Sunday, November 5, 2006

Opened and Flushed Away.

Hello folks! I'm officially back. The first 3 papers that I sat for was reasonably tough. I miss blogging. yet I'm worried of my results which will be released on the 30th oh November. Have 1 more to go, which is on next Wednesday. At the mean time, I have been enjoying myself a lot these days since Thursday. Been spending lots of money, that I'm going broke even before the start of my year end 4 months holidays. Damn. Gotta scratch out some money from every corners - parents, bank, savings can, etc.

Saw a couple of movies over te past few weeks. First up, Open Season. Animated movies always work on me. Open Season reflects the need of animals to live in their natural habitat, which could be the big message being conveyed to audiences. Watching the scene where the owner had to let go of her beloved bear back into the forest made my eyes soppy. It dug out the memories of me with Cici, my dog which I miss very much, but given away after my niece was born. I wonder where is she now, and how she's doing. :( Anyway, I rate the movie a **** out of 5.

Then, I can't believe I fell into the trap to watch this nicely posterized, but badly plotted Swedish movie, Frostbiten. The technical problem I had in the cinema during the beginnign of the show added to the disappointment. The story is bad, and the ending sucks big time. The only eye grabber in the movie is the amound of blood splashed to make the movie gory, although it might be shoddy compared to other all time favorites. For that, it deserves a lonely star, the 2nd movie to receive the lowest ratings from me to date.

Next, I saw Inner Senses, a chinese horro flick starring Leslie Cheung and Karena Lam which was released a few years ago. It released quite some hype across Asia, which I thought simply means that the movie delivers good nerve frecking moments. At least be haunting. That's all I wish for from a ghost movie. Finishing the movie was an accomplishment, given the situation in Orang Utan's house. Overall, the opening was rather above average, before slumping throughout the suspense. Climax was short, and the movie closed right at expectations. Okay, enough has been said. **1/2.

Whilst Anne Hathaway gets much credit from her fantastic performance in The Devil Wears Prada, little had known that she actually starred in an explicit film which was only released into a niche market last year. In Havoc, the life of gangsterism and the obstacles and predicaments of what the social faces today is portrayed. Anne, one again, blew me away with her convincing acting and also her defining beauty. Expect to see more of her skin in this movie. General rating: ***.

Lastly, Flushed Away is another movie not to be missed, featuring voice overs by Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet. The storyline is simple, filled with effective jokes that will blow one away. Although, the rats are adorably drawn, the spotlite goes to the worms that adds a lot of flavors and spices to the film through their well choreographed singing performances. Had a good laugh, and a good stress reduction session. Similar to OS, another **** movie.

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