Friday, December 23, 2005

A great meal at RM5.

Today ain't a bad day afterall. After waking up in the morning, spent my time watching Be Cool by John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Christina Milian. It is just a sort of long, satisfactory movie that's been released this year. I would rate it a "stellar" ***. By the way, Uma looked so different in that movie; I didn't know that she is that tall!

Then, it was time for me to head to college to collect my results. I'm quite satisfied with my IELTS test report, as I obtained an 8.0 on average. However, I think I could still improve on my writing which was given a score of 7.0. from my point of view, that's rather low. After that, went to check out my TBS semester 3 result. Phew, bullseye... Overall, I did well, except for my moral, although nothing surprising there. I skipped 3 classes, and flunk my project, and I still got a C for it - how lucky, or maybe unfortunate too. It's always that subject that dirties my cert, just like how it did to my SPM. But it's nothing I could do to mend it. I'm just an immoral person!

For the first time, I tried the food in that restaurant called um... Salmon Steak? The one right next to Melur in SS15. Wow! The set lunches offered were priced at RM5.00!!! Are ya kiddin' me?? That's so so so cheap, compared to other food in that same area. Anyways, I ordered this plate of Italian Fried Chicken With Cheese Fried Rice. The portion of the food was big, perhaps that surprised me because we're only paying RM5 for it. Taste of it - thumbs up. It's fairly delicious!!! Besides, it comes with a choice of herbal tea or lemon tea as the drinks.

Back from college, my house was soon grew as my relatives arrived to join us for the tong yun festival dinner. Sometimes I just hate it when the kids are with me in my room, sharing the same air that I'm breathing to. They are just quite annoying at times. Why do I say that? Simply because they kept on interrupting me when I'm trying to focus on the movies that I was watching. Okay, talking about that, was in time for another 2 movies in the evening.

First up, Hide and Seek by the no-longer-annoying Dakota Fanning. This little petid girl here can really act! The movie was horrific enough, although boring at some parts. I would give it ***1/2. It did scared me during one or 2 scenes. Next, the gorgeous stunning pretty Nicole Kidman failed to entertain me in The Interpreter. It's such a boring movie to me. Maybe because I wasn't able to concentrate, but that shouldn't affect much. In the end, I would just give it **. Pity, isn't it. Nicole's such a great actor, and she could do definitely do better with a more interesting script.

Although I've picked my top 10 albums of 2005, but there are some albums that deserve to be mentioned too. First and foremost, 50 Cent's album that was released earlier this year is one of my favorites too. Then, we have Rihanna's album. Didn't like that much, because only a couple of songs are strong and nice. Then, we also ave Coldplay. Their music is pretty unique, and stands out in the crowd. Hm... what else. There are some albums that were repackaged and rereleased. Yeap, and I'm referring that to Green Day and Kelly Clarkson. Their tunes treuly rocked our radios this year. Not to forget, Bo recently released his debut album called the real Thing if I'm not mistaken. I've heard the album; it's good, but I still prefer Carrie. Then, we have Teairra Mari... just like Rihanna, only a couple of tracks are nice. Oh, then Ricky Martin also dropped his long awaited English album, which is just fairly okay. Oh Missy Elliott's latest album is good, but not great. Lindsay too apparently tried her best to rock up the albums chart, but failed miserably. I think her first song off the cd is actually ear-pleasing. Possibly related to Lohan, Hilary Duff managed to release a greatest hits album although she's still new to the music biz. Hmm... that's all I can think of for now.

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