Friday, November 24, 2006

Maison again!

Went for a job seminar yesterday. Spent an hour before sneaking out before the next session starts. Wasn't really interested in it afterall. Anyway, put on my dancing shoes again. Just 7 days after my first time in Maison, I'm there for my second time with King Kong, Orang Utan, Cow, etc. The music was pretty much the same, except that the DJ played an extra Naughty Girl and Ring The Alarm yesternight. Still, I'm a bit surprised that some high quality R&B/Dance records off Janet wasn't played at all. Anyhow, party time was fun and I had a great time. Here are 2 pictures taken with my 2 close bitches after clubbing in Keahi!

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One can certainly tell how exhausted Cow was.

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Whereas "frequent" clubbers look just about the same.

By the way, watched Happy Feet the other day with Orang Utan in Mid Valley. (Note: King Kong ffk!) Yet another pretty good animated movie I would say. Oh, this time it's musically beautiful which features the voices of Nicole Kidman, Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Brittany Murphy, Elijah Woods, etc. Although Mumble was a bit annoying with its ear torturing tune, Gloria brought everything back home. Good sense of humour that makes the story a bit too made up and hardly believable. It's meant for kids anyway. Nevertheless, I rate it ****1/4 for trying something different.

After that, stumbled with some cute E-sals in ROOM! I couldn't resist it but bought them home. Which obviously left me broke in no time.

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Ahhh. Only the one on the left side is new.

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