Friday, September 23, 2005

Amber, Happy Birthday!

Today was one of the most enjoyable days I had in college. Lots of things had been happening, leading one after another.

First, mutual friendship between the 4 of us just got stronger, well that's what I feel. There isn't much anger against each other although sensitive issues are touched. Just to name a few, being dead, jj, etc. We just can't stop poking fun at each other all the time. It's a daily routine for us to criticise and insult others without hurting much of their feelings.

Julia got punk'd. During our Economics lecture, we lied to her that we were going to play truant. She completely believed in us, or just me, because I was the one speaking on the phone. Before that, she already wanted to skip the lecture, but her action was thoroughly blocked by 3 hard, strong walls. So, I said that Caryn and I were drinking in Red Cafe, while Helena was busy with her manicure in a random shop in Subang Parade. As the consequence, she left the lecture hall just to look for us. We thought that we would meet her halfway when we were heading to the hall, but unfortunately, it was either that she was fast or we were slow. So, missed about 5 minutes of lecture, but Julia came in after 15 minutes, and was greeted by Mr. Wilson in an insulting way. Sorry Julia! It wasn't my fault!

"Caryn, you're blocking my view". That quotation is related to our frequently talked topic, which I don't really want to mention. The victim again, Julia. We just pick on her a lot. Poor girl (but too bad). Helena and Caryn should feel guilty for putting you up. However, I was partly to be blamed too since at times I made situations worse for Julia. Can't really speak more about this hot topic, cause most people can't handle it. Even Julia herself went berserk sometimes...

More quotations. "I don't want to see", "Out of my face"... These days, I realize that criticising other people is what we're good at. We here refers to Julia and I, and Helena too, since Caryn keeps quiet most of the time. From a positive view, we're just expressing our own opinions and ideas about a particular thing. On the other hand, critics might be hurtful, and not everyone likes it. What goes around comes around. We give critics, and we must be ready to accept them back. Sadly, not everyone is able to do that. To make things worse, every conflict resulted from mutual bashing through sharp words has the potential to grow to something more serious.

There is an event called TBS New Voice Finals tomorrow in Lecture Theatre 1, TCSJ from 4.00p.m. onwards. Late congratulations to Lin Pheng for making to the finals as one of the top ten finalists. Here, i just want to wish her all the best. I would be going there to support her, and to watch how good the other contestants are. I could hardly hold my breath to witness a prestigious and deadly battle for the crown as TBS Idol tomorrow amongst the ten people. Should the competition be tough, I'll get to see more dramas tomorrow. That would be awesome.

To: Amber

Happy Birthday to You...
Happy Birthday to You...
Happy Birthday to Amber!
Happy Birthday to You!

A very Happy 18th Birthday to you. Sorry for not being able to celebrate this huge day with you. Good luck for everything! Need anything, I'm always there for you. I'll help if I can. Just ask.

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