Sunday, September 18, 2005

I love Tendon!

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That's a bowl of natsu (summer) tendon that I had in a tendon specialised restaurant back in Japan. Usually, I had the normal tendon that I didn't take a picture of. Anyway, the tendon there is 100% better than the tendon here in Malaysia. Maybe it's because of the sauce. It could also be the quality/ freshness of the ingredients. Overall, tendon remains as my favorite Japanese food since I'm very much into fried food. Gyudon comes next on the list. Back to the tendon story... this company has many chain stores all around in Tokyo. In Kokubunji, Koenji, Shinjuku, etc. Approximately, the average price of the food is rm20 which is less costly compared to other restaurants.
Food: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Premises design: 4/5


First half of my Semester 3 is coming to an end. Currently suffering from exam pressure and having the urge to revise, I'm having a lot of unnecessary thoughts. once again, I have to bring this up... where should I head to after my foundation. At this very moment, nowhere is the illusion, blurred by thousands layers of nearly transparent walls.

My friends are at more conscious than me of they want to head to after this year. Helena, Caryn and Julia are already planning their future properly. Just the other day, five of us, including Steph went to INTI Subang to obtain some information about the packages or programs offered by their college. Through clear explanation by this guy, I realised that going overseas to complete a business course is rather cash-wasting. It might be worth it for other majors, but not business, he specified. Okay, now I'm considering of taking a 3+0 program, but it wouldn't be fun to stay in Malaysia for that bloody long. I need a new environment; I want something different. Let it be in Australia, China, UK or Japan, I want to try living on my own for a long period. Yes, I might have lived all by myself in Japan, but 1 month wasn't enough. The freedom I had was priceless.

So, after foundation, people should at least have an idea of what majors they want to choose next year although there is still time for us to think after the foundation ends. Last year, I was very sure that I want to take Accountings and Finance. Despite my passion for numbers, supply chain and logical management stole my attention now. Though I have no idea of what those are about, it just sounds cool. Besides, according to Caryn, it's something new that is only offered recently. Hm, maybe I should start searching information on it so that I could finalise my decision sooner. Okay, end of story on this.

How you dress is what you are. Clothes was what I wrote on for my SPM English Exam. One's sense of dressing tells it all, whether you're a sophisticated, cool, nerdy, bitchy, slutty, kampung, smart, etc. person. In Malaysia, we have a good range of different people in various styles. Spaghetti straps, jeans in all types of cuts, tube tops, tank tops, t-shirts, lala-clothes, collared-shirts, sleeveless shirts, vests, slacks, and list goes on and on. But can we wear all fo them, without others feeling disgusted by our style? NO. The mentality of our people has actually limited our range of clothes that is suitable to be worn in Malaysia. Well, the outcome isn't exactly healthy nor negative. We lose and gain at the same time, just like the message yin and yang concept has been trying to deliver to all it's believers.

As we go on, let's explore the different types of clothing together and some comments from me myself.

To be continued...

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