Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Rosline, R.I.P.

Rosline a.k.a. Suki

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She... is my friend since I joined Taylors last year.
She... was also the class rep for group 2/TBF/2005.
She... is outgoing, friendly, and responsible.
She... loves Jay Chou.
She... directed our drama, Trifles to success.
She... motivated me.
She... built my confidence by putting faith in me.
She... chatted with me even after I left Taylors.
She... is very supportive to everyone.
She... is participative in class and activities.
She... is smart and produce excellent results.
She... had always sat behind or in front of me in the exam hall.
She... was always the one who talk to me whenever exams ended.
She... represents the soul of a strong woman.
She... possesses outstanding strength and courage.
She... cooks.
She... is a cheerful, down-to-earth person.
She... is independent, reliable and trustworthy.
She... is polite and obedient.
She... is no doubt a bright star to all of us.

At 5.00a.m., Rosline, who very much inspired people through her strong determination, commitment, and will to live, left us for heaven today. Although we've only known each other for almost a year or so, the loss is nevertheless devastating. From the deepest fo ym heart, may She rest in peace. P.S. As time goes by, some things do disappear, but one fantastic thing about life, is that a person like YOU will be forever and always remembered. L.O.V.E.

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