Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Wangsa Maju: Danger Zone.

Life's every color. There are always ups and downs in life. Happiness and sadness. Despair and joy. Unfortunate and lucky. Courage and nerves. Broken and restored. Love and hatred. Blah blah blah.

Was being a really good student today in university by paying attention to each and every single slides for Business Law at all times. Never before would I ever think that law is so interesting and fun. No wonder King Kong is considering that unit as her major! As usual, marketing calmed the boiling water of law after that. It was a tad boring today although the presentations were somehow good and entertaining. Pn. Nor was unable to come today, so she was raplaced by this tutor called Mr. Gan. Supposedly, I was to have lecture right after that tute, but at the very last moment, I planned to skip it for once! And most probably it would be my last time skipping it as well. Reason of skipping: Lunch. Haha.

As promised, here are the pictures taken in Sungei Wang the other day with Tammy, Cow, Orang Utan and Fish.

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The best pic of all!

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2nd best! My eyes looked huge here!

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Haha, doing a bit of the (dope) sailor style.

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Hated this picture.

ALERT: To those residing in the neighborhood of Wangsa Maju, better be careful when you're out on the pedestrian streets at night. Alarming increase of snatch thefts in the area not only caused the loss of wealth, but also physical damages which might to the extreme threaten the safety of life (source). As a safety measure, don't go out alone and avoid dark places. Well, as a superstitious person, I personally think that the seventh month has something to do with it as well. Just talk about the sudden reign of bad luck all around. Anyway, precautions MUST be taken!

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