Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Went to the movies the other day to watch Heart, a really heart-warming, touching and soppy INDONESIAN movie. Yes, Indonesian. I find the language rather hard to be understood. Although it resembles the Malaysian Malay which I have learned from my primary and secondary school, overall I could only understand around 10 percent of it. The speed, the intonation and the usage of vocabularies and grammars are distinctive.

Rachel is a tomboyish girl, who is the childhood friend of a handsome boy named Farel. This close friendship lasted until one day, when Farel admitted that he has fallen in love with another girl, Luna.

Jealously starts to grow within Rachel as she slowly shows more of her feminine side as she refuses to give way to Luna. Trying not to look bad, she lied to Farel that she too had found someone she liked. However, in her state of confusion and blind jealousy, she met with an accident and was forced to have her legs amputated.

In a cruel twist of fate, Luna was also seeking treatment for a fatal heart disease at the same hospital as her. A difficult choice lies ahead of Rachel. Would she be willing to make the biggest sacrifice and donate her heart to Luna, just to see her best friend find happiness while she herself faces countless torment?

Truly, it was an above average movie for me. Sometimes, I do think that if I was in Rachel's shoe, I would hace done the same thing. Anyway, my personal rating would be a lofty 3.5 out of 5. Indeed, it should be my benchmark for all other Indonesian movies that I will watch in the future.

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