Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wrapping up 2005...

Today, I'm officially 18 years and 10 months old. As a human who's going through his 18th year alive, this year has been ample of joy, surprises, sorrow, etc. Well, 2005 is wrapping up, and 2006 will soon hit me. So, time to look back at a quick recap of this hell of a year.

Joy #1: It was great to meet new friends in college. I truly appreciate each and every one of them, especially those whom I really shared my time with, and that's none other then my Fantastic Four members. Helena remains as the talkative piggy who doesn't really have a stand at things... Caryn is the no-longer-that-innocent donkey that tried to calm us down all the time... Julia is still the king kong (oh a really hairy one) that's been a clown to us everytime. I've shared most of my great moments this year with them. Sunway Lagoon outing, Caryn's small birthday party, red box outing (that was the first time I was in Sunway Redbox with 'em), last minute group study in Hel's crib, crushing the mall (Sunway, Mid Valley, etc.), Julia's birthday party, etc.

Joy #2: Spending a month in Japan is one of my greatest moments this year too. I gotta meet new people, leanr new culture, try out new delicacies, spend all I want (of course there is a limit though), etc. Furthermore, it was my first time travelling alone, so the sensation and the excitement is a tad undescribable. Chu-san was such a good roommate, as he looked after me like his lil' brother. Hana-san was being a really good and friendly person. Not to forget, Muhammed-san and Susan-san and Mondo-san and Claudia-san and Christopher-san and Premika-san. Well, another thing that I should be happy for as how I was mistaken as a hustler in the Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku. I know many might say that its nothing to be proud of, and should be instead treated as an embarrassment, but heck... Anyway, I regretted for not asking for my value haha...

Joy #3: My sister got is carrying a new life that would be brought to the world next year! That means, I'm gonna be an uncle soon. Hell, that proves how old I am! Damn it! But it's the best thing that had ever happened to my family this year and I'm really grateful to God for that has strongly bonded my family together.

Surprises: I've gotta say, the Japan trip. It was really shocking and petrifying as my mother first forbid me to go there alone, then everything happened like a dream. I was there for a month. Before that, obtaining a D for my English for my Semester 2 was a surprise too. As for Sem. 3, another D for that particular subject was predictable though, since HD was already out of reach. Lastly, getting an IELTS score of 8.0 was a huge surprise, as I was expecting a 6 or 6.5 only. Other small surprises would be... my allowance was raised and my friendster profile was viewed a thousand times in October.

Sorrow #1: Well, the biggest disappointment, the breakup of my favorite group of all time Destiny's Child. It's really sad to see them go into their separate ways that quick. They could just declare a hiatus for a year or 2 for each member to pursue their own solo careers, but not an official break-up, which broke hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

Sorrow #2: Unofficial break-up again, but of Fantastic Four. As we're not staying in Taylors anymore, and as I'm certainly not going to Monash, the fellowship would most probably be ended in that way. Helena claims that its really hard to maintain it as the constraints such as distance, time, interest, etc. would be really separate us. Well, hope that she isn't right, cause so far, they are my best mates in college this year.

Overall, 2005, one of the best years that I've ever been through during my entire life so far. Things just get better every year... well since Form 2 I would say.

Anyway, updates on my life... went to Central today with Kelly and Julia, my close friends since secondary school. We had a really long, steamy, hot, interesting, open up, explicit conversation that we have longed for since our last outing in... July? First, we spent our time filling our empty stomaches in a Thai-ed steamboat restaurant. "All-you-can-eat", Julia would probably remember that pretty well. Then, we changed setting to Coffee Bean which was a better, wider place for yum cha session. After 5 hours, we finally headed home.

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