Monday, May 12, 2008

Heavy weekend.

Haven't I been a little busy this semester? Analysing what I've done for this semester, time flew by too quickly. In just a glimpse, I'm already in the midst of the 11th week. In about 3 and a half weeks time, it marks the start of my exam. Damn. The truth is, I can barely remember what I've studied over the past 10 weeks. And I was actually thinking of getting an average of 80 marks for my exams. That seems to be unreachable, judging from that state of exam preparation I'm at right now. Effort, time and determination! Hard work does pay off, right?

Speaking of which, after working on my programming assignment for the past few days, and getting just 3 hours of sleep this morning, I was actually permitted to submit my assignment, which was originally due today, to be handed tomorrow or the day after. Reason? While working on my work file in the library today, some errors just came out from nowhere, resulting in a failure of access to the codes for alterations. I think that was one of the most nerve-wrecking moments I had while doing an assignment. One just wouldn't want such problems to arise at those critical times. I remember there was once, an electricity cut-off at my area made me carry my CPU to Caryn's house just to print my assignment stored in the hard disk. Well, anyway, back at home, the file was ridiculously fixed. At this point, I'm actually pretty fed up of assignments, but I have 2 more to go. And those also carries 20 marks each!

Adios for now, for I have to prepare for my Latin Ballroom class which starts at 9.

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