Saturday, November 11, 2006

Zit myths!?

Already the 11th. 19 days left till the release of my results. Pretty worried, I've gotta admit, yet that shouldn't be holding me back from enjoying my truly long holidays. Suddenly, I'm being all negative. Been tired and sleepy all day long, all because of the loss of blood this morning. Yeap, went for a blood test. Gave away some old, not so thick blood to the medical center. Since then, I just feel so light, and weak. Haha, recovery! Recovery! Recovery! And given that I slept only for 3 and a half hours yesterday, I'm all used up this weekend. Very much related to that, my once better skin is breaking out again. I see zits, blackheads and whiteheads everywhere. Argh... My bitch gonna call be vain again, which I'm not denying. No point doing that, when everyone knows. Anyway, talking about zits, there are so many myths revolving around it, that I came across this article that I want to share with y'all. By the way, I'm summarising everything okay?

Article Title: Zit Myths Cleared Up

Nobody runs away from zits. In U.S., acne is actually the most common skin disorder! Clearing the problem is an excruciating job, but having it is unbearable. A lot fo work need to be done, which is true! (And talk about investments too!)

So, let's just move on to the myths!

Mud mask

"Dirt doesn't breed zits." So, washing itself won't help much!? "The concept that you can wash away your acne is not based on true fact," said dermatologist Alexa Boer Kimball, director of Harvard University's Clinical Unit for Research Trials in Skin. Eegh!!!!

Cosmetics, drugs such as lithium, and genetics also contribute to an individual's zit potential.Oily skins will make it worse! Moreover, scrubbing away at spotty skin too frequently may worsen the skin condition.

Chocolate and fries

We always blame chocolate, candy bars and greasy foods for the cause of acne, and drinking a lot of water helps... but the fact is that...

"A number of studies in the 1960's and 70's set out to debunk the idea that what you eat pops up on your face. Today dermatologists agree that the experiments were not conducted well.

Recently, research has shown that drinking milk may modestly increase the risk of acne. However, the story on diet is still evolving.

"The role of diet is not yet clear," Kendall told LiveScience. "The overall effect of diet on acne is not real big, but it's something we need to study more. But we're not talking about too much chocolate or too many fries.""

As for drinking water, evidence is yet to be found.


Dermatologists have an arsenal of treatments that can help.

Ingredients in over-the-counter soaps and lotions can do the trick for some skin. (For some skin only?!). Antibiotics and vitamin A derivatives might be prescribed too! Ooo... consistency is the key to cure tarnishing skin.

And the final warning from the article which everyone shoudl remember!

One last piece of advice: Do listen to your mother when she tells you to keep your hands off your face.

"Picking is not a good idea," Kimball said. "Almost always, you're making it worse."

The full article is available here.

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