Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Burfday Steph!

Being a consistent blogger these days, I have nothing much left to pen down.

First, woke up early today, but only found out that it was raining heavily outside. Strong winds were penetrating the thin window of my study room, and heavy raindrops were tryign to break the barrier of the ceiling. The weird weather apparently reminds me of the end of the world. A warning sent from God perhaps? According to the Bible Code 2 that I read last year, 2006 was described as the final year for most of us here on Earth.

Anyway, soon, Julia and her mom picked me up and headed to Subang right away because her mom has to finish off her business first before sending us to the Curve which is always rather far from my house. The jam wasn't terrible, but it did prolonged the journey. I've gotta say thanks to Julia's mom for giving me a free ride to the place.

Steph! Happy Birthday! The world just turned bigger, I know. Anyway, I'mg lad that I was invited to the party. It was such a joy to see y'all singing and having fun even though foundation has long finished and we have long went into our different lives. That just proved that friendship doesn't end easily. Oh, by the way, Eric joined in the fun too. He's going to Nilai, and I'm so excited for him to tell me what a gown room is. And heck, there is a pool and a gym in Nilai campus too. Whoa!

Right after our asses have warmed The Curve, we soon escaped to another shopping mall, called 1 Utama. Kelly was there with us, and we shopped around with her... it was a shoppign spree where we're allowed to give constructive comments on the clothes that she was picking. At the same time, we stopped by Juice Works to end our thirst. Here is what we ordered:

1) Zesty Lime - Kelly
2) Spring Clean - Kevin
3) Slimmers Paradise - who else???

Soon, the sun was hiding already and it was time for us to say goodbye to each other. Okay, maybe not between Julia and Kelly as they have something going on tonight. Kelly, still the kind and caring girl that have been with me since Form 2, drove me to the train station. How sweet of her. Thanks a lot again!

Journey home was boring once again. I don't know how many times I've been on the bloody train. I'm startign to get bored with public transport. Infact, I should start driving already. And guess what, I'm supposed to renew my license in 4 months time already even though I've drove less than 10 times after obtaining it.

In conclusion, tiring day! Nevertheless, I still hafta mention this. The necklace that I was wearing today received weird comments! Many people questioned me if it was my house key or something. Moreover, when I was shoppign in Carrefour during the late evenings, the bloody salesperson was kinda throwing his sarcastic critics at me. "Eh, pakai kunci, fashion ke?" - W.t.h!

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