Monday, August 7, 2006


Monkey has been busy and sick. He's now having a terrible throat and fever. On top of that, he was hit by allergy too. Has this anything to do with the seventh month? I don't blame on it, since I have to take care of myself. Personally, I think the durian and some fried food had contributed to my sickness. Yikes.

Although I'm sick and all, I was able to catch 2 movies over my long weekend. First up, it's the comedic Adam Sandler's flick called Click. Having released in the States approximately 2 months ago, the movie will only hit screens in Asia on the 10th of August. Sometimes, I do think that we're a bit backdated. Anyhow, the movie is humorous and entertaining enough. Some people migh find it boring, but not me. Adam did a great job, portraying his character at different ages, whilst Kate Beckinsale was amazingly gorgeous in that movie. Overall, a ***3/4 out of 5 for the ratings.

The second movie that I have watched is Bring It On: All or Nothing. What can I say, another teen cheerleading movie. However, I give props to Solange Knowles who charmed the show. The lead actress was great too, for a newcomer. Her character is called Britney, and guess what she does resembles the Britney Spears in some scenes. The dance routines were awesomely good, although their performances were solely dancing, and not much of cheering. All in all, monkey rates the movie **1/2 out of 5 stars. Oh oh! Rihanna was a guest star in the movie too; she did what she do best, which is singing, and also did a little bit of acting.

Given my unfit condition, I was also able to work today. No, not as an extra artiste this time around, but as a telemarketer. It was definitely a positive experience working from 9.30a.m. to 4.30p.m.. Lunchtime was an hour, but was cut short as it rained heavily during lunch hour. Nevertheless, I was fortunate as the rain stopped after a while, so I got myself a plate of mee hoon with fried egg and fried meat. Ah tired tired. Still have assignments to finish and also tutorials to prepare for tomorrow.

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