Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pangkor miles away.

Yesterday, I was so furious, upset and disappointed for not getting to look for identity card (I.C.) for the whole day. Thought I had lost it before Maison Clubbing Night when the bouncer had to check my id. So,I searched and searched every corner and failed miserably. And this morning, all in a sudden I found it back. Thank god. I can't imagine going through all the frustrating fuss to obtain a new MyKad from JPN. Dreadful process.

Finally, after 16 days of official holidays, I'm going on vacation to Pangkor Island. That is to say that I won't be blogging till Tuesday night, if I have the energy after enjoying myself pitifully under the cloudy weather which seems to be hitting Malaysia lately. I can't wait to take as many pictures as I could. All has been said, Monkey is taking his blogging day off on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. C y'all!

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