Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thank You Don!

Finally, a week of holidays has finished and I'm back on track. Half of the semester has passed, and whilst I had completed 3 assignments and 4 tests during the past 8 weeks, there are 3 assignments on its way and another 7 tests and 1 mid-tern exam to sit for in the next 7 weeks before sitting for 4 final papers in June. After resting for a week, I feel totally fresh and ready to handle everything, am I not? :)

Anyway, had a pretty much interesting day yesterday. As I was printing my finalized assignment halfway through, there was a power cut in my area. Damn, I thought, since the assignment was due at 1pm. I thought of waiting, but it wouldn't help, since there was a notice saying that it will require another few hours before the power is back on. Reason being the change of cables. Argh, why didn't anyone tell me about it? And worst of all, I did not save my file in any portable drivers aka pendrive. Luckily, desktop is still portable, and I have to say HUGE thanks to Donkey (Caryn) for lending me her place and electricity to save my day!

The day didn't end just like that. On the verge of being late to my first class at half past noon, received a call and was being informed that the class has been canceled. All the rush for nothing, I thought, but heck, it gave me the reason to skip the lecture for IS (Information Systems). So, I found myself in Mid Valley afterall, hanging out the mall on a Monday evening. Bought a few VCDs to keep myself glued to the TV for this whole week from Speedy. Alright, that's all from me now! More updates soon!

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