kong, then by Monkey. What can I say, the Lee family roxx in that game.

Game #3: GO FISH? It's wrong to call the game go fish I think as the traditional way the game is carried out is totally different from the way we played. Anyway, there seems to be a favored loser of the game >> "Loh-ho", or translated as old whore (you know who you are!). We cheated a little here, and the "we" here refers to Cow, Orang Utan, Monkey and Sab. It was really fun. Everyone played in the end, making the deck of cards grew from 51 to 103, and the number of playes soared from 6 to 11. Loved the game.

Sidekick: GERMANY VS SWEDEN - the match which was on during the hang out session. It was great to see Germany scoring 2 early goals which settled them into the quarter-finals of World Cup '06. Bravo! Way to go! I hope to see 'em in the finals actually. Hope Brasil will lose some time soon. They are overrated for quite some time, and to seeing 'em losing is great happiness.


Music updates: Jessica Simpson released her new single called Public Affair that cause controversy as it sounded like Madonna's popular track, Holiday (source). Personally, I think the background tune of both tracks are similar. Nevertheless, both will make a great summer hit then and now.

Movie updates: Adam Sandler's latest offer called Click was released during the past week, and it entered the US box office at no.1 (source). I would love to catch that movie some time soon with my bitches. In Malaysia, Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift seems to be Malaysian's favorite at the moment for it is the #1 movie in GSC (15 June 2006-21 June 2006).

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