Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stomp the Yard

Went for the preview screening for Stomp the Yard, formerly also known as Steppin that features Columbus Short, Ne-Yo, Meagan Good, etc. You won't know most of the actors there, but, nevertheless, they pulled off a rather outstanding job. Anyway, the total running time for the movie is almost 2 hours, with a fairly simple plot that's predictable with a good ending that would satisfy almost everyone.

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Nothing much I could possibly say about this movie. The stompin' definitely keeps the movie on fire, while the dramas are the side dishes to complete the whole heavy meal. From the very start until the finale, one could easily guess the storyline - who's going to win, who are the protagonist and the antagonist, what are the conflicts, etc. All in all, nothing outstanding, but still a movie worth watching if you have the time and extra cash in your wallet. **1/2 for the movie

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